Best Cage For a Hedgehog In 2021[Reviews and Buying Guide]

A hedgehog is not any big, but what you may not know is, it is very active. It spends most of its time hiding, and they love running around a lot. However, it’s not the kind of a pet you would cling on, like the likes of a dog or cat, but having it close by is a rewarding experience. These creatures show affection in their unique way; in other words, it appreciates human interaction making excellent household pets. If you wish to learn more about how you can obtain the best cage for a hedgehog, be my guest. 

To find the best hedgehog cage, there are at least the minimum requirements for a hedgehog to live in. One of the many features is adequate space, nature of the base surface, among many others that will be discussed in this review. It is not difficult to make a choice, but consequences that may arise due to wrong decisions can be twice unbearable than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to the best cage for a hedgehog review and the corresponding buying guide that will enhance your buying decision. 

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Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat

This is one of the highest-rated hybrid cages in Amazon. Its performance is no doubt one of the best too. Come to think of the plastic base that makes the best platform for your hedgehog to move freely and the finely spaced wireframe that ensures ventilation and safety is at its place. You wouldn’t want to worry about the things you have no control over when this cage will sort each of them with style. It has a balcony with an access ramp and a new wire door that improves accessibility. The water bottle is not only drip-proof but also located on the outside to save on space. You also need no tools to do the installation.

Budget Pick


Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

Ferplast Cavie is a fully-equipped guinea pig cage that is easy to maintain. Let the price not confuse you and think it is any secondary cage. Not. This design contains two doors that fully open to enhance cleaning operations. Besides, it is versatile, hence can be used with hedgehogs too. It comes with a six-inch deep base container that aids litter and debris collection. Quality is a guarantee.

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Key features

  • Comes with a leak-proof pan
  • Adjustable shelf with one ramp included
  • It is compatible with 162 and 161 versions
  • Full-width double door and a swing-up locking ramp
  • Comes with full expanse shelf with full-width plastic pan floor
  • Adjustable shelves and happy feet ramp covers included
  • Sturdy square tube frame with wire construction
Best cage for a hedgehog

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation has been designed with the ultimate habitat in mind. If you want to host chinchillas, ferrets, rats, or even hedgehogs, the platform will keep your critters healthy, offering accessibility and maintenance of the environment swiftly. The construction involves two ramps that come with their covers where one ramp rests on another and a full-width plastic pan floor that gives a generous play area. Besides, you wouldn’t have to worry about the security of your hedgehog when a critter-proof dual-locking door latch is in place. Also important to note is the critter nation, which has multiple attaching points. These attachment points play a significant role in adding hammocks, toys, tubes, and other essential accessories that will enhance the staying of your hedgehog. This design is entirely customized, thanks to the locking casters, which are easily maneuverable to keep it in place while it raises the cage to relative comfortable heights. This also, in turn, offer a vast storage area. The maximum pet security provided by this design allows your pet to fulfill their climbing instincts while they explore the environment securely. It also comes with ramp covers that protect the pets’ feet and also providing no-slip and multi-traction passage between each level. 

Best hedgehog cage




Even though no stand has been included in the package, its overall performance is unmeasured. With a ramp and adjustable shelf, the design is exceptional when it comes to providing comfort and relaxation to your pet. The removable tray offers maximum accessibility, especially when you need to feed or clean your pets’ office.

2. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Key features

  • Simple design for small animals
  • Extra deep of about 6 ¼ inches tubby base
  • Two large door entrances: top and bottom door
  • Adequate/tight wire spacing to ensure no animal escapes
  • Cost-effective design
hedgehog cage reviews

If you’re looking for a simple design that will not cost you a fortune, Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home has been reserved for you. Do not underestimate the functionality that comes in to salvage you. This design was created with space and performance in mind. It comes with two large doors which are easily accessible by your favorite pet. One is located on the side while another one found on top of the cage. These doors are large to ensure easy access to the animal and cleaning during the maintenance stage. Besides, it has an extra deep 6 ¼ inches tubby base where your animal can rest and play whenever it feels like doing so. Now, the wire spacing is significantly tight, about ⅜ inch that ensures the security of the animal is optimum with no escape route. If this is all you wish for, then it is time to secure your hedgehog with a cage system that is straightforward and easy to maintain.

cage for a hedgehog reviews




If you were hosting tiny animals, this is the right choice to take home today. But since a hedgehog is considerably small, shelter on this item will serve its purpose. It is extra deep, and the two large entries offer convenient access to the inside.

3. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Key features

  • X large size
  • Has an upper wireframe
  • Includes a plastic bottom base
  • The sides contain styled arcing red wire
  • Comes with two separate wire top openings
  • Also consists of a balcony 
  • A tip-proof food dish secures the balcony
best hedgehog hutch
  • A hay guard and water bottle are secure in the outside of the cage
  • Easy to assemble the cage

As the name suggests, Living World Deluxe Habitat is one design that provides safe housing for small animals. We know it’s everything you need for your favorite pet, and since the design is functional, you will love how it transforms the lifestyle of your hedgehog. It includes a balcony, which also has a ramp with a tip-proof food dish that ensures the balcony floor is secure. Furthermore, this cage consists of an upper wire frame plus a plastic bottom base that offers a safe, comfortable, and well-ventilated place for your pet. Do not stress about the size of your animal when they are available in X large sizes; this can as well accommodate a rabbit and guinea pigs if you wished. You should ensure the maintenance of the environment is at par; kept dry and cleaned regularly all the time. This is to ensure the health of your pet does not face any compromisation. 

hedgehog hutch reviews



If you care about the safety of your pet, then it is high time that you should equip it with the best cage for a hedgehog. For instance, this type of containment system will provide you with everything you will look for in your favorite pet’s cage.

4. Favola Hamster Cage by Ferplast

Key features

  • Has a large exercise wheel
  • Comes with a hamster hideaway that offers a quiet retreat
  • The water bottle securely located outside the cage
  • Includes a deep matching food dish 
  • Features an extra-deep and broad base to fit enough Hedgehog bedding
best hedgehog habitat
  • It is a two-floor structure split level design 
  • Has a small door located on the top of the cage

Favola Hamster Cage by Ferplas is one design that has been designed with advanced functionality in mind. If you wish to connect more than one hamster cages for your pets to play freely, this design comes with a connecting port located on the side of the cage. It includes two spacious floors; one is 4.75” high, giving it a conducive playing environment. Besides, a friendly plastic ramp offers easy access to the plastic top where you keep the water, food dish, and hideaway preside. This design is sturdy, fully equipped to ensure the staying of your hedgehog is joyous. It is affordable and quality guaranteed with a one year warranty. The living space is adequate, so whenever your pet wishes to play, you can be sure it will have plenty of it. To effectively maintain this brand, you can access the interior via the access door since the middle plastic, and the entire wire portion disconnects easily from the transparent base. 

hedgehog habitat reviews




This design features two-floor levels that you can use to separate the food/drinking room and the hideout at the bottom. Besides, the hamster friendly plastic ramp allows easy access to the top floor where your pet will be feeding. It is a fully equipped cage.

5. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe

Key features

  • Large living space
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Versatile and usable with other small animals like small rabbits and ferrets
  • Easy top side door access
  • Comes with elevated feeding area
hedgehog cage for sale
  • All essential accessories have been included in the package
  • It is extendable with two optional extensions

If there is something you need never to neglect is the installation ease for any DIY tools like setting up the best cage for a hedgehog. Wabbitat deluxe is an expandable design with two optional extensions that include an add-on wire litter plus a nesting area. The only limiting factor is the components of the extension are bought separately. First off, this model offers an ample living space that enhances maximum comfort for your favorite animal. It does not require any tool during its assembly, giving it extra attention from most consumers.

Furthermore, it uses the elevated feeding area to create privacy underneath, while the feeding bowl plays a significant in reducing meal spillage. The 5.5-inch deep plastic is easy to clean, and durable power-coated wire comes with one-inch mesh spacing whose work is to ensure visibility and optimal ventilation. Also, it comes with a full-width side door that rests overhead and makes easy access to their pet friends anytime they wish to feed, clean, or when it’s time to play. 

24x24 hedgehog cage




If you wish to add more than one hedgehog, then you need a cage that will accommodate the number that you need. That said, MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe has an improved interface that allows extensions to create larger living areas compared to the conventional designs.

6. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Key features

  • Has a balcony with a ramp
  • Includes a tip-proof food dish
  • The hide-away space is underneath the balcony
  • Simple to assemble with no tools involved
  • Has a non-drip water bottle plus a hay-guard
  • Comes with inbuilt large top and front openings that allow easy access to the interior
hedgehog cages and supplies
  • Has iron wire upper frame plus a plastic base

If you wish to keep your furry friend or hedgehog comfortable, then a safely contained environment is the best to adopt. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is a durable design with a rectangular shape enclosure constructed with an iron wire upper frame together with a PP plastic bottom that ensures ventilation and optimum viewing. Besides, this type of cage is suitable for animal sizes like guinea pigs and rabbits. Its inside access is straightforward, characterized by the large openings at the top while another from the front of the cage. This aids convenient access to the inside, especially then feeding or cleaning the shelter. Also, you need no tools to set-up this design. If you didn’t know, this design comes with a secure balcony that creates a better view whenever your pet is looking out. Equally important, the balcony creates a hiding place below it that acts as a privacy/resting extension. Before you reach the balcony, there is a ramp that allows easy access up and down. The non-tip food bowl fits securely on the balcony floor while other accessories, including the non-drip water bottle plus the hay-guard which have been attached to the outside hence preventing crowding and easy access. 

pygmy hedgehog cage




Most small pets need habitats, which are relatively reduced in size compared to pets like dogs. That means you need to keep them confined in one spot to ensure care doesn’t get out of hand. It, therefore, necessitates having something robust like AmazonBasics Pet Habitat. Think Big.

7. Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage

Key features

  • This is a traditional design
  • Comes fully accessorized habitat
  • Made of varnished wire mesh
  • Has a complete plastic base
  • The front door has a unique closing system
  • It is a versatile pet cage
acrylic hedgehog cage

If you’re seeking the best cage for a hedgehog, then Cavie has just promised that this design comes fully equipped to make the environment for your pet streamlined. This includes a water bottle, food dish, and a hideout mostly used by guinea pigs and hedgehogs. The front and side doors can fully open to fasten the cleaning process while the 6 inches deep base plays a significant role in containing litter plus other debris that have escaped the floor surface. It is versatile, and this makes it suitable for use by both hedgehogs and guinea pigs. Once you made your buying decision, you get one year manufacturer’s warranty cover. The capacity of the water bottle is 0.16 gallons, fixed to the mesh structure aided by the special hooks. Also, the bottle has water level indicators plus an anti-drop steel valve that ensures no spillage. It is a great, welcoming home for your cute and calm animal. 

hedgehog plastic bin cage




Most people fail to secure a safe and trustworthy structured home for their pets, but Ferplast Cavie Guinea Pig Cage comes with varnished wire mesh making it stylish. It is complete with a deep plastic base and a high bottom that easily contain dust and litter that drop off the cage.

8. Ferplast Krolik Hedgehog Cage

Key features

  • Extra-Extra-Large living space
  • Includes a wood hutch 
  • Comes with a 5.5” deep base 
  • Has a full front door to provide a convenient access
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes large water tank, feeding bowl, and an elevated feeding area
hedgehog cages and supplies

If an innovative design is what you have been looking for, then this is the time to grant your pet the best cage for a hedgehog. The button does not have flares hence provide more living space compared to ordinary cages. Furthermore, the base is high and broad, making it perfect for containing dust and litter. The cage is supplied with extensions, which form the rabbit or hedgehog comfortable and feel at home. On the front side, there is an opening door that permits fast maintenance operations like cleaning and feeding your hedgehog. It is also equipped with a drinking bottle mounted on a unique hook firmly. Its capacity is 600 cc and a water level indicator plus an anti-drop valve. The entire unit can easily be assembled and disassembled to improve its portability since you do not need to carry its habitat in a bulky package. This is an entirely knockdown system that is practical and handy.

hedgehog bedding




This type of pet containment system has been utilized mostly with rabbits, but a hedgehog can as well venture into since it is smaller and less movie. It has an ample living space to enhance comfort and relaxation. It is easy to maintain this model, unlike the ordinary cages.

9. Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

Key features

  • It is a perfect XXL rabbit cage
  • Two large water bottles included
  • Comes with two hay feeders and a feeding bowl
  • The feeding area is elevated
  • Easy to maintain with a deep base
  • Comes with multiple doors
  • Can accommodate up to two rabbits

This is an XXL rabbit cage that can be a good and durable investment for anyone wishing to keep more than one animal in the same housing. It includes two large water bottles, two hay feeders, and a feeding bowl, all in an elevated feeding area. The extra living space has been significant in providing adequate living space as well as offering maximum comfort. In the package, it includes a separate extension wire that is ideal for nesting. Maintenance has been simplified thanks to the deep base that contains litter while the entire base detaches for cleaning operations or dumping the collected remains. The multiple doors provide convenient access to the interior of the cage. Lastly, the quality of this design is not in any way compromised, with one-year manufacturer warranty cover, you will be sure to provide a longlasting performance. 

hedgehog cage ideas




This design comes with a separate wire extension if you wish to expand your nesting, different from the main cage. The nesting plays a significant role in providing adequate living space, as well as offering maximum comfort to your hedgehog.

10. Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat

Key features

  • This an easy to assemble DIY
  • Comes with caster wheels for movement
  • Cage dimensions: 42” by 18” by 19.”
  • Durable cage with chew-proof locks
  • Has a wire with maximum security
  • Includes comfort shelves with safety ramps
hedgehog cage ideas
  • Also comes with a food dish, water bottle, and hay buffet

Ship with no frustration when you select Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat today. This design is ideal for most small animals like ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Most of these animals are restless; hence, having comfortable shelves will ensure their helter-skelter movements are secure with fewer chances to have injuries. The safety ramp also plays a significant role in ensuring every step made is safe. The caster wheels that come with this design makes it easy to shift the cage from one location to another with ease. Furthermore, this cage is durable thanks to the chew-proof locks and the wire that have really contributed to providing safety and security. Also, you do not need any tool to conduct its installation since the design has a straightforward assembly procedure. Now the ball is in your end; make it or make it, having a professional but sincere cage for your pet is one step to acquiring comfort lifestyle for your hedgehog.




If you have been thinking of having a stylish but durable cage for your pet, then Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat is here to clear your doubts. With chew-proof locks and wire, safety and security is a guarantee package included. Find an easy to assemble housing for your pet where no tools are applicable.

11. Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

Key features

  • Extra space for comfort enhancement
  • It features a multi-access folding top
  • Comes with a deciding panel with a hinge
  • Includes 14 inches sides
  • It is also a modular design
  • Has a durable PVC-lined canvas bottom
  • Quick and easy assembly
best cage for hedgehog
  • Comes with lock-in-place ramps
  • Has dividing panels
  • Great for outdoor

Hedgehogs make great pets since they relatively have low maintenance compared to most small pets like rabbits; however, your kids need to be well-informed before handling their habitat. But that should not keep you in high spirits; this design is easy to maneuver and easy to set up, unlike most ordinary models. You need to make your hedgehogs feel at home with bigger premises and in turn, keep it fit in every detail meticulously. Mostly, it features eight square feet of space; however, it comes with a probability to expand up to 16square feet with the addition of another Guinea Habitat. This addition will allow convenient cleanup and interaction between you and your pet highly enhanced. Besides, the durable PVC-lined canvas bottom plays an essential role in protecting your pet’s feet. The floor is washable and also leak proof.

best cage for hedgehog reviews




This is a design constructed with durability and multi-accessibility in mind. It has a PVC-lined canvas, which helps to protect your pet’s feet. Also, if you have been looking for a modular design that offers numerous configurations, then you’re not any further from acquiring it. Just make a decision today and add this item to the cart.

12. Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage

Key features

  • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, and hedgehogs
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • The two-piece design ensures no parts lists during setting up
  • Heavy-duty plastic material for premium performance
Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animals
  • Natural snap-on powder coated wire top
  • Available in three color choices

Ware Manufacturing is the real designers with a cost-effective and all-inclusive practical cage for your hedgehog. If you take a look at the large front opening, you will tell how easy it is to access your pet whenever you want to feed it or when you want to make its environment clean than ever. Do not mistake, the heavy-duty plastic construction and the chew-proof powder coated wire has transformed this design into a more functional cage of all times. Besides, you do not have to hassle when doing maintenance cleaning when the material used is stain and odor resistant. Use it with rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas and ferrets. This is a versatile model you can boast with. They are available in three different colors, so you choose the one that suits you. Lastly, this is a two-piece design that ensures no losing any parts during installation.




