Top 5 Must-Follow Dog Care Tips for Pet Parents

There’s a saying that once one becomes a dog owner, there’s no going back. Dogs are lifelong loyal partners for pet parents. These furry animals are integral to our lives and must be cared for.

When maintaining your furry partner’s health and happiness, their grooming and caring cannot be left short of anything. 

Well, here’s the good news: we’ve got your back!

Our list of the top 5 must-follow dog care tips for pet parents will help you become a fantastic dog parent, along with helping you successfully take care of your furry kid!

1- Providing Regular Health Checkups

Healthcare checkups are necessary for our dogs as it helps us pet parents keep track of their health and needs. Pet parents must provide regular healthcare checkups according to their Dog’s age, breed, and lifestyle. For a pet parent, we must map out our nearby pet healthcare providers. In times of need, skilled veterinarians must be consulted.

Some must-follow tips on providing healthcare to your dogs are:

  • Keep track of every health checkup
  • Keep track of lifestyle forward to the veterinarians 
  • Track down nearby vets

2- Encouraging Participation in Physical Activities and Exercise

Though dogs are generally very active and playful animals, it’s up to pet owners to track their physical activities to maintain an ideal weight. It is in our nature to feed and adore our furry babies. Still, we must understand the health effects of food intake not being proportional to physical activities. 

Our Dog’s participation in physical activities not only keeps them healthy but also increases their longevity.

Some must-follow exercises you could engage your Dog in:

  • Walking/Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Dog Yoga
  • Hiking 
  • Playing Fetch

3- Maintaining Cleanliness Through Grooming

Dogs are very vulnerable when it comes to catching diseases or parasites. There being unwell will both physically and mentally make our pet parents ill. When we brush our dogs as a form of grooming, we get the dirt off them and untangle their hair. Many dogs face skin irritation and health issues when grooming isn’t maintained.

Some must-follow grooming tips to follow are:

  • Regular brushing of dog hair
  • Cutting of hair every 4-6 weeks
  • Shower your Dog as often as possible
  • Cleanse your Dog thoroughly by shampooing 

4- Providing a Clean and Comfortable Place to Sleep

Dogs’ beds and living areas are a place of comfort. Like all living beings, seeking solace in one’s home is very common. When our Dog beds and living areas are kept unclean, it will cause them to face health issues and make them lose their sense of comfort. Keeping our pets’ living area clean will clear signs of dirt and parasites, consecutively helping us pet parents stay healthy.

Here are some must-follow tips to provide a clean and comfortable space for your Dog:

  • Regularly clean feeding bowls
  • Brush off shedding hair from the floors
  • Periodically cleaning up defecation spots 
  • Keep their beds dry and clean

5- Fulfilling the Need for Nutritious Food

Nutrition is an element that is of high importance when taking care of dogs. Nutritious food keeps our furry babies healthy and running. But, it must be noted that the amount and type of food being fed to your Dog is acceptable for age, breed, health, and lifestyle. 

Some must-follow tips on nutritious foods you can offer your Dog are: 

  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Fish – Salmon, Sardines
  • Bone broth
  • Dark leafy vegetables
  • Chia seeds

So there you have it!

Our pets are an intangible part of our lives; we consider ourselves parents too. Our dogs should be treated with utmost love and care for their upbringing.

We hope that by following our top 5 must-follow dog care tips, you can become a fantastic pet parent!

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