Best Indoor Rabbit Cage (Hutch) Reviews in 2019-Guide

Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits are quite economical to raise, small and fluffy, and preferable for small children. Animals give us joy, and taking care of one is an entitlement to things like a cage that will safeguard and keep your pet in check. This type of decision has so many points to consider to keep it sweet and comforting. But worry not; this review will spotlight the best indoor rabbit cage that will suit your pet. 

Best Indoor Rabbit Cage: Pick Up Best Rabbit Hutch:

Our Recommendations According to Your Needs

Top Pick

Living World Deluxe Habitat

For a modern styled cage, seek Living World Deluxe Habitat that will provide all that you need to house your small pet. This includes a balcony that allows access to the ramp and its tip-proof food dish which secures all its way to the balcony floor. Its is safe and well-ventilated thanks to the upper wire and the plastic bottom. You don’t have to scroll to the bottom to get your ideal choice; have this cage installed in your house to give your rabbit the best accommodation ever. Lastly, it is available in X large size.

Budget Pick


Home Sweet Home Pet Cage by Ware Manufacturing

If you think this product is cheap, you will be mistaken; this is a budget pick at its quality design. It has a large front opening doorway that enables you to gain easy access to your pet, especially when you need to clean for maintenance purposes. It is simple to clean thanks to its odor and stain resistance material construction. Of course, the heavy-duty plastic plays an essential role in enhancing longevity while the chew proof powder coated wire enhances the look and decoration of the whole thing. 

Now, we are going to talk about some of the best indoor rabbit cage, here we begin-

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Key features

  • Small animal housing
  • Has a balcony 
  • Available in X-large size
  • Measures 46 8/9″ length by 22 ⅘ “width by 24” height
best indoor rabbit cage

Your rabbit needs a habitat that will include all essential items for safe housing. Of course, rabbits are quite small, but this hybrid cage that consists of an upper wire with a plastic bottom ensures a safe and well-ventilated shelter that is very comfortable to live in. It is available in X large sizes, suited for big sized pets who would love to love about helter-skelter. The balcony that comes with this choice has been enhanced with the access to the ramp and the tip-proof dish that plays a significant role in providing a secure way to the balcony floor. However, these cages need to be kept clean at all times if you wish to improve its performance every other time. 


  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with balcony hence the more functional design
  • Safe and well ventilated
  • Good provision and comfortable shelter
  • Available in X large size
  • The tip-proof secure to the balcony


  • Installation is challenging
  • Not very portable, meant to be fixed in one position


If you wish to obtain all the essential functions of a rabbit cage, then this design will give you an array of benefits in one purchase. Firstly, it comes in X-large size with the ability to include up to three rabbits without compromising the space factor. Carry this design with an elegant style and easily maneuverable.

2. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Key features

  • Full-width double door included
  • Has wide expanse shelf and full-width plastic pan floor
  • Comes installed with critter-proof dual-locking door latches
  • Happy feet ramp covers are well established
  • It has swing-up locking ramp
  • Sturdy square tube frame with wire construction
  • ½” horizontal wire spacing inbuilt
indoor rabbit cage reviews

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is one excellent choice brought to exist by MidWest home for pets. It comes with two pans, three ramps, and two adjustable shelves. Besides the full-width double doors play a significant role in maximizing accessibility for easy feeding as well as cleaning operations. The design is ideal for use with ferrets, rats, degus and chinchillas; thanks to the 0.6 square inches and the ½ inch horizontal wire spacing that allows pets to explore their climbing instincts. You need not tools during the installation process and includes one-year manufacturer warranty cover. Furthermore, the wide expanse shelves together with the full-width leak-proof pans, maximize the play area as well as preventing dangerous falls.

rabbit hutch reviews


  • Creates a maximum play area
  • Facilitates the climbing instincts thanks to the tubing system
  • Easily maneuverable stand
  • Wide expanse shelves safeguard your pet from dangerous fall
  • Removable shelves for easy cleaning and feeding
  • Maximum play area


  • May contain gaps so things may not line up correctly but its less of a concern


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is one invention that does not need a lot of details to install. It comes with removable shelves that easy cleaning and feeding of your rabbit. You would term it the best rabbit hatch of recent times based on its performance that never disappoints.

3. Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Key features

  • Comes with asphalt roof that prevents rain
  • The roof can be opened 
  • Has three lockable doors
  • Its is flat packed
  • Easy to assemble
Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages,Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

If you find an indoor rabbit cage with a roof that can easily be opened, then what comes in mind is the ease of cleaning this equipment. Well, Petsfit Rabbit Hutch is dedicated to providing the protection that your rabbit needs like keeping it away from predators by the help of the three lockable doors with metal. Its dimensions are extensive, enabling any sized pet to live comfortably. It’s also equipped with a running design that gives your rabbit the best fun ever. Besides, it comes with a dedicated Asphalt roofing that prevents penetration of raindrops in the interior, keeping it as dry as possible. It is easy to assemble and flat packed.


  • Three lockable doors offer maximum security from predators
  • Easy to assemble design
  • More fun for your pet
  • Easy to clean thanks to the roof that can easily be opened
  • No rabbit can escape the containment
  • The asphalt roof provides protection from the rain


  • Can only house one pet
  • Not as portable

It’s not strange finding the best rabbit hutch if it does not have some premium features in the making. Well, Petsfit Rabbit Hutch comes with Asphalt roof that ensures no rainwater trickles down to reach your pet. You will find the interior as dry as it was before the rains started.

4. SmithBuilt 48" Rabbit Hutch - Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

Key features

  • Multiple doors and access points
  • Predators resistant
  • Separate sleeping areas
  • Premium and waterproof materials
  • Easy to clean
SmithBuilt 48" Rabbit Hutch - Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

If you want your rabbit to have a sweet sleep at night at the same time having plenty of room to run from one end to another, consider having this equipment installed in your house today. It comes with a non-slip ramp that provides safe travel up and down from the cozy sleeping area on the rooftop. Well, it also comes with multiple doors together with access points that allow easy refilling of food and cleaning the habitat. The equipment comes with a removable sliding pan in composite ABS plastic that makes the cleaning process a breeze throughout the rest of the equipment. Lastly, is the premium design that is constructed from durable fir wood that is waterproof. This feature has enabled this design to stand out from other standard models. You will be grateful for the ultra-durable epoxy coating that is responsible for the corrosion resistance properties.


  • Removable sliding pan for easy cleaning
  • The wood is pest resistant
  • Secure from predators
  • Waterproof materials used in the construction
  • Waterproof materials used in the construction
  • Provides plenty of room
  • No rain or sunlight exposure


  • It is quite costly
  • Has a limit to conveniently accommodate two only


SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch has been voted to be the best rabbit hutch based on the functionality experienced among many reviewers online. First off, it comes with a separate sleeping area, in the rooftop allowing the ground to be used for exercise. It is a premium product with waterproof material construction.

5. Ferplastlik Rabbit Cage Kro

Key features

  • Extra-large living space
  • Includes a wire extension 
  • Convenient full front door access 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Includes large water bottle, hay feeder, and a feeding bowl

An extra living space might not be a primary function of a rabbit cage; however, for a suitable habitat, you need a functional area to keep your rabbit. Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage is one design that was constructed with space and stylish design in mind. Besides, you can choose a wire extension to separate the nest from the rest of the cage. This is awesome, is it? Well, it has enhanced maximum comfort as well as providing plenty of living space. Equally important, this cage is easy to maintain, clean, and dumping of litter. It comes with a convenient access door that provides quick access to the inside of the cage. The quality of the Ferplast is guaranteed and includes a one year warranty. Yes, the feeding bowl is a useful invention, while the water bottle ensures the rabbit never run thirsty.


