Best Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent (Anti Bark Device) Reviews in 2019

Who said you could not instil discipline to your dog over unnecessary barking? Well, if that still rings in your brain then its a no brainer going through this review. We know you love your canine friend, but not every moment with your dog is worth celebrating. An overly barking dog, which is not its fault to bark anyway, is equal to pain in our brains. As far as communication is in order, having the best anti bark device for your dog is impulsive as having an anti-escape collar for boundary set-up. Well, this review is destined at not only giving you information about the best design in the market but also a buying guide and tips tricks to maximize the performance of an anti-bark device.

Apparently, manufacturers seem to have realized the gap to be filled in the bark control industry, leading to traces of inferior products in the market. This has consequently made finding the best alternative a hard nut to crack. But worry not folks; your needs will be covered in the best anti bark device reviews.

List of 19 best anti bark device/ best dog barking deterrent

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

Zelers Upgrade Rechargeable Mini bark Controller

If you find going through this breakdown so much of a hassle, Zelers Upgrade is just one call away. It’s one pick with no regrets. We managed to select it as our top pick based on some arguments; it is 100% human safe, and a professional way to train your “dragon”. Furthermore, it is easy to mount, making installation a breeze. Also, it comes with a sensitive microphone which plays a significant role in isolation dog barking even at a distance of 50 feet away. Lastly, is the sustainable charging method which one charging time translates to one month of continuous connection.

Budget Pick

best dog bark control

APlus+ Handheld Dog Bark Stopper

Not at all moments will you find all good quality products going for high prices. Let’s keep an eye on this cost-efficient design that is not just efficient, but also very portable. Mostly, when walking in the streets, jogging, or riding on your bicycle, it is quite normal to find a dog disturbed by your movements. This device will play a significant role in deterring the next move in attacking you. It is humane, safe and a capable dog repellent which works with most dogs, regardless of their size. Keep yourself secured wherever you go, on any activity with the right mentor.

1. Zelers Upgrade Rechargeable Mini bark Controller

Key features

  • Easy mounting
  • High-frequency sound deterrent
  • Sensitive mic for barking isolation
  • Effective up to 50 feet range
  • One charge equals one month or more of use

Zelers Upgrade is a mini-bark deterrent controller that is 100% safe and humane. This device uses high-frequency sound; that is effective for any dog size, to reduce excessive barking within the hearing range. Furthermore, handling or mounting of the equipment is straightforward and strategic to ensure the neighborhood dogs also got no chance.

Charge your device in one hour and forget about charging for the next month. This equipment is reliable, and the fact that it contains a sensitive microphone, it can isolate and pick barking signals up to 50 feet away. Besides, it has a double action efficiency, for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • 100% safe
  • Professional anti-barking training
  • Serves all dogs ranging from 6 months to 25-foot range
  • Affordable design
  • Easy use; both indoor and outdoor


  • Not strong enough for an over-stimulated dog


If you have been looking for the best anti bark device to train your dog professionally, then the journey has finally ended with Zelers Upgrade. It contains a sensitive microphone that isolates barking up to 50 feet away. Do not stress up any longer.

2. ELenest Anti Barking Device

Key features

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Effective up to 50 feet
  • Designed to hang/mount
  • Adjustable ultrasonic level control
  • Hanging rope included in the package


best bark control device

For all dog owners, maintaining the barking of a new dog can be troublesome, especially when it’s a puppy. Its voice can be disturbing and travel quite distant. However, ELenest Anti Barking Device is here to put an end to it. With the adjustable ultrasonic control levels, this device is capable of deterring your dog from unnecessary barking. Well, this gadget is also durable and waterproof, making it stand out from the traditional means. Its effective transmission range does not exceed 50 feet with a harmless sound controlling signal. Therefore, if you’re looking for a professional way of keeping your dog in check, having this best dog barking deterrent controller will salvage your situation. Lastly, this device comes with a mounting option, either on a tree, fence or by the wall. A hanging rope is included in the package


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Adjustable ultrasonic level control
  • Safe and easy to install
  • 50 feet transmission range
  • Affordable design and used on several dogs all at once


  • Not enough signal for big dogs


To have the best tool in deterring your dog’s barking behaviour is one of the things that should cross your mind every time you hear too much noise from your canine friend. This is why we have prepared the best dog barking deterrent controllers for your information and action.