This cage is medium in size, giving it an ample space where your hedgehog can conveniently play and live comfortably. The material used in construction is hard duty plastic that ensures it survives a long time before a makeover. It also contains chew-proof powder coated wire.

Factors to consider when buying a cage for a hedgehog

These are the main points that you need to put your focus on if you want to get the best hedgehog cage from the market today. It revolves around size, price, and other factors that are seemingly difficult to do without.

Size of the cage

You wouldn’t know the size of the cage that will fit your hedgehog unless you knew how big your pet is. Besides, a hedgehog likes to play and hide, that is why having a big cage will pamper it comfortably. You can buy a bigger cage since there is no limit of how large it can be but at least let it not be anything lower than 2ft by 4ft. Great sizes attract free movements and consequently hold a litter box and the sleeping bag. Free space also improves ventilation. 

The base

The base of the cage must be very friendly to your pet, especially when considering the tiny feet of a hedgehog. That the case, a flat surface is more significant; since they do not limit its activeness. Most experts recommend having a plastic base compared to metallic ones in the essence that plastic bases give a more comfortable and durable than metal ones. As a matter of fact, a metal base can build up rust. 


Hedgehog bedding is a significant area to focus on. As much as most experts have conflicting recommendations, you may need to test a few types of bedding material to see which one will work for your pet. Remember, even the hideaway enclosure needs to have these materials too. For instance, natural products like cell sorbs plus, wood pulp and fluffed pulp or paper products, palleted newspaper. Aspen shavings and fabric pieces make the ideal materials.try as much to avoid sawdust, straw, cedar chips, and outdoor material like gravel.

Bar spacing

Hedgehogs are very tiny animals that you should be careful about the size of the bar spacing you choose; this is to avoid losing the animal. One inch is sufficient to keep it contained, but anything more significant than that will be a piece of bad news. 

Additional accessories

It is clear that the life of your pet will be fun if it has plenty of space to move around, but accessories improve its lifestyle. Just make sure you do not overwhelm its space with too many accessories or providing ones that are not suitable for the animal. Use shallow ramps, half-log shaped items. Providing a heating element that will raise the temperature of its environment when it’s cold is an advantage.

The best cage for a hedgehog buying guide

Since you are aware of the size of this animal and its delicate feet, it is essential to be careful when choosing which cage to buy and which type of hedgehog bedding to use. This section will focus on features that will influence your buying decision. 


The safety of your pet is as important as it is for your own. Hedgehogs are vivacious animals, and they could play all night. During this time, it can be difficult to monitor its movement, but securing the cage edges can do you a great deal. Your pet may be in its deep enjoyment, and all of a sudden fall to the ground and injure itself. That’s why you need to have the proper safety and security system in the cage. 

Apparently, some cage wires have too much depth, and this creates loopholes to your hedgehog’s escape. Be aware beforehand before you make a mistake that will not be easy to rectify. 

Flat surface

A flat base surface is significant for your pet. This has nothing to do with the visibility test, but due to the tiny feet of a hedgehog, the flat is the best. Remember, wired surfaces may hurt your cute little one that will consequently reduce their activeness. Who wants that anyway? An active pet is a blessing; do not retard them from their instincts. 

Ease of cleaning

Hedgehogs are one of the messy animals you will ever meet. Their cage literally needs cleaning almost daily. After playing all night, spilling, pooping, and scattering its bedding, you will need to revisit the premise. You may be surprised to realize that these creatures masturbate, and therefore, you will need to clean them with a mild shampoo. 


You can’t survive without oxygen, neither will any animal on this planet. Fresh air must be provided to you hedgehog at all times if you want to facilitate it’s staying in that particular environment. It is a basic need. For you to regard your cage as the best hedgehog cage, the proper ventilation system must be in the room at all times. 

Size and price

Having a big cage is more advantageous than having a small container. The minimum requirement is four square feet. This will provide ample room to contain a litter box, eating area as well as a playing area. 

