Best Cage for your Parakeet Bird (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Parakeets are a group of small birds that are very easy to pet and quite friendly to humans. That’s why Parakeets like budgerigars, Ringnecks, Monks Parakeets, etc. are very commonly seen befriending humans for quite a long time in history. These birds are best known as cage-birds, which says a lot about how crucial a cage is for them.

Parakeets love to hang out with buddies, so naturally, you may need to home at least a couple of birds in a cage. For this, you need to be very careful while selecting the cage. Keep your eyes on multiple factors like size, cleaning options, feeding zones, bar-size, etc. Missing the size issue and putting these birds in a smaller cage may cause tension among them and thus lead them towards an unhealthy future.

Finding the best cage for a parakeet doesn’t need to be a very stressful task. If you are looking for one, you have landed in the right place. We have carefully reviewed 12 of the best parakeet cages available on the market that you can buy right away.

Keep your patience and read this article for the best parakeet cages. Don’t forget to read the buying guide that we have prepared for you. It will save you enough time, money, and energy while you finally decide to get the best cage for your parakeet bird.

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

Yaheetech 61-inch Large Bird Cage

The Yaheetech 61-inch Large Bird Cage is the best cage we can pick. The 61-inch height of the cage provides enough space and air inside the cage. Additionally, it increases the interior beauty of your house. The top play-zone with ladder and wooden perch can dramatically improve your parakeet’s overall health – both mental and physical. Not to forget the bungee rope for your bird to practice clinging on! With all these facilities this one has to stand on top, for sure.

Budget Pick


Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage

Our budget pick is surely the real budget-killer. If you are raising eyebrows at its price, you are mistaken. The Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage comes with a storage shelf, arc system locks, removable trays, mesh panels, and a wide space Plus, the feeders are eco-friendly. You couldn’t ask for more at this price tag!

1. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Key features

  • Very wide space and excellent ventilation
  • 26 X 14 X 46 inches cage
  • Two plastic cups for feeding
  • Four wood perches for resting
  • Half-inch bar space for security
best cage for a parakeet

For our first pick, we have Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage. When you take a look at it, you will be struck heavily by its simplicity. It is a rectangular-shaped steel cage supported by a plastic bottom underneath. It may not take you by surprise by its design as it looks like every other cage on the market, but what makes it different is it’s very spacious and wide. You can easily keep multiple parakeets in it without worrying about accommodation problems. 

It measures more than 2 feet in height and includes 4 long wood perches in it for your parakeet to rest on. Less chance for your birdies to feel a shortage of spaces! Don’t worry about interacting with your pets as you can easily access the cage with two wide front doors. Put your pets’ food, water, and take them out easily through these two openings.

Your pets will love the way you feed them as there are two plastic cups at the bottom of the cage. The birds can come down when hungry and fill their tummies up without making a mess! If you are choosy about colors, we got good news. The Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage comes with three different colors – blue, brown, and green.

cage for a parakeet reviews




If you love a bit of simplicity and are specifically fond of colorful homes for your pet, this one can be a good choice for you. It doesn’t come with a great height, but its enough to inhabit a couple of birds with ease.

2.Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Key features

  • Detachable bottom for cleaning and washing
  • Debris guard for safeguarding wastes
  • Cage measures 24.6 X 15.6 X 34.5 inches
  • Green-colored unique perches
  • Food and water pot attached at the bottom

One of the most loved brands of parakeet cage is Vision. Most of their customers have a good impression of them. Their bird cages speak for themselves. Take the Vision M02, for example. Its elegant white color is enough to fall in love with it. The cage is a beauty from top to bottom. Made with top quality plastic, blended with intelligent design – the Vision Bird Cage M02 will surely make your birdy’s day!

One interesting thing is, you don’t get any wood perch in it. Instead, the cage has 4 plastic perches that are short and a bit tangled. This curious design can easily attract the bids for its out-of-the-box thought. 

You can detach the lower part of the cage and clean it outside. That can instantly make your cleaning job easier. With this cage inside, making a mess isn’t a possibility. On top of that, Vision added a debris guard, as well. This guard makes sure your pets’ waste doesn’t spill out of the cage. Talk about cleanliness, eh?

Put food and water for your pet inside the plastic green-colored food and water pot placed at the very bottom of the cage. Also, open the front door to say hi to your birdies once in a while and provide them with food, as well.