3. Meter.LLC Anti Barking Device

Key features

  • Unique pavilion shape
  • 50 feet transmission range
  • Three adjustable levels
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Microphone included
  • Outdoor use
best bark deterrent

Another amazing product aimed at giving you some peace of mind is Meter.LLC Anti Barking Device. This product comes with fantastic features like having a unique pavilion shape and more effective than the old versions of dog deterrents. The microphone and the speaker works superfine while the adjustability of the signals created comes in a range of three settings. Feel covered by this device; easy to mount and effective in training your dog or deterring the neighbouring dogs from interfering with your peace. The frequencies emitted by this gadget is not harmful to pets nor audible to the human ear. That’s the technology advancement which has enabled it to be effective to your pet without you noticing.

best bark control


  • Three adjustment signal levels
  • Safe and effective
  • Inaudible to human and active on your dog
  • Pavilion shape
  • Waterproof device
  • Satisfaction guarantee from support


  • Quite costly

It’s not just at home that you can make use of this device; instead, you can carry it with you when going with family for camping trips. Its pavilion shape makes its mounting a beautiful scene. Whenever you feel your satisfaction has not been achieved, you can query the support team for advice.

4. APlus+ Handheld Dog Bark Stopper

Key features

  • Need 9V carbon battery
  • Use ultrasonic technology
  • Handheld device
  • Outdoor use


ultrasonic dog bark control reviews

To keep yourself safe from unfriendly dogs barking at you, then you need an excellent anti-barking device. However, if you tend being yelled at, APlus+ Handheld Dog Bark Stopper will do you a great deal. This type of device can turn your dog training into a fun to do an activity. But, don’t go round scaring dogs until you meet your monster dog who is not scared; it’s just a by the way thing.

The device uses 9V of power to run that long before it requires some replacement. Go for this hand device whenever the challenge you face is based on your way somewhere, or have a small budget or even not entirely nuisance to you this handheld anti-bark device will sort your issues.

best dog bark control


  • Keeps unfriendly dogs away
  • Handheld hence easy to use
  • A good self-protector and dog trainer
  • Quite affordable design
  • Works with most dogs


  • Only works at close range


Most anti bark devices are not entirely portable; you had to hand them somewhere to maximize its efficiency. But, here we have a handheld device which you can take it everywhere you go. With just a press of a button, an ultrasound will be produced that will keep away unfriendly dogs.

5. KCSC Mini Anti Barking Device

Key features

  • Uses ultrasonic technology
  • Upgraded technology
  • Fits dogs of any size
  • Easy hanging
  • Effective from 6 months to 50-foot range
bark deterrent reviews

For all dog owners have this experience of noise from his/dog, especially when its a number of them. That scenario cannot be tamed by shouts and screams. Well, that calls for the best dog barking deterrent to be in charge. Rather than the shock collar varieties, you need an ultrasonic device that will cater to your dogs’ behaviour to ensure you have a peaceful environment. The KCSC Mini Anti Barking Device is designed to be easy to mount, although, you have to be easy on them due to the ease of damage from rain and high temperatures. This is more effective than the conventional designs in terms of reducing excessive bark of dogs within a hearing range.

Note: Kindly use the rechargeable batteries and do not use it on deaf dogs since they won’t perceive anything significant.


  • Harmless but effective
  • Better than the traditional models
  • Relatively cheaper than the collars
  • Easy mounting


  • The batteries have to be bought which is an additional expense


If you have been looking for an anti-bark device that replaces the collar method, especially when you have a family of dogs, then KCSC Mini Anti Barking Device is your savior. Therefore, while making your selection, consider having this device as one of your best option in the ultrasonic dog bark control reviews.

