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7 Creative Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers | AsobuBottle.com

Everyone gets a Christmas wish list, so why shouldn’t our dog get one, right? We will never leave any stone unturned to gift our favorite fur baby the perfect present he deserves. 

A dog lover and owner will never say no to any water-related product designed for dogs. Any training element is also a top-notch gift idea. Depending on the dog’s type and trait, you can find multiple options suitable for them. 

I know how easy it is to get lost in this super-rich dog-gift market. So, I am here to talk about the best of the best gift ideas that will leave the dog and any dog lover in awe. 

7 Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

This list of gifts has been created by keeping all traits and types of dogs in mind. Even if you are not too familiar with the dog world, you can find your ideal, creative gift from the list that any dog lover will adore and appreciate. So, let’s dig in.  

  • Portable Bowl Bottle 

Only a dog owner can relate to the struggle of feeding the dog the required amount of water. It is sort of manageable in the home, but the struggle gets real when the owner has to feed water to the dog outside the home. A portable bowl bottle is undoubtedly a simple but genius invention. 

This sort of bowl bottom comes in two functions. In the bottle, you can carry the water. If you opt for stainless steel one, you can provide your dog with chilled water on a hot summer day. The bowl bottle is detachable, and you can pour the water into the bowl. Make sure the bowl has a plastic coating for easy cleaning. If you want one, you can find this asobubottle

  • Silicon Dog Bowl 

The dog bowl is an essential part of a dog’s life. Whether it is water, food, or treat, they need a bowl to devour the item. Normally dog bowls are made of stainless steel or plastic. However, if the owners are on a journey or planning to hit the road, such steel or plastic bowl takes too much space in packing. 

To make life easier, silicon dog bowls have surfaced. It is completely foldable, so you can just tuck it into any space in your suitcase. Another benefit of a silicon bowl is that it sticks well to the floor and doesn’t move. If the dog is too energetic and pushes around the bowl with its mouth, this bowl will deter him from spilling and pushing. 

  • Treat Dispenser 

Every furry friend of your or of someone you know deserves a treat. But too many treats can be detrimental to their health. To keep the idea of treat exciting and innovative, a treat dispenser is a stunning gift idea. Treat dispenser works like a puzzle or Rubik’s cube. It usually comes with a round-shaped toy where the dog needs to solve some puzzle for the treat to come out. 

The treat dispenser will keep the dog mentally and physically active and also happy for the treats. They are generally adjustable depending on the IQ and age of every dog. So, dog owners can use the toy for many years and watch the IQ growth of their dogs. 

  • Training Mat 

Training the young puppy to become a responsible adult dog is every dog owner’s dream. It is not always so simple, and many troublesome and challenging moments come with this journey. But if you know about a dog who is still in his training period, you must fetch a training mat for the owner. This is a correction mat that will dissuade the dog from being a bad boy. 

It is especially needed if the dog tends to scratch and destroy the furniture of the home. The mat will keep the dog under control, and its unique and pet-safe correction formulas will cease the dog from doing bad work and correct them in the long run. 

  • Grooming Kit 

Dog grooming is very trendy these days. Dog owners go all out to make their dogs look more presentable and dashing. However, professional grooming costs too much and takes too much time. Hence, for your busy and broke dog lover friend, you can gift them a grooming set designed for dogs. 

Usually, a grooming kit consists of a trimmer with multiple nail sizes, a De-shedding brush, round combs, and scissors. It can come with a different number of items, depending on the price and type. What can be a better gift for your furry buddies?

  • Dog Car Seat 

We love to watch a dog looking out to the horizon from the car window. Even though it looks so pleasing, it is not safe for the dog. When the car is on the move, the dog should be secured gently to avoid accidents and injury. That is why a car seat for the dog is a must for safe traveling.

There are lots of car seats available on the market. The first priority while picking up the seat should be the size of the dog. Usually, the size of the car seat varies following the size of the dog. It should be secure enough that the dog doesn’t fall but need to be free enough for the dog to move freely. 

  • GPS Collar 

We can’t even comprehend the panic a dog owner feels when his dog goes missing. A GPS tracker that is attached to the collar of the dog can protect him in so many unimaginable ways. Usually, the device connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone device, and the owner can keep track of his dog while outside. 

Final Words 

If you start to count the number of gifts presentable to the dog owner, you won’t finish the list even after a year. But most gifts are left unused due to their non-functionality. So, if you are looking for gift presents suitable for any dog lover, the answer lies in this article.

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