  • Convenient quick access inside the cage thanks to the full front door
  • Easy maintenance rabbit cage
  • Extra-large living space
  • Provides maximum comfort to your little pet


  • May be difficult to assemble


If you’re the most enormous anticipation goes for the cage design that is easy to maintain and offer extra ample living space, then here you got yourself the best alternative. Enjoy the benefits of the full front door access that makes it easier to reach the inside of the rabbit cage. 

6. Prevue Pet Small Animal Home on Stand

Key features

  • Built-in heavy-duty tubular steel stand 
  • Has a plastic base with caster portable locomotive structures
  • Extra deep pan
  • One ramp and one platform
  • Wide room for comfortability
best indoor cage for rabbit

Prevue Pet Small Animal Home is an ideal homestead for small animals that includes the rabbit and guinea pigs. It comes with two large doors, a side door and another on the top that facilitates access to your precious pet. Also, it has a non-toxic powder-coated finish that cleans up quickly; on the other hand, the deep 6-½ inch plastic pan that contains mess easily. The tubular steel stand rests on the casters to enhance smooth movement from one room to another. This has enabled the cage to be used both in the indoor and outdoor. It is extensive and high, a principle that makes improves the overall space of the interior.

best indoor rabbit cage for 2 rabbits


  • Offer accommodation to small animals like rabbits
  • The caster base aid portability of the equipment
  • Quick clean-up thanks to the powder-coated finish
  • Big living space
  • Simple and comfortable


  • It is easy for the trays to slip off


You cannot afford to pick an inferior rabbit cage when you can find a beautifully made design with a functional appearance. Prevue Pet cage has encapsulated all original features that you will need to raise a rabbit in the best way. Why not try today while still available? The choice is yours.

7. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Key features

  • Has an iron wire upper frame
  • Comes with PP plastic base
  • Includes non-drip water bottles
  • Equipped with hay guards and a tip-proof food dish
  • It has a balcony with ramp access 
best rabbit hutch indoor
  • Has hideaway space underneath the balcony
  • Simple to assemble

The choice of which particular rabbit cage will suit your pet has been at stake at all times bearing in mind, and some have one while others have only one. It is therefore essential to have a background check and see which size will suit your needs. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is one design that never fails to deliver. You can easily access the inside of this cage thanks to the large openings which secures to reach your pet. This is most important when you need to feed your pet or clean its habitat. Furthermore, the cage includes a balcony that adds dimension, creating a better view of the outside. The balcony also adds a hiding place below that creates room for resting and privacy.


  • Easy inside access thanks to the large front and top openings
  • Privacy has been enhanced by the hideaway space underneath the balcony
  • A set of accessories are included for improved efficiency
  • Versatile design
  • Simple installation, no tools required


  • It’s quite costly


It is your duty to keep your rabbit safe and comfortable. This may not be as easy if you have little knowledge about what the best rabbit hutch should be and what to deliver. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat is one choice that never fails to offer value for your money. 

8. Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Key features

  • Extra-large hamster cage
  • Lots of accessories have been included
  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Easy to assemble
best large rabbit hutch

Lixit Animal Care is the engineer behind the success of Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage. If you wish to know how superior the product is, look at its reception. This cage comes with extra-large hamster to contain the pet and its accessories without compromising the performance. It comes with high-quality plastic that ensures durability and quality has been enhanced. In other terms, this cage is easy to install, and maintenance is also friendly. This tool offer value for your money.

best rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits


  • Premium plastic construction that is durable
  • Offer value for the money spent
  • Lots of accessories have as well been added
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Extra-large to accommodate more pets


  • Costly design


This premium product has been designed with space and quality in mind. Well, it has been promoted to having the coolest feature enhanced in colors. The plastic is of high-quality, giving the cage a sturdy look. Also, it has played an essential role in making the cage longlasting. 

9. Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat

Key features

  • Comes with chew-proof latches
  • Has a large access door
  • Dimensions: 30-inch by 18-inch by 19-inch
  • It also has a comfort shelf
  • Safety ramps have also been engineered
  • Comes with large access door
  • The latches are chew-proof
  • Ideal for guinea pigs and rabbits

If you’re looking for the best rabbit cage, then this design will make you proud. It is constructed with rabbits behavior of chewing in mind. The latches are chew proof, and the availability of the large access door, you can easily take your pet in and out of the cage. Also, the opening makes it easy to give your pet food as well as ease the cleaning process. Well, the comfort shelf is an excellent ingredient of making life cozy. The safety ramps, on the other hand, ensures none of your pets will skid and cause any kind of a mess. The water bottle, hay buffet, and the food dish are a great invention in ensuring the rabbit grow faster and healthier. 

best indoor rabbit hutch for 2 rabbits


  • Ideal habitat for rabbits
  • Comes with a comfortable shelf
  • Safe and convenient
  • Large access door
  • Chew-proof construction


  • Only ideal for dwarf rabbits


Skip all the frustrations of securing the best rabbit cage and choose this design created to offer premium services. It is an ideal habitat used to maintain pigs and dwarf within the containment system.

10. Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Cage

Key features

  • Extra-large exercise place
  • Comes with multiple doors
  • Smooth and glossy surface
  • It is safe and secure
  • Has non-slip ramps
  • Also has a slide-out tray
  • 360 degrees swivel casters
  • Includes free accessories
best quality rabbit hutch

This pet cage permits several small animals to live together and have fun at the same time. It is connected to five-tier with non-slip ramps designed with convex figures that enhance safety. This increases the friction at the same time preventing slipping of your rabbit when climbing. Also, the ramps play a significant role in expanding the usable area for your pets. It has multiple doors (3) on the front that allows easy entry as well as aid in cleaning. This cage has all its metal square frame painted to ensure no sharp edges that may injure your pets. Besides, it has slide-out trays under the cage, which makes cleaning easy and straightforward. This will in-turn enhance hygiene and tidiness of the shelter. Lastly is about the four smooth-rolling casters which can be rotated in all angles to facilitate convenient moving. 


  • This product comes with free accessories
  • Smooth-rolling in all directions for portability
  • Comfortable slide-out trays for easy cleaning
  • Non-slip ramps
  • Ample space for your rabbits to have some fun
  • Smooth and glossy surface
  • Multiple doors with secure latches to enhance security


  • You will need to have a carpet to secure the ramps completely


This is a stylish rabbit cage that comes with five tiers and non-skid ramps that makes the overall stay of your rabbit more fun. This product has been praised for its vast space that could accommodate more than one pet conveniently. Many consider it multi functional, which has given it a superior eye compare =d to the ordinary designs.

12. Good Life Two Floors 62" Wooden Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage

Key features

  • Comes with removable trays and grid fences
  • Spacious space
  • User-friendly design
  • Sturdy construction that is waterproof
  • Can accommodate 2-3 rabbits at the same time
  • Non-toxic varnish painted
best rabbit hutch reviews
  • Has a sliding door
  • Contains timber ridges above the ramp

You cannot just make a buying decision about buying the best rabbit hutch to go by without going through this stylish design. It has a sturdy construction that is waterproof. Besides, the main material used is the premium fir wood that is renowned for its eco-friendly and non-toxic nature. It is painted to enhance the look of your rabbit’s yard. In overall, the size is suitable for all rabbit sizes. The sliding door together with the ramp permits easy accessibility to the pets and the raised housing area enhances style. Above the ramp, this gadget was installed with timber ridges and the main aim is to prevent your pets from slipping back. Equally important, the trays are removable and the grid fences are high-quality made. These play a major role in implementing cleaning and providing a healthy poultry lifestyle. You will never complain of limited ventilation since this design comes with meshed openings; also protects against outside predators. 

best rabbit hutches for sale


  • Weatherproof and sturdy construction
  • Spacious room
  • The ridges prevent sliding back of your pet
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Clear ventilations for a poultry lifestyle


  • Can only accommodate one rabbit


The trays have been upgraded plastic and the unit can accommodate up to three rabbits at one instance. The trays are removable for easy cleaning while the high-quality grid fences play the role promoting the poultry lifestyle. This product has been praised by consumers worldwide; you can join them. 

13. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

Key features

  • Includes a hay feeder
  • Water bottle and feeding bowl included
  • The unit measures 39.5” by 23.75” by 19.75” which is a large space
  • It is compatible with both extensions
  • Has a 5.5” deep base and a convenient top
best rabbit hutch in the world
  • Easy and quick to assemble without needing any tools
  • It is not only suited for rabbits alone but also ferrets

One of the most looked at feature in the industry of making the best rabbit hutch is the aspect of space in relation to feeding area and provide comfort to your pet. Well, this rabbit cage comes with a free hay feeder together with water bottle and feeding bowl that makes the whole process of managing the habitat an easy process. It comes with 5.5” deep base that is responsible in containing litter. Also, this model is compatible with both extensions that helps creating an even larger living space. This will also add comfort to your furry friend. The plastic pan is easy to clean thus giving you less worries about containing messes and litter. Besides, it comes with an elevated feeding area that enhances space privacy underneath while the stationary feeding bowl ensures less spills during meals. 

best rabbit hutch plans


  • Provides maximum comfort
  • Comes with a large living space
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • A chewing rabbit may pluck off the paint from the metallic mesh


You need no tools to set-up this model thanks to the easy to assemble property that comes in handy. The 5.5” deep base play a significant role in containing the litter as well as convenient top. It comes with a large living space that ensures your rabbit is not deprived of the space.

14. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Key features

  • Unique design 
  • Setting up in seconds
  • Has a secure slide latch 
  • Easy slide-out 
  • Durable plastic can 
  • ½ “grid mesh floor supports

This is a simple indoor cage that you can adopt for your rabbit today. It is unique, and the fact that it provides top and front door access, rest assured that it will serve its purpose. It comes with a secure slide latch that allows one-handed door operation. Besides, it comes with a durable plastic pan that would enable smooth sliding out for cleaning and maintenance. The ½ inch grid mesh provides floor supports while hygienically protecting the rabbit hocks. It’s incredible having a simple cage that will give your rabbit the best well-stay and playground.


  • Easy to set up with no tools involved
  • Secure slide latch hence one-handed door opening operation
  • Easy to clean and access
  • Durable plastic pan
  • Versatile top & front top door access thanks to the unique design


  • Assembly is not straight forward


Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage comes with a seemingly easy to set up a design that involves no tools. It has a versatile top and front door access that makes it unique from the ordinary models. Easily slide out the secure latch whenever you need to access your rabbit with just one hand. 


15. Home Sweet Home Pet Cage by Ware Manufacturing

Key features

  • Comes with the front opening doorway
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction 
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Measures 28″ by 17″ by 15 ½ ” 

Home Sweet Home Pet Cage has a large front opening doorway that allows easy access to your pet as well as simplifying movements inside the cage. The material construction consists of heavy-duty plastic with chew proof powder coated wire that enhances durability and rain resistant. Besides, it is relatively easy to clean and the fact that it comes with stain and odor resistant material, you are in the best position to give our pet a convenient environment. It is best suited for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and chinchillas. The overall space that it can accommodate is extended to give the rabbit the most conducive environment.


  • It is constructed with a heavy-duty deep plastic
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • No small parts will be lost thanks to the two-piece design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Exceptional for both rabbits and guinea pigs


  • The door is a little small


If you’re fascinated by heavy-duty plastic, then Home Sweet Home Pet Cage is one ideal design. As a matter of fact, this is our recommended budget pick. With a few dollars, you can get the best reception for your rabbit. 