6. Modus Dog Ultrasonic Trainer - Anti Barking Device Dog

Key features

  • Comes with adjustable anti-static wrist strap
  • It is powered by four AAA batteries
  • Has a green LED light indicator
  • Comes with a range of up to 16.4 feet
  • Emission range up to 25KHZ
  • 24-month warranty
bark control device reviews

This is one device that fits in your palm nicely, meaning its very portable compared to the conventional designs in the market. A matter of fact, it is easy to use; you point it to the direction where you want the signals to direct, the course of the dog and instantly stops yelling. Improve the efficiency of training your canine friend by the help of this gadget. Using outdoor thanks to its portable design is convenient. It has a green LED indicator light to show when on or off. Also, it is powered by four AAA batteries which last long for continuous usage. The power contained can transmit the ultrasonic sound up to 16.4 feet.

barking deterrent reviews


  • Improves dog training efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient outdoor use
  • 100% safe


  • The device seems small enough to getting misplaced hence caution


If you’re looking for an easy to use the device, then Modus Dog Ultrasonic Trainer – Anti Barking Device Dog will get you covered. This gadget can detect barking using the sensitive microphone and in return, relay ultrasonic sound through the speaker for your canine friend to stop it.

7. TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar

Key features

  • Collar design
  • Five sensitivity adjustments
  • Three training modes
  • New Qualcomm microprocessors technology
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Keep charge up to 14 days per charge
best barking deterrent for dogs

For those of you who have one dog in their perimeter, and face no neighboring barking, a collar design is a superb way to keep your canine friend in check. With the new Qualcomm microprocessor technology, TBI Pro Rechargeable Bark Collar has created a breakthrough in anti-injury chip ensuring the safety of your dog is not compromised. Besides, it has five correction adjustments and three training modes for you to choose from. Once you have selected your ideal settings, the display screen will indicate the level of shock, vibration as well as the sensitivity of the signal you will have chosen. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can sustain up to 14 days in a single charge. Lastly, this technology is waterproof; hence its performance is not limited to indoor or outdoor. Weather conditions for instance rain, do not affect it at any instance; however, it is advisable to make sure you take it off when going into the pool.

best ultrasonic dog bark control


  • Five adjustable sensitive levels
  • High-tech design with upgrades
  • Digital screen for performance display
  • No harm to the dog but very effective


  • The device is somewhat too sensitive to noise
  • Quite of a cost


The collar designs have the most upgraded technology designs with an effective performance from the vibration triggers to the shock corrections. Be sure your dog will stop misbehaving once you have this tool by your side. It has a digital screen where the functions have been iconized for easy operation.

8. ZenDoggo Anti Bark Collar

Key features

  • Ultrasonic collar non-shocking
  • Automatic microprocessors controller
  • Come in two stylish colors
  • Use two 6V alkaline batteries
  • Includes small and large probe covers
  • Effective to 10-150 pound dogs
best device to stop dog barking

Unlike most collars that use the shock mechanism, ZenDoggo Anti Bark Collar only thought having ultrasonic sound will deter your dog from barking carelessly. Do you want to know how it is possible? Well, this is an upgraded device with quality ultrasonic technology which is the safe and non-shock controller. It is a fast and effective way to keep your dog from sending notices to your neighbors as well as to yourself.  Make sure you tune the controller to give the desired sensitivity level that will suit your canine companion.

Furthermore, this gadget uses two longlasting 6V alkaline batteries that will guarantee the performance of the device for a prolonged period. Lastly is about the two probe covers; one small and the other one large. These probe covers play a significant role in protecting the skin of your dog from stress.

best dog anti bark device


  • The probe covers protect your pet’s skin
  • Longlasting alkaline batteries for continuous performance
  • Sensitivity selector for brilliant results
  • Safe and no shock


  • The instruction manual is not into more detail


If your neighbors have been complaining about the behavior of your dog barking too much in the middle of the night, then you’ll find the best anti bark device here. ZenDoggo Anti Bark Collar is an excellent product that delivers as it promises. Make your decision early.

