Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box Reviews: Instruction on How To Use It

We do love our little fluffballs to death. However, cleaning up that litter box is quite a chore that no one looks forward to.

Cats often create a mess by kicking on their litter and it is quite a task to clean the mess off. So, are you looking for an easy hassle-free way to clean cat litter? Sifting litter box is a quick and easy way to do so.

Petmate has been offering pet-care products since 1959 and they started their journey with dog kennels. Petmate has a number of cat litter boxes available on Amazon and the Arm and Hammer one is one of the most highly rated ones among them all. The Petmate Arm and Hammer sifting litter box will save you tons of time and make your life a lot easier with its efficient design and features.

Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box Reviews

The Features of Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box

3-Pan System

The sifting litter box has a unique 3-pan system design. It’s designed with sifting holes to get rid of soiled litter while the clean litter falls through. This saves you the trouble of scooping or shaking up the litter.

Antimicrobial Protection

The litter box is a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t clean it properly. Thanks to the unique technology of the Arm and Hammer Sifter litter box, it comes with anti-microbial protection that will prevent the growth of bacteria and keep it odor-free.

Large Design

The litter box comes in a huge 19 x 15 x 8 inches dimension. This one is highly suitable for adult cats of all sizes and for small dogs. It includes two regular pans and a sifting pan to efficiently clean out the litter box. You just need to lift up the sifter pan to separate the soil and clean the litter. There is a reinforced bottom that holds up well against heavy amounts.

Other Features of Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box


The best part with this Arm and Hammer litter box is that you don’t have to make a dent in your wallet buying it. It is highly affordable and an absolute gem considering the price tag. This product gives many expensive cat litter boxes a run for their money. Rest assured that you will be getting good value for the money you spend.


There are more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon for this sifting litter box. Most of the cat parents were ecstatic about finding such an amazing litter box at an affordable price. 80% of the reviews are over 4 stars and there was only a little portion of the customers who were not happy with their purchase.


Despite the mid-range price tag, Arm and Hammer made no compromise with the quality of the product. It is made with high-quality plastic that will last a long time without deteriorating its quality. Also, the anti-microbial protection helps to prevent odors and stains.

Advantages of Sifting Litter Boxes

A sifting litter box will make the cleanup process super simple and mess-free. You can do the clean process quickly as you don’t have to manually scoop out the soiled litter. This will result in a more frequent cleaning regime and you will be surprised to know that cats love a clean litter box.

Easy Cleaning Process

The purpose of the sifting tray is to separate the soiled litter from the fresh one. You don’t need to scoop the solid waste as the sifting tray will take care of it for you. You no longer need to dig around ad scoop out the clumps from the litter box.

Less Smell

Cats are quite fussy animals and they have a strong sense of sense. They like to stay clean and they may not even use the litter box if it is too smelly. As the sifting tray helps to remove all the waste at once, this will result in less smell. Also, thanks to the anti-microbial properties of this litter box as it helps to get rid of the stinks and keep it more sanitary.

Less Waste

With a regular litter box, when you scoop out the waste, you also take some fresh litter with it. As a result, you need to put more clean litter in the box. With the sifting litter box, you will face no such issue. There will be less waste as the sifting tray will filter out the solid feces from the litter.

How to Teach the Cat to Use the Sifting Litter Box?

Switching to a new litter box whether it is a shifting litter box or a regular one, may require some time. However, cats are intelligent animals and they will eventually get adjusted using it.

  • Cats are not a fan of changes especially when it comes to their toilet habitat. So, you need to introduce the new litter box slowly to them. Let them sniff and touch it to get accustomed to the new litter.
  • Make sure that you place the new litter to the usual litter spot. This will keep things familiar and consistent which will make the changes more comfortable for the cat.
  • Also, the transition from the old litter to the new litter will be smoother when you use the same litter than you used on the old litter box. Stick to the cat’s favorite litter at the initial stage. You may change it once they are comfortable with this new bathroom spot.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that those precious little creates own a piece of our hearts. However, cleaning up the litter is a hectic task especially when you have to do it regularly. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and hard work when you have the right litter to work with.

The Arm and Hammer Sifting Litter Box review is here to help you find the perfect litter for your kitty and save you tons of work. We have elaborately discussed its features and the benefits of using a sifting litter so that you can make the ultimate choice.

Do give this a try as it’s a total game-changer and it’s one of the best litter box solutions out there. We hope that both the cat and you will love its unique design and conveniences.

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