Forget about risking your birdies inside the cage. A 0.48-inch bar-space makes sure your naughtiest bird keeps safe and sound inside.

parakeet cage reviews




The best part of this product is that it makes waste management a fun-job to do. The detachable waste-collecting bottom plate and debris guard is a great addition to its effective design. If you are into fancy design, this is just perfect for you.

3. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Key features

  • Multiple front-doors and side-doors to access the cage
  • Very tall and specious inner side
  • Multiple wood perches
  • Attached wheels for movement
  • Built with wrought iron for better durability
best parakeet house

If you are planning to interact more often with your parakeets, then say hello to Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Flight Cage. In addition to two wide front doors, the cage has six side small-sized side doors to get access inside. Now play with your pet and interact from any direction!

For a flight cage, this one takes its pride in its genre. It’s more than 4-feet tall and quite spacious inside. Your birdy will love to fly around inside. Having three wood perches at different distances adds to freedom. Watch your birds jump and fly from one stick to another every day.

the cage includes 4 double plastic cups to support your parakeet’s feeding. Using multiple openings, refilling the cups with food and water has never been easier.

Cleaning the cage is too easy. You can easily take off the bottom plate and wash and clean separately.

This heavy-duty cage is strongly built and surprisingly sturdy. It is carefully made with durable wrought iron that ensures there isn’t going to be wear and tear sooner. Plus, the bar space is half an inch, which means your birdy can’t fly away just like that!

If you don’t feel like placing it in one place of your home, try pushing it to other rooms and places. It has 4 wheels attached at the bottom for smooth mobility.

parakeet house reviews



This flight cage is very suitable for those who love to watch their parakeets having a great jumping and humping time inside. Also, the mobility of the cage does play a key role in it to be one of the best cages in the market. If rust can be handled a bit, this is a great choice.

4. VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

Key features

  • Extra-large opening door
  • Two feeding doors
  • Two wood perches
  • Seed guard at the bottom
  • Drag-out bottom plate for cleaning

VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage is a uniquely designed and excellently made birdcage. Before digging in, the first thing that will catch your eye is that it has a pretty wide front door. You can literally open up the front part of the cage with it. Forget about hurting your hands while you take your birdy out.

Inside the cage, you get 4 feeding cups, and a couple of perches for your birds to hang out on. The 4 cups are interestingly attached beneath the perches so that your parakeets can move right and left and eat and drink whenever they wish.

It’s not the largest of cages we have seen, but taking the design into consideration, it is absolutely brilliant. You get a rectangularly oval-shaped sink to support the cage from the bottom so that no waste or food spills out of the cage.

In addition, you can slide out the bottom tray to clean up the mess your pets will make. Take it out, clean it, and put it back – as simple as that.

cage for parakeet review




Short and smart – that’s how you can describe this model. Do you hate a mess? If yes, then take no time to consider this one. The brilliant mess-management system of this cage is hard to find in other cages. 

5. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Key features

  • Removable bottom grill
  • Take-out waste plate
  • Three-roof unique design
  • Two water and food cups
  • Half an inch bar spacing
Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof parakeet birdCage

Our fifth pick is another Prevue Hendryx Cage. This time, it’s with a three roof on the top. We bet you can’t ignore the unique roof design of this one. It has two triangular-shaped roofs on two extreme sides, with an oval one in the middle. It gives a royal feeling just by seeing it!

Coming to the build quality, it’s a good metal-made cage. You can remove the bottom grill and drag out the tray for better cleaning and lesser mess.

Ideal for a couple of parakeets, the Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Cage features 2 cups for food and water.

How can this awesome design be completed without wood perches? Your parakeets will love it with 2 wood perches that are not so far away from each other.

If you are thinking of the height of the cage, then this can satisfy your needs. Over two feet of height is fair enough for a couple of parakeets to spend quality time inside.

best cage for your parakeet bird




This cage is ideal if you are planning to home just a couple of parakeets. The space inside is not very suitable for more than two birds at a time, as it may cause a density issue. Yet, if only two birds you have, and you like beautiful yet simple cages, this one is for you.

6. Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage

Key features

  • Extra storage shelf
  • Removable tray and bottom plate
  • Four feeding trays and perches
  • Two front opening doors
  • Well secured arc-designed wire-lock system on the doors
best parakeet habitat

How would you feel if you can get a space with your cage to put your bird’s accessories in it? Great, right? When you get the Topeakmart Large Parakeet Bird Cage, you will get right what you want. This impressive, modern, and greatly-designed cage includes a storage shelf. You can put your pet’s food, toys, accessories, etc. in it.

