Do Dogs like Wearing Hats

Just think it is a Sunday evening and your dog is sitting on sofa and you are about to make your coffee and thinking for going out. Till now it is fine but when you put on your hat then your dog start barking. The reasons behind your dogs barking is so simple. Your dog is afraid of the hats that you put on. So from that incident we can assume that dogs are not basically fond of hats rather owner should train them to make them more friendly with this type of hats. Understanding the fear of your dog hat you can help them to overcome their fear.

Root for this behaviour

As your puppy knows you when he was born So he can recognize you and your gesture and posture as you are. He is familiar with your hair style, your clothes and also your smell too. So if he find you in any unfamiliar situation he will start to behave like a stranger. Actually this is happened just because of your dogs attitude to yourself. He can easily understand your behaviour and yourself very much that’s the reason why your dog behave like a stranger. Your hat make yourself stranger to your beloved dog for that he barks at you. It is not mean that your dog doesn’t like you wearing a hat. This just because he is not aware  of your outfit. When your pet is a puppy then socialization is so important. So your dog needs an intensive care to socialize your dog.

Encouraging the behaviour

If  you want to wear a hat everyday on a regular basis then you don’t want to watch your dog dislike you wearing a hat. Then you need to train your dog watch yourself wearing a hat. You can make your dog familiar with hats that you wear on a regular basis. You can also wear a hat or cap to your dog. You can make your dog familiar with hat by wearing him. You have to reduce fear of your dog by wearing hats to your dog. You need to wear hat more often in your home environment so that your dog can be familiar with this environment. You can also take your dog to outer environment more frequently and it will definitely help your dog to be more familiar with various kind of environment. If it is not work then you have to train your dog about different environment and try to make your dog familiar with any kind of hats in your home environment.

Other solutions and consideration

Adjustment of your dog with your hats can be so tricky. But you can easily overcome this kind of behaviour simply taking them in a crowd environment as there have many kinds of people who helps your dog overcome the shyness and fear. You can take your dog outside while you wearing a hat. Another thing you can do is to make your dog familiar with different types of hat. You can put hat to your dog as it helps him to be familiar with hat. You can also contact with a dog training who helps your dog to reduce the fear your dog have. You can also take your dog to a training centre to train your dog. You should tell them about your dog’s fear and different attitude about hat, then they will help you to overcome this type of problem.


You can easily train your dogs not to bark in an odd situation by applying some simple tricks and techniques. It will cost nothing but some time to train. It will help your dogs not to bark when your dogs will see you wearing a hat.

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