Pretty Litter Reviews- All About Pretty Litter (Cat)

A healthy and balanced diet ensures a long-lived, happy life for your cat. However, it doesn’t guarantee that your cat will never get sick. After all, getting sick is an inevitable part of life – no matter how hard you try to do things the right way. .

Unfortunately, cats are skilled at hiding their sickness or pain. By the time you start noticing how strange he’s been acting, it may already be too late. And in some cases, this also means expensive medical bills. And to think all that could have been avoided if it was caught early.

Fortunately, there is one particular product that can save you from these kinds of situations: the Pretty Litter!

Pretty Litter Reviews

All about Pretty Litter: Detailed Reviews

It is a specially-formulated cat litter with silica gel components. The primary feature is that it changes color whenever it has been peed on.

So why is the color-changing feature important? Because it will help you detect your cat’s possible health concerns. This helps you keep track of how your feline friend is doing – and alerts you when to take your cat to the vet.

If you’re interested in Pretty Litter, you must know that it is only available via subscription. This means that it can’t be bought from any local stores or supermarkets. It’s only available on their official website. Since it’s delivered right to you, it is undeniably the convenient choice for the busy fur-parents.

One of our favorite features of this product is how it changes its color upon contact with urine. This instantly shows us warning signs that should prompt us to visit our local veterinarian. It also has impressive odor control, which is a feature we all are thankful for. And the fact that it doesn’t clump makes it easy to scoop, making it low-maintenance.

Since it helps detect your cat’s health issues effectively, you’re confident that you’re getting your money’s worth. We also love that the company sends out supply of Pretty Litter that’s good for a month and is based on how many cats you own. Their system guarantees that you’ll always have plenty of supply to last a month.

But admittedly, Pretty Litter isn’t perfect. Remember when we said that it doesn’t clump? Well, this litter has a sand-like consistency, so transferring it to the litter box can create such a mess. Don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it over time.

What Sets Pretty Litter Apart?

Pretty Litter is uniquely produced from specially-formulated silica material. As a result, it absorbs more moisture compared to traditional litter made of clay. Silica gel also offers excellent odor control, leaving your home free from nasty scents.

Another big contrast between silica and clay is that the former lasts for a month – even without changing it at all in that duration. As long as you get rid of the waste properly, you’re all set for the month.

The only time when you have to replace it is when it has reached its full capacity for absorption. You’ll know this because the litter will be highly saturated and won’t be as effective, so urine will start to create a puddle.

But perhaps the biggest feature that sets Pretty Litter apart from the rest is that it’s made with a special color-changing formula. Thanks to this special formula, the silica component changes its color when it comes into contact with urine. It can change into different colors, with each color corresponding to a specific health concern.

If you’re curious about what each color means, here is a summary for your reference:

Dark yellow or light green: If this is the color you see, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. This shows that your cat is perfectly fine and healthy.

Orange: Inversely, if Pretty Litter turns into orange, this reflects high acid levels in urine. This should warn you of a potential calcium oxalate issue, kidney tubular acidosis, or similar conditions.

Blue or dark green: On the other hand, a bluish or dark green high reflects a high alkalinity in the urine. This is a warning that your cat may be suffering from UTI.

Red: And finally, red indicates that there may be blood in the urine. This can mean a variety of conditions or infections like bladder stones, bladder cancer, bladder inflammation, and similar conditions. Thus, a red-colored Pretty Litter should prompt you to act fast.

However, the company emphasizes that changes in the cat’s diet can also lead to these color changes. If that is the case, it is recommended to monitor the color for up to around 48 hours to see if it stays that way. If it didn’t change during this period, you should go to the vet.


Superior Odor Control

We can’t emphasize how much we’re grateful for Pretty Litter’s odor control. The silica material absorbs the liquid waste almost immediately, so the odor is trapped with it. Also, the pack of litter itself doesn’t have any strong scent, making it perfect for those who can’t stand strong smells.

But if your cat loves peeing on one side of the box only, that portion will reach peak absorption levels faster than on the other end. And this can affect how long it can hold odors.

Nevertheless, Pretty Litter can generally reduce odors for around a month. That, by itself, is pretty impressive.


We also love how Pretty Litter was produced for the cat owner’s convenience. It has a lightweight sand-like consistency that makes it easy to scoop and transfer. It doesn’t clump either, so disposal won’t be a problem.


But since it has a sand-like consistency, it can also be quite messy. If you make the mistake of pouring the bag near the window or a fan, expect the fine granules to spread across the room like it was its job.

Fortunately, this isn’t such a big issue. Once you take the proper safety precautions and develop the right technique, it won’t be messy anymore.

As a tip, we recommend placing the box over pieces of newspaper. The newspaper will catch all the spills, and transferring them back the box will be easier than having to clean it up later.


Pretty Litter comes in a bag that weighs four pounds. This bag costs around $22. If you’re concerned about shipping fees, you’re in luck if you live in one of the contiguous states in the country. You can also land a nice deal if you buy more bags of this item – and you can enjoy an even bigger discount for bulk orders.

But come to think of it, a $22 bag of litter still seems a little too expensive. But if you consider the quality and the benefits, you’ll realize that you’re actually getting more than your money’s worth. Besides, the fact that it can help you take care of your cat better can never be capable of pecuniary estimation.

Overall Rating

After weighing all its features – good and bad – we can all agree that Pretty Litter is a great product. Our favorite features have to be its one-of-a-kind color-changing formula.

Because of this, monitoring your cat’s health will be a breeze. The fact that it cancels out strong odors is a bonus.