With more than 3 feet of height, this cage is one of our favourites. It has a spacious room for the birds to move around and secures the birds through a narrow bar-spacing. The door locks use arc-designed wires. It will be a hard job for the birds to open it up.

It has two front doors that can be opened without much effort. In addition, there are two other side doors that can be slid-open for feeding purposes, as well.

Take out the bottom tray to separate the waste from the cage and clean up elsewhere. You get a mesh panel between the bottom and the cage. It prevents the birds from coming into direct contact with wastes so that your birds stay healthy and maintain proper hygiene.

If you buy it with a rolling rack, you will get four 360-degree movable wheels to move the cage from one place to another at your comfort.

parakeet habitat reviews




This one is definitely one of the best choices you have. It’s high and spacious enough for your birds to maneuver. The narrow bar-spacing and well-secured lock on the doors mean top safety for your birds. You may need a helping hand to put this one into work, but for the benefit you get afterward, it’s definitely worth it.

7. Yaheetech 61-inch Large Bird Cage

Key features

  • Wide and spacious cage
  • Different toys included
  • Stainless-steel feeding cup
  • Removable trays and grills
  • Two opening doors
Yaheetech 61-inch Wrought Iron Select Large Parakeet Cages

Some people just want stand-alone cages for their loved pets. If you are one of them, then you may not want to miss this. The Yaheetech 61-inch Large Bird Cage is something a parakeet lover will stick his eyes on.

The iron-painted, beautifully designed cage is exactly the synonym of a masterpiece. Including the rocker part, the cage measures 61 inches from top to bottom. You can give your living room an exciting new look with it.

Apart from the removable bottom trays for easy clean-up, and two feeding doors, the cage has a very useful part. On top of the cage, you get a play-zone for your birdy. This includes a ladder, two stainless-steel feeding pot, and a wooden perch. Playing with this can improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your parakeet. 

There is a bungee rope inside the cage. Metal wire and high-quality polyester are two main ingredients of it. It will help your bird cut off its boredom and, at the same time, improve gripping and balancing capacity. Don’t forget to let your bird play with the small bell, as well!

best parakeet cage setup




This cage is perfect for your pet if it’s really very playful and keen to learn. The options for activities in it are really impressive and well thought out. Again, the stainless bowls used instead of plastics leaves a message for better environmental goal. Apart from the lock issues, the cage is marvelous.

8. Mcage Large Flight Canary Parakeet Cage

Key features

  • Large front door
  • Upgraded metal door lock
  • Made from wrought iron
  • Storage space for toys and others
  • Half inches of bar-spacing
Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet Cage

The Mcage Large Flight Canary Parakeet Cage is one of the most top-rated cages in Amazon! If you look at it, you can easily understand why. It’s almost 3 feet long and very spacious. It can smoothly make room for multiple parakeets. Two natural wooden perches add to the beauty of the cage.

On the bottom side, you get two plastic cups for feeding. To access the feeding zone, you can open the large front door and make a wide way for your hands. The door can be locked with an updated metal lock that secures your birdy inside.

The cage features ladders inside for the birds to have some activity time and improve their physical and psychological health.

The bottom tray can be removed from the cage and waste can be cleared off without making the place dirty. You can get a storage space beneath the tray to keep accessories, toys, and other pet items.

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet habitat




The overall performance of the cage is impressive. The storage shelf, the drag-out plate, etc. are some great options to have. Moreover, a few activity options added, the cage is a good choice in this price range.

9. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

Key features

  • Lucrative classical design
  • Spacious space for a single bird
  • Removable bottom part
  • Two plastic cups for feeding
  • Two plastic perches

The Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage will definitely remind you of the famous cartoon character – tweety! Remember that yellow birdy from Loony toons that gave Sylvester the cat some tough time? That’s how vintage and classic this cage looks!

If you have a single bird, then this is a perfect cage for you. You get the vintage look, genius design, and spacious space for your bird – all in one!

The cage has two plastic cups inside. Your bird can eat and drink from any of the cups, depending on its mood. When it comes to rest, your little bird can rest on two separate plastic-made perches inside the cage.

The bottom grille can be drawn out for cleaning and washing to ease up your cleaning task. Place it back, and your ‘tweety-cage’ is classic once again!

More than two feet of height and 0.60 inches of bar space provide enough security to your bird. It won’t fall off; it won’t get out.






As you can see from the review, this cage is specifically built for a single bird to be kept. It’s possible to home a couple, at best, if the parakeets are smaller than usual. Otherwise, if the price is not your prime concern, and you have only one bird to pet – don’t hesitate to give it a try.

