Best Bird Traps Reviews in 2019-Ultimate Buyer Guide

Birds are little beautiful creatures that you could spend a long time admiring. Some come in different colors blended together; a real work of art. At the same time, birds can also be very annoying. Some tend to make lots of noise and even go further to eating buds and seeds from the garden. For these reasons, it becomes inevitable for home owners to trap them without injuring or killing them using best bird traps.

There are many ways to trap a bird, literally. One of the best among these is using the bird traps. Traps are environmentally friendly, efficient and most importantly safe to the birds. The market nowadays is full of options, and settling for the right option might be daunting. With this, we’ve gone a step further to outline to you the best bird traps that the market has to offer. These are the best that the market has to offer you. Nothing could possibly go wrong with their purchase.

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

best birds traps

Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Sparrow Trap

If you’re in a hurry or too lazy to read the entire of this detailed review, then consider our top pick and ultimate choice to be the Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Sparrow Trap. It is the best the market has to offer, and nothing could go wrong with its purchase. It comes with lots of cool features and specs that make it stand out from the rest. All in all, it is a high-quality and relatively efficient trap that will last you for ages to come.  

Runner Up Pick

bird traps review

Songbirds Essential Humane Dual Compartment Sparrow and Starling Trap

Second to the best is the Songbirds Essential Humane Dual Compartment Sparrow and Starling Trap. Similar to our top pick, this one also comes with lots of outstanding features that separates it from the amateurs of the game. Songbird Essential aims at producing high quality products that will provide good value to their customers; and this is exactly what they have showcased with this product. On a scale of one to five, this one scoops a solid five. Yes, that is how good it is.

1. Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Sparrow Trap

Key features

  • Holds between five and ten birds
  • Made sturdy to take the hardest of beatings

While most people would reserve the best for the last, we wouldn’t want to keep you waiting and start our list with the top pick; Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Sparrow Trap. This is one of the best bird trap nets that money can get you. A lot is in store with this trap. For starters, this trap is able to catch between five and ten sparrows simultaneously. One thing that we have to warn you, however, is that getting them out might be a little bit daunting. All you need to do is set it up where the birds are in large numbers. The trap has been designed sturdy using high quality materials and so be sure that it will serve you for a long time.

best birds traps


  • Can hold up to 20 sparrows
  • Made strong and durable
  • Constructed using high quality materials


  • Can’t fit large birds
  • The small birds tend to escape quite easily


We love this trap most because of its sturdy design. The fact that it can hold up to 10 birds simultaneously is also a big plus. One limitation with it, however, is that it is only limited to small birds. Large birds won’t be able to fit in.

2. Songbirds Essential Humane Dual Compartment Sparrow and Starling Trap

Key features

  • Comes with two different compartment traps
  • Designed for catching starlings and sparrows
  • Made rust proof
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If you’re in search for a trap designed specifically to trap small birds, this one will work perfectly for you. The trap measures one and a half feet long, which is spacious enough to fit five or six birds inside. Please not that large birds will not be able to enter, so be cautious in selecting the right cage for the birds that you want to trap. This trap is rust proof and will last in all kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, you can mount it somewhere up or just lay it on the ground. The trap comes with lots of instructions on the manual, which are useless on most part. Setting it up is very simple and there is no need to follow the numerous instructions given.

bird traps review


  • Setting up and using it is easy
  • Made Rust proof and long-lasting
  • Can be mounted or kept on the ground


  • The instructions provided are useless


This trap is highly efficient and will serve tis purpose right. Moreover, it has been constructed sturdy and durable and will last you for a very long time. It is easy to set up and using it likewise. Those who are looking to capture large birds will not find this trap helpful and we recommend settling for other options. 

3. Alemon 12” Bird, Pigeon, Quail Humane Live Trap

Key features

  • Doesn’t cause harm to the birds
  • Measures 12 inches in diameter
  • Designed for small birds like quails and pigeons
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Measuring 12 inches high, this trap is designed to trap pigeons and quails. The designers were careful to bring out each detail out very well. One main reason that qualifies this trap to our list of the best bird trap machines is that, while birds tend to be shy about getting into normal traps, this one provides a sense and feeling of openness to them. It makes the birds view the trap as a safe harbor of resting. Secondly, this trap isn’t only limited to trapping birds, though that is its main function. You could also use it around your house to get rid of annoying birds that love hanging around your compound.

best bird trap


  • Setting up and using it is easy
  • Makes bird feel comfortable
  • Comes in an open sky design


  • Only catches one bird at a time
  • Suitable for small birds only


We love this trap because on top of being seducing to birds, it is easy to set it up and use. You won’t require any assistance with that. One thing to note, however, is that the bird catches only one bird at a time. Before trapping another bird, you will have to remove the one inside, then reset the trap for the new catch.  

4. Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Pigeon Trap

Key features

  • Measures one yard
  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Holds up to 12 birds simultaneously

Tomahawk is a proud USA company that has been in the industry for long, and with this, they know their way around making impeccable products. Their mission is to create affordable products that bring value to their customers, and this is exactly what they have showcased with their product; Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Pigeon Trap. This trap measures one yard in length and 10 pounds in weight. It is designed to hold up to 12 birds simultaneously. At first, birds will be shy to enter into it, but once they get used to it, you will be able to catch several birds daily. It is easy to set up and also using it won’t be a problem for you.



  • Setting up and using it is easy
  • Designed using high quality materials
  • Ideal for large birds
  • Able to store up to 12 birds simultaneously


  • Small birds are able to escape


We love this trap because it has been constructed strong enough to tackle even the harshest of weathers. Its maintenance only requires little oiling on the hinges and you’re good to go. One thing that we should warn you, though, is that small birds tend to try escaping and they might succeed. This is especially when you are removing the birds.

5. Bird B Gone Pigeon Trap

Key features

  •  Holds up to 12 birds simultaneously
  •  Comes with three different entry doors
  • Exit door is located at the top of the cage

Talk of a big bird trap nets and this one fits the description very well. This trap is long enough, almost a yard, and is able to hold up to 12 birds simultaneously. Its huge size makes it inevitable to have many doors and so the trap comes with three different entry doors. These doors are strictly for the birds to enter the trap. There is another access door at the top of the trap for removing the birds. This was quite thoughtful of the designers. That’s not all with this trap, it also comes with a compartment that is used for holding water and food as well as acts as a shade for the birds. One limitation with this trap is that. Like many others, birds will be reluctant to enter inside regardless of the type of bait that you use.



  • Holds up to 12 pigeons simultaneously
  • Equipped with a container for water and food
  • Has an access door at the top for removing the birds safely


  • Birds will be shy to enter into the cage


The design of this trap definitely stands out from the rest. The hassle of trying to remove the birds through the entry door is foreign with this one. We love it for its design and size; 12 birds simultaneously aren’t a small number. You don’t have to keep removing birds and resetting the trap. 

Factors to Consider when Buying a Bird Trap


The safety of the birds is very important. You don’t want to buy a trap that will kill or harm the bird. The awareness of animal rights is increasing steadily and the traps designed in a manner to kill birds are rarely found in the market nowadays.

Holding Capacity

How many birds can your trap hold simultaneously? This is very important. The holding capacity is dependent on your purpose. If you want to hold one bird at a time, then you can go for a one bird catcher. If you are looking to hold many simultaneously, then you can settle for the multiple bad catchers.


It is basic rule that you have to incorporate baits inside your trap. It will be helpful if you have the bait in a container rather than throwing it on the ground. One trick is that a colorful container with food and water will attract lots of birds in no time. It is therefore essential that you have food and water in your trap.

Construction Material

The material used in the construction of your trap is also very important. High quality materials will support longevity in terms of the trap’s lifespan. The most common materials used in the construction are iron, steel frame and nylon mesh. The iron ought to be rust resistant while the nylon untearable.


The most common aftermath of capturing a bird is to kill them. This, however, should be the last resort. There are numerous stores that deals with keeping and taking care of birds. You could spare one of your weekends and visit them with lots of birds’ souvenirs.

The first step in luring birds into the trap is to gain their trust. Be keen and patient and ensure that the door doesn’t close even by accident. Bait the trap everyday and let the birds be aware of the presence of the cage around.  

The most important factor in a trap is the ease of the birds to enter in. Birds are normally shy when it comes to entering the cage. If the cage is built in such a manner that it encourages the birds to entering, then it is considered to be highly effective.


Final Verdict:

We have been cautious to stay true to our course and provide you with detailed information on everything that you need to know about selecting the best bird traps. We have also provided you with a buying guide and FAQs about bird traps. We have done everything on our side, the ball is now on your court. One thing to remember is that, no matter how much of a nuisance birds are, they require the best treatment. Killing them should be the last resort!   

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