Factors to consider when buying the best rabbit cage :

Before the buying decision sets in, you must have well-defined factors to consider before you buy the best indoor rabbit cage. Different manufacturers focus on various features that will enhance their sales. However, this guide will expose the most common factors that will improve the performance of the rabbit cage. 

Cage size

Cage size really matters when you have more than one rabbit to accommodate. Most newbies have one rabbit in the making, but if you have a future to expand the number of rabbits that you have, choosing a bigger cage will do you a great deal. A big cage will also allow your rabbit to move freely. Besides, the size of an enclosure is also affected by the size of the storage room. For those of you that have limited space in your house, opting for a smaller cage is inevitable. This is a disadvantage since you won’t be able to keep more rabbits since the limited space will compromise the performance and staying off your pets. 

Material construction 

You’re definitely looking for a high-quality rabbit cage that will serve you for a long time you need it to deliver. You cannot expect this to happen if you choose a low-quality material. Standard materials that have been employed in the making of rabbit cages include plastic, wooden, and metallic ones. 


Safety when it comes to your pet should be considered a priority. Ensure that any wooden or metallic constructions are free from chemical contamination. This might endanger your pet, especially when skincare is in the picture. Also, keep in mind that sharp and pointed edges are a little risky to your rabbit. What if it injures your rabbit or accidentally kick the bucket. 


There are basic necessities that come with the best indoor rabbit cage. If you wish to find out; for instance, water bottles and a feeder. Such accessories are essential since they base on making the staying of your rabbit a breeze. The feeder plays a significant role in ensuring the rabbit feed comfortably. It should also come with handles that make it easy to move the cage from one point to the next. Furthermore, some designs come with wheels to reduce the labor of literally carrying the cage whenever you wish to relocate. Other things to consider may include toys, locks types, and other playing materials. This will act as entertainment to your pet(s). 


You need to consider its light weightiness whenever you are traveling enthusiastic and never wish to leave your favorite pet behind in such adventures. Well, you should opt for a cage that is light to lift, considering that it will enhance portability. On the other hand, we have designs that are easily collapsible; these will make storage easy and occupy a small area in the storge. For the case of fixed cages, you should not prefer this design if at some point you’ll need to move around with your rabbit. 

Best indoor rabbit cage buying guide:

If you wish to enhance the connection between the rabbit and its cage, there are some of the qualities that need to be put in to focus. Some of the areas have been discussed below;

  • Standard or multi-level

Indoor cages have been split into two main categories; the standard and a multi-level one. We all know that the approved designs make the necessary option for all rabbit owners while multi-level ones come with ramps and elevated platforms, giving your pets an extra living space. It is now your duty to keep your priorities straight and take home one design that will be more formidable and provide your rabbit the best environment to enjoy. 

  • Bedding

If you wish to induce traction, then you should consider the grass or sisal mats and a fleece blanket. You can as well advocate for pieces of carpet remains since they are also functional. Remember to avoid cedar and pine shavings since the concern of aromatic oils is wanting. They can affect the metabolism of drugs since they elevate the level of liver enzymes. Alternatively, you can choose between hay or hardwood shaving since they also make excellent bedding for your rabbits. 

  • Flexibility

You will definitely need to carry your pet’s containment system from time to time. Therefore, you need to put in mind the aspect of portability. If you’re lucky to identify a foldable cage, then storing and moving around with it won’t be much of a hassle for sure. For those of you that would wish to take a portable design, cages with wheels can be a great invention. Keep your pet comfortable at all times. 

  • Hay dispenses

It is essential to know that your rabbit needs fresh hay supply every other day. Your rabbit needs to bite as much grass as possible, and if you want to achieve that, make sure fresh hay is used. They are available in various shapes and sizes depending on what will impress you. Equally important, learn to avoid sharp edges that will hurt your rabbit. 