10. Yaheetech Roof Top Large Metal Flight Parrot Bird Cage

Key features

  • Very high and spacious cage
  • Narrow bar spacing of 0.40 inches
  • Eco-friendly food pots
  • Detachable mesh grate and bottom tray
  • Two front opening doors and multiple side doors

Next, the Yaheetech Roof Top Large Bird Cage. This is one of our favorite cages. The most important feature of this cage is its narrow bar-space. 0.40 inches of bar-spacing means your birds are safe and secure inside. With this narrow space, no bird can get out or slip off through it.

Talking about the height, it is impressively 40 inches long. You can get the picture of how spacious it can be for multiple parakeet birds.

Two large opening doors are placed at the front for different purposes to be met. In addition to that, there are 7 more doors on different sides to support feeding, bathing, etc.

Each door includes arc-designed wire locks for maximum security. Your birds cannot open the doors easily – no matter how much effort they put!

Not to mention, the cage has 4 eco-friendly feeding cups and 3 wooden perches inside.

To clean up real quick and to avoid a mess, the bottom tray can be dragged out and cleaned. A detachable mesh grate is also at the bottom side to keep your birds away from any unhygienic contact.

The frame that has been used in this cage is painted with non-toxic paint, and the metal body is rust and corrosion-free. This is what most of us want!

Yaheetech Roof Top Large Flight Parakeet Parrot Bird Cage




This cage has all the facilities a pet-owner can ask for. From spacious area to easy-cleaning technique – this cage has got all covered. If you have a few parakeets in your home, try this one for its wider space inside. However, you need to keep an eye on the birds as the height may not bring fun all the time.

11. Nova Microdermabrasion 61 Inches Large Bird Cage

Key features

  • Cage size: 81 Inches X 22.04 Inches X 31.88 Inches
  • Playing space on the roof-top
  • Anti-rust coated metal frame
  • Stainless steel feeding pots.
Nova Microdermabrasion 61/68 Inches Large Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cockatiel Parakeet Chinchilla Macaw Cockatoo Cage

One of the most durable and sturdy cages in the market is Nova Microdermabrasion 61-Inch Bird Cage. The cage is made of strong premium metal. The structural design of it prevents it from getting damaged easily. The metal frame is carefully coated with anti-rust chemicals. You don’t need to worry about rusting any more.

The simple and stylish design of the cage will attract anyone. It measures 61 inches from the bottom to the top and very spacious inside. It has 5 stainless-steel feeding pots — 2 inside the cage, and 3 on the roof-top.

Talking about roof-top, it is not a usual one. The roof-top features a ladder, two feeding pots, and a wooden perch. Your bird can have a good time on the top when it is bored inside.

The 3 feeder doors are perfectly in place, including the large front-opening door. All the doors are locked with secured metal push-button locks for better protection.

Unmount the bottom tray for cleaning purposes and keep your pet away from any contamination or unhygienic situation.

Nova Microdermabrasion parakeet cage




Having some activity options is a very good plus point for a birdcage. In this segment, this cage gets a huge thumbs up. Although you may take a bit of time to assemble this large cage, you can buy this one if you have multiple parakeets.

12. Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Bird Cage

Key features

  • Narrowest bar-spacing
  • Includes playing swing
  • Attached see-through transparent cups
  • Multiple doors for access
  • Mesh grate bed and removable bottom tray
Canary Parakeet Cockatiel LoveBird Finch Bird Cage

Last but not least, we have the Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Birdcage. Apart from its tall design, what makes it stand out is that nice little playing swing! Your birds surely can’t resist it! The entire cage is perfectly designed and built with precision. Together with the stand, the cage can be as tall as 60 inches.

There are 2 swing-open front-doors to get access inside the cage. The doors are also secured by pin locks. The entire metal body of the cage is painted with toxic-free paint with a glossy look – safety meets beauty! In addition to the front-doors, multiple other side doors are there for interacting with your birds.

The bar spacing of the cage is too good. It’s less than 0.40 inches. No matter how small your birds are, they will never be at risk of getting out or risk their lives.

It’s not easy to see if there is enough water or food in the food pot of the cage. The Canary Parakeet Bird Cage came up with a good solution. The 4 pieces of pots we have here are transparent. You can easily see the level of water or food in the pots.

A 4-inch deep mesh grate is placed at the bottom to save your birdy from contamination. Below the mesh grate, we have a pull-out tray to clean up the mess your pets make!




