The Health Benefits Of Being Around Horses All The Time

It is incredibly difficult for any Australian not to fall in love with a horse when we meet it for the first time. We are quite lucky here in Australia in that we can get access to horses so that we can go trekking, riding and jumping if we want to. There is a great sense of freedom that comes from getting on the horse’s back and then cantering off into the countryside to enjoy nature and all of that fresh air. A horse is an incredibly majestic creature and it has been known to provide many health benefits both physical and mental. Some parents in Australia actually buy a horse for their children to encourage them to spend time around this animal.

A horse is also an excellent investment because they are an expensive thing to buy and if you take advantage ofequine reproductive services then your horse could be having a little foal in no time at all and this can help to pay for the upkeep of the animal. It is a procedure that provides a much better chance of pregnancy and a real opportunity to have both a horse and a foal at the same time. Many Australians are not aware of the physical and mental health benefits that being around your horse provides and so the following are just a few of those.

  • It motivates us to exercise – If you have your own horse then an incredible amount of responsibility comes with that and so it is your job to take care of your animal and to make sure that it gets necessary exercise. Horses love to walk, gallop and run and they would rather do this with you on their back. Riding around on your horse gives your body a full workout and it is also an incredible amount of fun to do.
  • It’s great for stress relief – Anyone who is around horses a lot will immediately tell you that horses have a very calming effect on them. By spending your time taking care of your horse and riding it, you’re taking real steps to reduce your stress levels as well as your anxiety levels due to the busy lifestyle that you need. There are actually instances where people receive assisted therapy from horses when they experience post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Stronger muscles & better balance – If you are horse riding on a regular basis then all of the muscles in your body will get a good workout and you will find that your muscle tone will increase very fast. Riding is particularly good for your legs, your overall core and of course your back. It also improves your balance and overall coordination which leads to much better posture and this is something that is beneficial to you both in your social life and in your professional life as well.

If you haven’t been around a horse in some time or you have never been in the presence of one, now you know the health benefits of doing so and so it is up to you to take action and surround yourself with these magnificent animals.

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