5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Going on holidays or work trips when you have a pet is a little complicated. Occasionally you might be able to take your pet away with you, but for the most part, travelling with animals can be costly and have many restrictions, so unfortunately your pet pal has to stay at home.

You might be able to get a neighbour, friend, or family member to take on the pet sitting duties, however, if they have their own pets or a busy schedule to manage, this can also be somewhat difficult to organise.

So, what do you do?

Well, the best option is definitely a pet boarding kennel. Instead of spending your time sifting through pet sitting advertisements online, you can leave your precious fur baby in the very capable hands of the professional staff of a pet kennel. From cuddles to walks, snack time to baths, your dog will be well looked after at a dog boarding facility. They might love it so much they won’t want to come home (kidding!). But before you go ahead and book your dog for boarding, make sure you keep reading to find out five important things you need to do to make boarding your pet a whole lot easier!

1. Think about your dog’s needs

While all pets love snacks, pats, cuddles, and a bit of play time, keep in mind that no two dogs are the same. Many dogs have different needs. Some dogs need to have the opportunity to run around more and be active while some dogs might get bored easily so they need a place that has stimulation. Also, there are dogs that might even get a little anxious and need to have their own space and a little quiet time.

So, if you’re going to board your dog, make sure you take their personalities and little quirks into consideration. There are many different facilities, some that cater to specific breeds or sizes of dogs, and many can be super flexible to be able to cater to the unique needs of each animal they board.

So before you even get started, think of the things that are non-negotiables when it comes to your pet’s needs. Doing this will help your dogs a lot especially when adjusting to a new environment while you’re away. As pet owners, it’s the least that we could do for them.

2. Book early

If there’s one thing to know about boarding your pet, it’s that finding last-minute accommodation options for them is almost impossible.

Dog boarding kennels are almost always quite busy, so walk-ins or bookings with short notice can be so hard. Of course, you’re not always going to be in a position to know that you need to go away with a lot of notice, after all, emergencies do happen. However, if you are planning a trip that is coming up in a few months’ time, it pays to get your reservation sorted as soon as possible.

Booking in advance also gives the kennel time to prepare for your impending visit, and if your pet has really specific needs, you’ll be able to help them prepare for that as well.

The other upside of getting your pet boarding booking done sooner rather than later, is that you are likely able to find a better deal. Last-minute accommodation for your pet is more likely to cost you more than when you plan ahead. You can take advantage of the seasonal promos offered by various dog boarding companies and make sure to get them right on time.

3. Make sure you meet the kennel’s vaccination requirements

The last thing you want is for your pet to end up unwell or that they make other pets unwell at the kennel. This is why boarding kennels have requirements for proof of your pet’s vaccinations.

As a responsible pet owner, your pet should be up to date with their vaccinations anyway, but make sure you check out the requirements of the kennel to make sure your pet will be protected and be able to stay at the boarding facility.

Don’t be surprised if the dog boarding didn’t accept your dog due to lack of vaccination requirements as it’s only standard among other kennel companies.

4. Bring their favourite treats, snacks, and food

If you want your dog’s transition into the boarding facility to be as easy and comfortable as it can be, it’s a good idea to pack them all prepared with their favourite foods.

Many boarding facilities can and do provide food, however, if your pet is fussy or having a hard time being away from you, having a food or snack that they love will make them feel a lot safer and more comfortable.

5. Pack something they love

While dogs are usually ok with being boarded, they are also very much creatures of habit, which is why it’s so important to make sure they have something that provides them comfort.

Pack their favourite toy or blanket so that they have something that reminds them of home and of you. It will make settling into a new environment so much easier – it might even be a bit of nice staycation for them! They’ll get cozy and comfy at the dog boarding so much that you might even have a hard time bringing them home.

Putting your precious pupper pal into care while you’re away is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be just as stressful for you as it is for them to be apart. Which is why if you’re looking for pet boarding kennels Bundaberg, Sugarland Animal Hospital is the way to go. They offer boarding facilities at their state-of-the-art veterinarian clinic. Your dog will be looked after by animal experts and will have the safest and best time possible, and you can have peace of mind knowing your gorgeous dog is being looked after by the best team.

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