This cage is perfect for keeping multiple parakeets. The toxin-free paints, mesh grate, and removable tray, all support a healthy living of a parakeet. Although you may need to count a few good bucks to buy this cage, you may not end up buying anything useless!

Factors to consider when buying the best cage for a parakeet

When you are planning to get the best cage for a parakeet, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind. The size of the cage, space available inside, the building materials of the cage, etc. are some of the main issues you need to consider. Let’s see in detail.

Size matters

Whether you are placing the cage on a rocker or just hanging it down from a hook, your cage should be of a decent size. It actually depends on how you are placing it. If you are placing it on the rocker, then ideally, it should be of a length of 50 inches or more from the floor. Otherwise, you will have difficulty interacting with your birds. On the other hand, if you are hanging it from hook, the smaller the cage, the nicer it looks.

Spacious space

A bird has wings for flying. Being a cage-bird, parakeets do love to stay inside a cage, but their flying instinct stays fresh as ever. If you are placing a parakeet or a couple of them inside a cage, make sure the cage can give them enough space to fly around or jump around.

Materials of the cage

The metal cage is the ultimate option to choose; we all know that. The issue is, not all metal can be safe. Unhealthy paint and coating over the metal frames may cause serious health issues for your birds. Make sure your bird stays in a cage that is made from toxin-free metal parts.

The best cage for a parakeet buying guide

Now that we have reviewed 12 of the best cages for a parakeet, you do have noticed how wisely we have chosen the cages. It’s not easy to find the best cage for a parakeet, but it doesn’t have to be tough either. Since we have been supporting you with the reviews till now, let’s find out how to choose the best cage in the market to gift a home to your birdy!

Look out for safe bar-space

For birds to be kept in a cage, you must ensure a secure metal bar around them. Birds like parakeets are comparatively smaller in size than others and tend to get out of the cage, if possible. Make sure the cage you are getting has a narrow bar-spacing. It will prevent the birds from sneaking out or even falling down from the cage.

Get a cleaning-friendly cage

It’s tough to clean the mess birds make. They poop all day, and the day-end look of the bottom of the cage is a disaster. An ideal cage should tray at the bottom which is easily dragged out and put into washing-sink. Moreover, it should have a seed sink that can stop food debris and wastes from dropping out of the cage.

Mesh grates are very effective

Mesh grate is a kind of bedding that separates the cage from the bottom. If your bird comes into direct contact with the wastes, it makes all day; it can get contaminated and fall sick. The mesh bed provides a soft bed for the birds to walk around and even lie down without any risk of disease.

A secured door lock is necessary

The cage may have multiple doors if necessary, but without a proper and secured lock, the doors are useless. Parakeets are intelligent enough to open up a weak lock with their beaks. Make sure you are getting a metal sliding lock to lock the doors safely.

Tips to use and maintain a parakeet cage

It’s not just about buying the best cage for a parakeet and putting your pet inside. A parakeet cage needs proper care and maintenance. Let’s find out how to keep your bird’s cage safe and sound – every day!

Clean regularly

Even if the cage has a drag-out bottom plate for cleaning purposes, do clean the entire cage once in a while. It will retain its color and freshness. Moreover, the odor that your birdies may make can also be removed by periodical washing.

Place it carefully

Put the cage where your bird can get enough light and air. Moving the cage around the window or balcony can be a great idea to get enough sunlight. Place the cage beside lighting facilities at night time so that your birds don’t feel isolated.

Change the mesh

The mesh grate that safeguards your pet from contamination needs to be replaced on a regular basis. It gets wet and dirty after several days. Make sure you change it for your pet’s better health.

Decorate with toys

Most of the cages don’t come with any toys. However, you can easily find different parakeet toys on the market that suit perfectly inside any regular cage. Decorate the cage with toys that may influence your bird’s physical health and also improve its intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The larger the cage, the better. A bird needs more space to maneuver freely inside a cage. If you are keeping a single bird, make sure the cage is at least 18 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 20 inches long. It will increase if you are petting more than one.

If you are not into spending a lot on the poop-management, then use newspaper pieces and any used paper pieces.

Yes, a lot. If you are not carefully buying a cage that is built with a rust-proof metal, you are surely going to experience nasty rusts on it.

Final Verdict:

A cage is nothing but home to a parakeet. As they are genetically a species that are bound to live inside a cage, it’s very important that they are provided with the best possible home. Finding the best cage for a parakeet is tough for most of the newbie parakeet owners. It’s true for even some of the experts out there. We hope our review helped you get out of that tough zone and made you comfortable. Now you can go shop the cage that you liked the most.

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