How Can You Stop Your Pet Dog from Biting Others?

Most pet lovers like to keep dogs as their companions. But as a dog owner, you must also be aware that your dog can bite others. Though we generally say that dogs of certain breeds are friendlier than others, any dog, regardless of their size or breed, is capable of biting. Even the dearest dog of your neighbor may snap at you if it’s afraid or injured.

So, we must know how to keep ourselves safe from dog bites. And if you happen to be a dog owner and your dog bites another person, then, unfortunately, you would be held responsible. But you can stop such a thing from happening. You only have to take apt measures. If we can grow public awareness by educating the people, we can prevent dog biting. And you also have to be a responsible dog owner.

Why dogs bite

The most usual reason for a dog to bite is if it feels threatened by something. It’s an expression of its natural instinct, which is present even in domesticated dogs. So, whoever remains in the vicinity of dogs, is a dog owner, or simply loves a dog must understand what can provoke such a bothersome behavior.

  • A dog may become aggressive if it has to defend itself or protect its litter. Often it can react in an unexpected way to protect its territory too.
  • If you happen to startle it by waking it up suddenly or approach the dog from behind, it might bite you.
  • There are some specific¬†warning signs present during a dog bite. You should be vigilant whenever you are around dogs. Try to study their body language. Observe whether they are growling, sneering, exhibiting a rigid posture, raised fur, or rapidly wagging their tails. If you notice any of these signs, refrain from interacting with the dog in question.
  • Avoid running away from a dog even if you are playing with it. Running away from it may trigger predatory pursuit or herding behavior.
  • A dog that is in a stressful situation may bite anyone who goes near it. It may have been abandoned for a long time, abused, or seriously ill or hurt.
  • Loud noise can also provoke such actions from dogs as most dogs are sensitive toward loud sounds.

Stopping dogs from biting

When you have decided to pet a dog, you must also take the initiative to train it. It will help you to keep it under your control at all times. You must take the initiative in preventing your dog from biting someone else.

  • Start training your dog as soon as you bring it to your place. If possible, keep on reinforcing the lessons throughout its life.
  • Your dog needs to socialize. Take it to places where it can meet people and interact with them.
  • The dog must have exposure to various real-life situations like loud noises and sounds from machines like the vacuum cleaner. Soon it will grow out of the fear.
  • Avoid disciplining your dog through physical punishments. Look for positive reinforcements to teach them things.

Conclusion: As a dog owner, you must follow the vaccination schedule and pay a visit to the vet for routine checkups. And keep your dog in restrains if you doubt it might get provoked. In this way, you can ward off unwilling situations from arising.

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