How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Strangers – The Secret Methods

Are you wondering about how to train a dog not to bark at strangers? Well, we are here with all of those SECRET tips which are going to work for sure.

We may like to stop dogs from barking, yet we don’t become successful all the time. Remember the fact – dogs have the urge to bark.

So, trying to train a dog not to bark is no easy job!

However, it’s very important to know the reasons for which your dog is showing actions in such ways.

Mainly, there’re 3 basic reasons for which a dog barks at a stranger –

  • Territorial Barking
  • Excitement
  • Lack of Socialization

Let’s have a closer look at those 3 reasons first and then, we’ll share those SECRET tips regarding training your dogs not to bark at strangers.

We’ll first discuss those barking reasons because it will help you identify the actual reason for which your dog starts barking at strangers. And, knowing those reasons will also help you to decide which method is going to be the BEST one to train your dog not to bark at strangers.

How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Strangers

Reasons for Barking at Strangers

Territorial Barking

If your dog frequently does bark when a stranger makes an approach near the front gate of your home, it’s a clear-cut sign that your dog is barking for the protection of their territory.

This sort of situation often occurs when a stranger takes a close approach to the front door or even at the time of walking by the side of the main gate. At the same time, the dog considers them as some kind of THREAT and, then your dog starts barking.


Over-excitement is a common reason that leads to barking and, this happens especially to puppies. But, this kind of barking is not a threat-type at all. Rather, this happens just because of excitement. It simply means that your puppy is somewhat people lover. And, this is the quality every pet lover does want.

Lack of Socialization

Dogs that don’t have much of a human-interaction like those puppies surely bark right after seeing a stranger. This happens because they don’t know what to do after seeing a stranger. They actually feel some sort of insecurity for lack of socialization with humans.

How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Strangers – The Secret Methods

In this case, you have to keep in mind that you can’t just make your dog stop barking at strangers overnight. The methods aren’t like any of those medicines which you’ll feed your dog and the dog will stop barking.

Let’s learn the secret methods of How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Strangers…..

Quiet Method

The first method we’ll call – The “Quiet Method”.

When you’ll see that your dog starts howling or barking because of the presence of a stranger, just let them do that for a minute. Then, hold their muzzle gently and say – “Quiet”. In this case, never use words like “Stop Shouting” or similar negative words.

Now, take off your hands from the muzzle. If you see they have become silent, give them a reward right at that moment. If they bark again, repeat the process till the last step.

If you continuously apply this method each time your dog barks at strangers, then you’ll see a positive result within a short period of time.

Distraction Method

This time we have the method known as “The Distraction Method”.

This method is really a basic one and it totally goes with the method name. All you need to do is distracting your dog in order to stop barking. There are plenty of things you can do to create such distractions. For instance, you can make a sound by just shaking the car keys. Even you can find your own ways to distract your dog.

Preventative Measures

Now, we’ll talk about the method called – “The Preventive Measures”.

When you leave your home, it’s very important to keep your dog inside with some preventive measures. It’s very simple to do. You have to go for some preventive measures so that your dog can’t interact with the strangers.

For example, keeping curtains in front of your dogs so that they can’t see the strangers.

This is the easiest method, but not a permanent solution.

Diverting Attention

This is probably the last method we’re going to discuss. And, it’s known as “Diverting Attention of Your Dog in Public.”

This method is basically ideal for those types of dogs which get over-excited at the public place. When you take your dog for walking, if you see your dog starts barking a lot in public – then you can apply this particular method.

Sometimes, you would see that your dog will start barking in order to get attention in public. Actually, they think if they start barking, they will get attention and people will come to adore them.

For cases like those, you have to change your walking direction and give your dog a reward right at that moment. After getting the reward, if you see your dog stops barking, then it’s the right method for your dog.

You can even apply this same method when it starts barking for no reason. You can also use anti bark device to solve the issue for a while.

Trust us; this is sure going to work!

Final Words

So, your search for “How To Train A Dog Not To Bark At Strangers” gets an end here.

We believe that we have covered almost all of the SECRET methods which you can apply to train your dog for not to bark at strangers.

And, we’re quite sure that we didn’t MISS anything.

If you think, from your own experience, you do have some other methods to stop dogs from barking at strangers, and then don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would surely add your own method to our list of SECRET methods.

That’s all for today!


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