9. Petrainer PET998DRU with Remote Shock Collar

Key features

  • Rechargeable battery
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1000 feet remote range
  • Three training modes
  • Vibration, standard tone mode and static stimulation
best dog barking silencer

Finding an ideal anti-bark device is never a walk in the park, but with Petrainer PET998DRU, all your worries will turn wonders. Care to know how? Let’s get to business. First off, this gadget waterproof letting your dog enjoy refreshing moment in the pool. This collar is no doubt one of a kind, with three correction odes, your dog is guaranteed to follow the trail. Even though most designs do not exceed 50 feet connection range, this device has surpassed them all with up to 330 yards, making training your dog, kind of a fun activity. Do not settle for less.

best anti bark device


  • Three training modes
  • Waterproof design
  • Rechargeable transmitter
  • 1000 ft remote range


  • This gadget is bulky to small dogs


If you wish to instil discipline to your dog, especially regarding unnecessary barking, then RF434Mhz technology will efficiently train your dog.

10. Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable - Anti Barking Collar For Small Dogs

Key features

  • Fits neck sizes between 6 to 24 inches
  • No electric shocks
  • Triggered from throat vibrations
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Rechargeable battery
  • A waterproof anti bark collar
best dog barking deterrent

The anti-barking device is an essential entity even to the smallest barkers. Indeed, you need one. Little Dog Bark Collar ensures no self or false triggers thanks to the 2019 chip technology which prevents any false occurrence. This has been made possible by allowing activation to occur in one direction, only through throat vibration. Besides, this model is rainproof, giving you freedom of accessing catchment areas without the fear of performance breakdown. Also, it is human safe relaying no shocks nor spiky prongs. Learn to reinforce good behaviour to your dog; it’s the only way education can be passed to your canine companion, following the suit.

Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable2(2)


  • No false triggers
  • 100% safe and humane
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor due to its rainproof
  • Adjustable collar hence fits both small and large dogs


  • Quite costly

Most anti-bark technology has failed when it comes to false stimulation of the gadget; however, it is not the case for Small Dog Bark Collar. This device only permits stimulation triggered by the vibrating throat hence making it difficult to experience the wrong transmission.

11. PEDLZ MARDOG No Bark Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs

Key features

  • Three modes;
  • Seven adjustable gears
  • Safewear
  • Polyester material covering
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Rainproof design
  • Come with a USB charging cable

Whether shock or no shock, having the best alternative when it comes to choosing the best anti bark device is a must-have. PEDLZ MARDOG comes with smart anti-injury chip makes it safe by assessing the three modes of operation; sound, vibration and a no harm shock. Moreover, the signals come in seven activations before the unit runs into sleep mode for the next minute. This process usually helps in saving power and keeping the battery in good shape. Lastly, is how powerful the battery is; with one charge, it could sustain the unit for 14 days consecutively.


  • Rainproof and lightweight design
  • Smart barking detection chip
  • Comes with three modes
  • Two white lines on the collar for easy visibility
  • Great polyester material


  • No physical numbers to indicate the preferred level


If you’re looking for an intelligent anti-injury device to keep your dog in silent mode, then this gadget will give you the best experience. With tree training modes, you can equip your dog with the training as it should. Having seven correction levels, the collar keeps activating seven times in a minute.

12. Made4Pet Bark Collar Small Large Dog

Key features

  • Gentle static shock correction
  • Suits small to large dogs
  • shockproof and waterproof
  • Large LCD screen display
  • Detailed instruction and video guide included
  • Has silicon prongs

If you want to ensure quick and highly accurate response rates, this BarkTrap technology installed in this device is a good recommendation. It can detect your dog’s barking and give a correction as soon as possible, based on the set parameters. Of course, it also has the shock mechanism, but the level of correction employed in this case is as safe as the vibrations. What do we mean? The static correction is gentle, purposefully to grab the attention of your dog without making them in pain. This dog controller fits both small and large dogs thanks to the adjustable neck girths that range from 5” to 22” or even further to 44”. Without forgetting, this design comes with nine sensitivity levels that you can select depending on your preference. Lastly, this gadget is both shockproof and waterproof, thanks to the well-built plastic material.