About the price factor, you need to be aware that cost evading is not one or the proprietary decision you can make without seeking the consent of your hedgehog. For your pet to live in a quality house, you have to incur a lot. But it doesn’t translate to breaking the bank to get the best services, as long as you get the value of what you spent for.

Tips and tricks for using a cage for a hedgehog

There is something more beyond buying the best hedgehog cage. And these are the tips and tricks on how to make your hedgehog feel at home. 

Make its place feel safe

Hedgehogs tend to enjoy a cozy and quiet environment when it can only hear its movements. Consequently, loud noises can cause distress or irritability. That is why keeping it away from children, TV and vacuum cleaner can be an excellent idea. Hedgehogs have hypersensitive hearing, so loud noises will deter them from coming out of their hideouts; neither will they come out to exercise. 

Handle your hedgehog regularly

There is a charm in holding your hedgehog daily. They consider it as interaction, for it will make them more accustomed to human interaction and less likely to give you a bite or puffing its spikes at people. Social policy is when you maintain this kind of socialization until your hedgehog is used to you. 

To facilitate this connection, put your old T-shirt in the cage for them to sleep on. It will be quicker for your pet to relate the scent of the environment with safety, and that is where the moment it smells your presence, it will be more comfortable around you. Sometimes it may poop on your but lay no chance of giving up; this behavior will be temporary. 

Make sure it exercises and feed it

A hedgehog needs the wheel all its life, as long as it’s still active. This helps them exercise as long as you keep them monitored. Also, keep their diet smooth; mostly dry cat food will do it a great deal. However, if you would want to feed it with healthy cat food, make sure the fat level is low and sugar content standardized. This is to ensure health problems like obesity will never come to your pet. It is also important to note the foods regarded as toxic like grapes, junk foods, citrus, chocolate, among others. Always make sure you 

Observe its changing habits

A hedgehog, just like any other animal, has changing patterns, whether it’s eating, drinking, or exercising. Most sudden changes depict health issues your pets are undergoing, while bathroom changes suggest illness. Keep your pet closeby to identify these changes and communicate with your vet. 

Keep changing its bedding

Two weeks works well for most of us, especially if you have one pet in the cage. But most importantly is how you keep its environment clean. This will enhance scent controlling and minimizes the chances of getting an illness. 

Groom, your hedgehog

Make sure you groom your hedgehog on a regular basis, from trimming its nails to bathing them. Use the clippers when you want to cut their nails. Also important to note, when you accidentally nick your hedgehog, cornstarch is the best remedy to stop the bleeding. 

When it comes to washing your hedgehog, consider filling the tub, bucket, or sink with lukewarm water. A small cup should be used to get your pet wet. Make sure the water does not trickle down to its ears; it may develop into an infection. You can use a toothbrush to effect the washing by adding the body wash onto it and brush in the direction of the quills. Immediately you’re done, rinse it to make sure all suds have been washed away.


These are the frequently asked questions asked globally for the sake of safeguarding the interests of your hedgehog. You all want the best for your pets, and for sure, there are common issues that have been faced by hedgehog lovers that you would like not to encounter in the future. Some of the raised concerns have been edited for you.

Well, that will depend on which section of the cage needs to be cleaned. For instance, the exercise wheel and litter pans need to be cleaned every day. Furthermore, hedgehog bedding quickly gets soiled, and this can trigger a bad-smelling environment; therefore, the materials can either be replaced or washed if they’re fabrics.

Indeed, some cages are wide enough to accommodate two hedgehogs; however, make sure you have them closeby for monitoring purposes. A hedgehog is a loner animal, and since it’s bound to be active, having two in the same cage can evoke a fight. Additionally, some cages have more than one floor, and you can take advantage of this set-up to keep hedgehogs based on the number of stories you have even though they may be sharing the wheel.

Comfort applies mostly in which bedding material you wish your hedgehog to have. As outlined in the content above concerning the different materials that can be used to provide comfort to your pet, make sure you do not assign ones which have been discouraged. This will create discomfort and immobilize your hedgehog.

Final Verdict:

A hedgehog needs a home just like any human, and that is why settling for the best brand is significant. From the start, you know that a hedgehog is an active animal, having it off a containment system can result in losing its presence permanently. Now that you know shopping, the best cage for a hedgehog will add more value, like having a defined territory as well as monitoring its activities every other day.

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