Fun & Simple Activities to Play With Your Dog at Home

There are so many fun and exciting games to play with your dog, right from the comfort of your home. If you have a busy schedule and can’t manage to take your dog to the park or if you live in an apartment complex without immediate access to a yard, then follow these fun and simple tips to help keep your dog engaged and his tail wagging happily.

Play Doctor Doctor and Give Your Dog a Massage

The best way to relax dogs is by spoiling them with a bit of massage. You can call the game ‘Doctor Doctor’ and pretend to give your dog a play exam and add some relaxing massages and scratches. Most dogs love to be scratched behind their ears, chest, neck, and shoulders. Perform the massage and pretend check-up experience as if vets who come to your home are in for an actual visit. This makes for a relaxing experience for your furry friend.

Play Hide and Seek

A sweet way of keeping your dog entertained at home is by playing hide and seek with them. Do this by hiding treats around the house or apartment. This can also be excellent training for patience for the dog as they need to stand by and watch as you hide the treats, practicing control. Your dog can then try to sniff out all the treats and enjoy his rewards. Or you can pop a few of his favorite toys and treats under a bed of blankets and watch as he pushes his way through to get to the toys and treats, making for a lovely and entertaining sight guaranteed.

Schedule a Play Date

A great way to get your dog excited and happy is by bringing a furry friend over to play. If you have someone in your apartment building or a neighbor who also has a dog, why not bring them together and all have some fun. The dogs can sniff and play galore whilst you enjoy a cup of coffee and a catch-up with a friend. It’s a play date for both of you at the end of the day which makes it even better. You also don’t need to worry too much about planning games as these two furry friends will be so enraptured by each other. However, ensure you each have your dog’s favorite toys nearby, just in case they tire each other.

Make Some Delicious Doggie Treats Together

Dogs love a treat! Instead of buying treats from a store, why not head into the kitchen and mix up a batch of special doggie treats for your best friend. Certain foods are safe for dogs to eat, but be sure to use only dog-friendly recipes and keep any allergies your dog has in mind. Dogs are known for loving peanut butter, the videos online of dogs trying to chew their way through sticky peanut butter have had millions of people on the floor cackling. Mash up some bananas, blueberries and sugar-free natural peanut butter and freeze them into little balls your dog can get as a treat the next time they master a new trick. Frozen treats are also great for the summer so your dog can cool down a bit and it takes much longer to lick, so your dog will be entertained for a solid half hour.

Learn New Tricks

It’s all about the tricks. Dogs love learning new tricks and then being rewarded. It’s great mental stimulation for puppies and older dogs alike. For example, get them to sit whenever you say or show a specific command, teach them how to roll over when you roll your hand or get them to high-five you whenever you put your hand up. There are a bunch of fun tricks that you can teach your dog right from the comfort of your home!

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