  • The shock is safe as vibration
  • The instructions provide a detailed guide
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Fit small to large dogs


  • Sometimes it is too sensitive


This type of anti-bark collar is not only useful in training your dog to stop barking, but also waterproof and shockproof in the making. Enjoy worry-free monitoring of your dog, just in case your canine friend access water catchment area.

13. LOVATIC Dog Bark Collar

Key features

  • Uses high-frequency ultrasonic and vibration stimuli
  • Seven levels of sensitivity
  • Intelligent chip
  • Has active and sleep modes
  • Effective between dogs of lbs and lbs
  • Durable material design

Ultrasonic designs are known to their friendly nature compared to the shock deterrents, and this one here is another fantastic anti bark collar. Yes, they reduce your dog’s barking behaviour without causing any distress or pain to your canine friend. With seven levels of sensitivity adjustments, you can switch it to the desired output that you need for your dog. As a matter of fact, it comes with an extra node of sleep mode, which plays a significant role in saving the battery. Note: Make sure you keep monitoring the battery for an excellent performance.

Talking of the upcoming waterproof designs in the market, LOVATIC Dog Bark Collar has embraced the technology. This means water is not a limiting factor in enhancing performance. However, it is not advisable to drown your dog in the name of waterproof nature; keep your dog safe and maintain your product. The material making up this design includes a durable strap which your dog won’t notice its presence on its neck resulting in total comfort.


  • Humane, safe hence effective
  • Trains your dog in a painless way
  • Customizable sensitive adjustment levels
  • Flexible hence versatile
  • Sleep mode saves the battery


  • Quite expensive design


In our quest to finding the best anti bark device, we decided to terminate here; however, this does not mark the ultimate end of the list of the anti-bark device reviews. This gadget has shown its prowess in providing a waterproof LED clip responsible for increased dog’s safety. You wouldn’t want to miss this offer, do you? Sure you not.

Best anti-bark device buying guide

If you have been looking for a means to deter your dog from meaningless barking then indeed the noise has become a nuisance. This buying guide should help you make sure the specific requirements have been met before making your final call. And, that is why you should not ignore checking out on what you should have already known.

It is essential to know whether your dog’s barking is normal or miscellaneous. If your dog barks at a stranger or another pet, it’s lovely. It’s probably a communication for you to look at what it’s trying to show you. So, before you take a step to a purchasing zone, try to understand your dog first. Most dog owners tend to misinterpreting the barks, especially when the barks become voluminous. This is entirely a misconception.

Depending on the type of dog bark deterrent you wish for, it’s essential to consider having a remote controlling device to ensure correction levels can be induced even when the dog is not responding to the automated signal correction. For instance, when using the collar method. This goes for the newly trained dogs, especially when they are half-baked and not yet used to the correction mechanism. If you put this into play, you will face less resistance from your dog.

Sensitivity levels is another critical area to keep an eye carefully. Like it is obvious, you cannot induce the same correction level to all your dogs; especially when using the collar method. This is the main reason why you should consider selecting a specific correction. But you cannot achieve it minus adjustable sensitive levels.  If you wish for a budget-friendly bark deterrent, sound sensitive devices will work exclusively well with puppies and small dogs.

Lastly, it is about the ease of installation and use. As simple as it may seem, it is a factor to put in mind. While all these products are destined to correct enumerated barking, installation requirements may put you down and eat your time. However, this should not force you to choose the easy to install and end up with an inferior gadget, be more vigilant in maintaining the purpose rather than the hassle.

Factors to consider when buying the best dog barking deterrent

Of all the things that you should never forget before your set back to the market, is having all factors factored. What do we mean? Stick to this guide for important consideration that you should note before reaching your final decision.

Let’s get to business!


If you have a clear conception about the perfect size of the dog deterrent device your dog needs then seeking the retailer before you commit your purchase is imperative. There are different size categories to choose from, starting from the collars to the mounted ones; choose the appropriate one for your canine companion.

