If you’re a first-time dog parent, you must be having many questions flooding your mind. If you are unsure what to feed your puppy, how often to feed them, or what can be toxic for them, look no further. We will give you all the information you need about your dog’s diet.

Nutritional necessities for a dog’s diet

Dogs need necessary nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and calcium in their daily diet. The amount and type of food you should feed your canines depends on your dog’s age and health.

The feeding schedule depends on your dog’s body weight and age.

  • Puppies: As they are at their growing phase, they have more nutritional demands and feel hungrier. It is best to give them four to six small meals including puppy milk day. They need more food to fuel their development and grow their bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Adults: Generally, adult dogs should eat twice daily. Medium breed dogs usually become adults by the age of 12 – 14 months. Larger breeds take nearly 2 years to become an adult. Give them a balanced diet containing meat, rice, vegetables, and fish.
  • Seniors: Giving small but frequent meals to senior dogs, just like puppies, is better. Some dogs have health issues when they age or require more protein and fibre. Feed them accordingly to improve their health.

If you’re unsure consult your vet regarding the exact time when you can shift from puppy food to adult dog food or regarding your senior dog’s health condition and nutritional needs, so you can adapt his diet accordingly and safely.

What food should I avoid feeding?

Many people have the habit of feeding their dogs from their plates.

As a dog owner, you must first cut out this habit. Do not feed any oily, fried, or curry-based food assuch foods can be toxic for your dog and hamper their digestion.

Oily food

Deep-fried and oily stuff upsets a dog’s digestion and results in diarrhoea and vomiting. It may damage their liver and also cause pancreatitis.


Never give them any food containing garlic. It has thiosulphate, which can cause anaemia in dogs. It damages the red blood cells in their body.


Absolutely refrain yourself from giving any chocolate treat to your dogs. Chocolate is seriously harmful to dogs as itcontains theobromine, which can cause food poisoning and gradually damage their digestive system.


Do not give any sugary food items to dogs. It will damage their teeth and also cause diabetes and obesity in them.

Certain fruits

You may feed some fruits in limited quantities to your dogs but never go for grapes, raisins, and avocados. These fruits are harmful to a dog’s kidney and may cause severe vomiting.

Spicy dishes

Spicy dishes can damage the shine of your dog’s coat and upset its digestion. Spicy food can result in severe vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain in dogs.

So, what type of dog food is best?

Dry food and kibble

Puppies can eat raw food but you need to make sure that the transition from kibbles to raw is slowly made and the best food for them is dry kibbles like the ones from Stella &Chewy’s,which contains all the nutrients needed for the optimum growth of puppies. You may add cooked rice, vegetables, and meat to it, but keep kibble as the main diet for your puppies.

Bone broth

Bone broth is one of the best sources of nutrients for your dog. It cures stomach upsets, leaky gut, and other digestive problems in dogs. Thebroth is also important for bone health to keep your dog strong, healthy and help them run about energetically.

It’s the best food for sick dogs, especially those with an upset stomach or reduced appetite.

Rice and chicken

Giving rice and chicken to dogs with upset stomachs can be beneficial. It is a mild and healthy meal that heals their digestive issues.

Shredded boneless chicken

If you are planning some nice treat for your dog that is easy to digest and healthy too, go for boneless shredded chicken. Boiled and shredded chicken has all the essential proteins and vitamins needed for your dog.

Organ Meat

Feed more organ meat of pasture-fed animals to your dogs to build their strength and increase red blood cells. For instance, tripe contains loads of probiotics and enzymes, while liver meat is a rich source of zinc, iron, amino acids, and vitamins A and B.


Dogs need a light, nutritious diet devoid of sugar, spices, oils, and too much salt. Ensure that you provide them all the nutrients they need and can digest, given their age. Feed well and find your lovelies running about and playing in the best of health.

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