Can You Put a No Bark Collar Into a Puppy

Are you stressed for the excessive barking of your puppy? If it is yes, you must have been irritated.

Can you put a no-bark collar into a puppyWhat if you have done it?

It raises many questions actually. Some might be- Is it worth? Does it make any uncomfortable environment for the dog? And so on.

No worries, all the questions will be sorted out as you go to the deep.

Can you put a no-bark collar into a puppy?

Can you put a bark collar into a puppy

There are many ways to take of your puppy, and no bark collar is one of them. This no bark collar is used mainly to prevent the dogs from excessive barking. It stops the dog barking in a continuous way so that it avoids creating a nuisance.

The use of no bark collar has become quite popular now as it helps pet owners to keep the puppy peacefully.

You can put the collar only when you know the proper use of it. But before that, you have to manage a compatible and genuine collar for the pet. Let’s see, how you could handle this-

Vital tips for using a no bark collar

There are some controversies for using no bark on your puppy. Many people claim that utilizing no bark or anti-bark collar is one kind of animal abuse. Still, honestly, as long as you know how to use no-bark collar appropriately, it’s entirely safe for your puppy.

Genuine collar

Quality always pays off. So when it comes to buying a no-bark collar, do not opt for any random local shops or retailers. Always prefer the best provider out there.

If you choose a lousy quality collar, it may harm your precious pet’s health. Moreover, it can destroy your relationship with your pet. So, stay away from the replica and go for the genuine stuff.

Expensive collar

It needs a little detailing. Many people will ask- Is expensive meant to be good?

Well, not really.

You shouldn’t judge the book by its cover (price).

But, can you manage a quality product at a low price?

Absolutely not. A quality product requires at least a considerable amount of investment.

If you select a cheap bark collar, it can malfunction your dog’s system and also can give it unnecessary shock and deteriorate your dog’s health condition.

A low-budget collar can also wear out and dysfunctions without using it for a long time as these collars are mostly weak and sensitive.

Exact fit

The perfect fitting of the no-bark collar is critical if you want it to work accurately. If the collars do not fit appropriately on your puppy, it will fail to detect the vibrations of barking.

But how would you know the fit is perfect?

Well, the rule of thumb says, it should not be either too much tight or too loose. You must place it under the jawline area of the puppies and make sure that the box of the collar is facing downwards, and the probes are pointing in it.

Types of bark collar

You should select the perfect type of no-bark collar according to your dog’s preference and breed, as this step plays a significant role.

There are three types of no bark collar up for sale now in the market industry. They are- static shock collar, ultrasonic collar, and citronella bark collar. Each one of them is unique in their way and has been designed to perform this action differently.

Static shock collar 

You can guess the main feature of this collar by looking at its name. It is a collar that produces shock into the dog’s throat through sensing the vibrations of its barking.

Remember to guess the level of shock by placing on the collar on your hand before you put it into your puppy’s collar.

Ultrasonic collar 

This collar has both sound and shock features. When your dog starts barking, it will send a sharp and disturbing sound to stop the irritating barking of your dog.

It has two types of sound; one for positive behavior and another for harmful behavior. Firstly, it will give an electric shock; then, it will accompany an unpleasant sound to prevent further barking.

Citronella collar

This collar possesses a feature of smell. If the dog keeps barking continuously, it produces a liquid of citronella, which leads to a bad smell. This lousy smell distracts the dog and prevents it from annoying barking.


Barking is natural for a dog. You can’t make him silent entirely, and I believe you don’t want to.  

But if the pet barks excessively, you can use a no-bark collar complying with the compatibility of your pet. 

Before you opt for buying a no bark collar, consult your veterinarian first. He can help you if you have the sort of expertise. 

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