Battery life

There is no best without best features; and for the best dog barking deterrent, you need a long-lasting battery to ensure it runs for a good time. Wait for a second; the battery should also be replaceable. This is to provide not only long battery life but also simplifies battery replacement in case the pre-installed one fails.

Beep function

Most dog training devices like anti-barking deterrent have a beep function mechanism whenever it perceives barking from a given direction. Yes, this takes place before the correction comes in. You may be wondering what it has to do with deterring your dog from miscellaneous barking. This beep function is supposed to remind your dog about the oncoming correction, which when it has mastered the working of the device, it will stop the barking. For the case of the ultrasonic devices, it uses a low signal sound which is not audible to the human ear, but distrustful to your dog. And this disturbs the patience of the dog and hence stops barking. Having known the working of the two main types of bark deterrents, you’re free to make your ultimate choice.


The aspect of waterproofing abilities lies so much in the collar technology than the ultrasonic varieties. The reason is, the dog roams with the collar on the neck, making it easily subjected to water. This does not mean that you have drawn your dog simply because it’s waterproof; maintaining the gadget should be your priority to enhance quality performance.

Tips and tricks for using a bark deterrent

If you want to improve the efficiency of any device, you must have the best hacks to its sustenance. Therefore, we introduce you to tips and tricks of using the best anti bark device to get the best results.

Using sight barriers

As a primary means to curb unpleasant barking is through creating sight barriers. It’s not as compulsory, but at least it’s going to aid in blocking your dog from barking at neighboring passersby as well as other dogs. Therefore, managing the environment is one thing you should not keep at stake.


Make sure you take your dog through a series of training. We know how tedious it can be and pain in the ears, but the results will give you a sigh of relief from your dog’s unnecessary yelling. That means, having the correct combination of tools and resources will do you a great deal during your training.

Correction level

Not every dog will respond positively to a similar correction level used by another breed. It takes caution and understanding to keep this in order; otherwise, you may end up punishing your dog. This is why we encourage having signals activated for your dog that will not be too high or low to get the best results.

Battery performance

A long battery life translates to the longevity of your device performance. Now that you have it with your device, how well do you think you can maintain it? Good question. Avoid placing it on charge longer than required. This will quickly wear out of the battery. Also, keep it away from moisture contact. Remember, without the battery, the device won’t have any other purpose than just a toy.


The general maintenance of the gadget is compulsory for anyone who wants longlasting services. It is self-explanatory. Maintenance means once the battery gets faulty, replace it before things go wrong. In training your dog, the device has to be on point with the overall monitoring of your dog. Also, you must maintain the equipment as clean as when it was bought.


Before binding this review, we have Frequently asked questions that we need to discuss. This section literally addresses most customer concerns in regards to anti-barking devices. Well, let’s see what we got for you this time. Note: You can add your main concerns if not addressed by the review in this section.

This is modern equipment using advanced technology in silencing your dog from unnecessary barking. Feel good to get covered? Yes, you should. Multiple products work similarly, from the collar to the ultrasonic mechanism. However, let the one you’ll choose depending on how effective you wish the device to be and the calculated risks as well as budget management.

This question has been asked severally, and the answer is “it’s written in the product details”. Before you take any anti-barking device, make sure it is effective to the boundary stipulated. Otherwise, you’ll be doing some zero work budgeting on something that won’t be of any help to you.

As much as people have this kind of worry, especially when it comes to the safety of his/her canine friend, you should know that these gadgets were made safe for use. However, before you take it home with you, make sure it’s tested and verified first.

Not all of them in particular, but some products have been specially designed to work on cats. These are the example of the upgraded collars. However, chances of cats to misbehave are minimal.

Final Verdict:

Having the right tool in fighting unpleasant dog barking is one major area most people to get it clear. And it is for this case you end up with lesser value irrespective of the amount used in your purchase. But these ultrasonic dog bark control reviews will give you an open eye to finding the best alternative in the market today. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your peaceful nights with minimum to no barking by the help of the best anti bark device. Good luck!

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