While it can be unbelievably messy and expensive, there’s no doubt in our minds that the pros far outweigh the cons. Thus, there’s no denying how helpful Pretty Litter is for all the cat lovers out there. 

Pros and Cons of Pretty Litter


  • Color changing crystals allows monitoring cat’s health
  • Delivered each month
  • Good at controlling odor
  • Offers free shipping
  • Highly absorbent
  • Excellent customer service
  • Low tracking
  • Easy to scoop
  • Super light-weight


  • May not absorb liquid as efficiently if the same spot of it is being used frequently
  • Not designed to clump but dehydrates solid waste
  • Compared to most cat litter brands, fairly pricey; costs over $6 per pound.
  • According to some purchasers, it wasn’t able to last the entire month
  • Leads to a little bit of a household mess.

Brand Overview

Despite being a relatively new brand, Pretty Litter has already seen much success. It’s been featured in online magazines, websites, news sites, and social media sites – and that much media attention reflects a brand’s success.

Typically, you’d buy cat litter off a pet store. But with this special litter, you have to do it through their official website. It’s also a subscription-based product, so you’ll have an ideal amount sent to you every month. You will be asked to answer some questions to help them determine how much of it you need, give your delivery and payment information, and you’re good to go. That’s one thing off your mind every errand day.

What Customers Think of Pretty Litter

Because of how it helps us monitor our cat’s health, Pretty Litter boasts having positive ratings. The accuracy rate is quite high, which makes it a promising product. While some customers agree that the price is quite steep, they also agree that the quality and effectiveness is worth every penny.

But like all products, you can’t please everyone – and there’s no exception for Pretty Litter. People seem to agree that four pounds won’t be enough to last a month, especially if you live in a house with many cats. But if you really come to think of it, if you’ve been honest about answering the survey form upon signup, you’ll always receive the right amount of litter every month. After all, the subscription is dependent on the number of cats you own.

How Much is It?

One bag is available for $27. But, buying more bags could unlock discounts, so that’s an option you can consider. Also, purchasing three bags will entitle you to receive another one for free. Moreover, Pretty Litter has frequent discounts and promotion offers. You can also email the company if you’re considering discounts for bulk orders.

Where is Pretty Litter Sold?

At the moment, Pretty Litter is only available over at their official website. If you wish to purchase one, you must sign up and you will be prompted to answer some questions about your cats. Then, you’ll receive a special one-month supply based on the answers you provided. If you want to proceed with the offer, then you can proceed to check out.

At the checkout page, you will be prompted to choose additional offers, provide your shipping details, and payment information. And once you’re done verifying your order details, you can now submit your order.

Afterward, you’ll get a monthly subscription which will be renewed automatically every month. Don’t worry if you have to cancel or make changes in your order – you can do that any time.


Yes, absolutely. A bag usually lasts for a month, and the special silica material is lightweight and highly-absorbent. Plus, the fact that it helps you detect your cat’s potential health concerns at the onset is priceless. So, if you’re still wondering if it’s worth buying, don’t waste any more of your time and place an order on their website immediately.

Pretty Litter uses specially-formulated silica gel to help you keep a tab on your cat’s overall health. Thanks to this formula, it responds depending on the urine’s pH levels so that you can remain alert of the abnormalities it’s facing.

Pretty Litter is produced through a special process that allows it to be completely free of dust. Instead of using sodium bentonite clay to make this product, its specially-formulated silica gel keeps it dust-free.

The only place where you can buy this marvelous product is by placing an order on its official website. It’s not available in offline purchases. So, unfortunately, no matter how many stores you search, you’ll never be able to get your hands on it.

Yes, in fact, Pretty Litter is available for international shipping. Also, Canadian customers won’t be responsible for customs duties when they purchase Pretty Litter. Moreover, free shipping is available for some provinces of Canada.

Thanks to its silica gel composition, Pretty Litter is more environment-friendly than sodium bentonite clay. However, just because it’s less harmful doesn’t mean it’s better than natural litters such as those made from recycled papers or corn.

No, Pretty Litter isn’t compostable. It uses silica gel which isn’t capable of degrading as well as natural cat litters; therefore, making it highly inappropriate for composting. So, you must never try composting it otherwise you might end up facing disastrous results.

No, it’s rather unwise to flush the litter. Pretty Litter has the ability to absorb urine and dry out after some time, and this allows you  to safely reuse it. If there’s solid waste, you should scoop it daily and flush it down. However, when it comes to the litter box itself, you should properly throw it in the bin.

Yes, of course, it’s safe to use. Pretty Litter is developed by a team of veterinary science experts so that it can be 100% safe for our beloved feline. It’s made from highly-absorbent silica gel to absorb liquids efficiently. It won’t swell, even when placed in humid environments. Moreover, even if your cat accidentally ingests it, the bowel won’t be able to absorb it.

As of now, there are no official free trial offers for customers. Nonetheless, Pretty Litter is currently offering a 30-day risk-free guarantee; which essentially works as a free trial. If you’re discontent or dissatisfied with this product for any kind of reason, Pretty Litter will issue a full refund.

Furthermore, you may also find some coupons and promotional codes online. With these coupons and promotional codes, you’ll be able to decrease the overall cost.

Final Thoughts

Pretty Litter is an all-around good cat litter to use for monitoring your cat’s health. Apart from being great at detecting your cat’s health problems, it’s also perfect at controlling odor so that the box smells fresher for a long period of time. Moreover, thanks to the inclusion of silica gel crystals, it can last up to a month without being changed. Overall, it’s a solid product that offers a decent value for money.

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