  • Removable bottom pan

Having a removable pan is one feature that plays a significant role in cleaning your rabbit’s cage. If a cage comes with a urine guard, you will be in the best position to prevent messy spills. This is why you need to have an overall guide to ensure unexpected occurrences have been avoided. 

  • Litter box

This addition is destined to making your rabbit’s lifestyle easy and pleasant. Since they adore spending time in their litter box, making it safe and comfortable should always be in check. An organic litter box is the best alternative in this case. 

Tips and tricks for using rabbit hutch:

If you want the best for your furry friend, then you should know that setting up a cage is not yet enough. Make sure your rabbit gets the best environment with essential needs for its daily care. Here, we have devised some of the primary tips and tricks to make your rabbit more comfortable. 

Plenty of space

If you have envisioned a large cage, then you should know that it is best for your rabbit. We all know how ecstasy your rabbit will want to be, so having a cage that is six times larger than the size of your rabbit is best to advocate. In this case, make a point to choose based on the size of your rabbit, keeping in mind the cage will be predefined in the package.  

Don’t use mesh or wire in the lining

Rabbits are quite delicate animals, and small injuries can cause sore hocks or infections. This is one of the reasons as to why you should only scatter hay or any rabbit-safe bedding around the cage. Always take precautions on the material you’re using underneath your rabbit. Also important to note, some beddings like shredded newspapers do not absorb animal waste regardless of their popularity. This has been so common since the recycled pulp is way expensive in the pet stores. 

Always know the behavior of your rabbit

Rabbits need to be fed every day; therefore, knowing its eating habits will make it easier for you to know where to place your litter box. Also, know which types of grass need to be fend to your rabbit based on the age and how they respond to meals. In other words, Alfalfa Hay should be served to rabbits with less than seven months. And be mindful about this transition before you raise Obese rabbits or may as well develop urinary tract conditions. 

A water bottle is a necessity

After meals, even you will need water to supplement digestion and maintaining the hydration level. So, choosing the means of giving water is essential. This will help reduce the hassle of cleaning while replacing the water. Use a hanging water bottle for convenience, since it will prevent any food chuck from finding its way into the water. 

Enhance cozy lifestyle

Rabbits love to get intimate, especially when they are lazy and tired. It is your choice to add this type of comfort by introducing a towel or a blanket that will be laid down. 


Rabbits are like little babies; they like playing with toys and be entertained. This goes for rabbits that will spend all their days in the cage. Place some toys into the cage; this will help them feel occupied and be a way of passing the time and avoid boredom. 

Let your rabbit chew on items

Teeth have a tendency to bite anything placed on the mouth, and this is one of the rabbit’s behavior. Caution: kindly keep checking on your rabbit to ensure it only chews things that are safe to avoid complications. Yes, you can throw apple sticks if you have no alternative. These will not only keep them in that chewing mood but also help them wear down their steadily growing teeth. 


The frequently asked questions consist of some of the most discussed concerns raised by individuals interested in the items in this review.

Well, if it happens that your rabbit swallows a toy or a piece of it, seek a professional to find the best way to remove it. Otherwise, toys will keep the rabbit busy and at no time will your rabbit feel wasted in the cage. And no, it is not compulsory. This is just a form of enjoyment and entertainment that your rabbit will need.

There are plenty of choices that will suit this size. However, you need to focus more on space availability. Remember your rabbit will poop there, and play too. So basically, a common space of six times the size of your rabbit will be convenient. A good example is Midwest Wabbitat with a foldable design that enhances portability. 


A rabbit is not a pet like a dog that you can choose to put it on a leash; it is different. For you to keep it safe, a cage is the best alternative. In the cage, you can give it the best environment, and no weather conditions will destruct its well-being. Besides, if you wish to tighten your bond with your pet, keeping it close to you in a cage can be of great help. Even though the cages come in an array of shapes, accessories, and sizes the only limitation is how you are going to find the best indoor rabbit cage that will suit you. But worry not folks, this guide has summarized every critical detail on one block of words. 

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