Why Does My Dog Bark in Her Sleep?

We all know the fact that dog is a great pet; but she can be, sometimes, demanding too. And, that becomes noticeable when you return your home after a longer period of time finishing your day’s hard work.

Why does my dog bark in her sleep? – Well, we found this a very common question asked by most of our readers.

Therefore, we’ll try to explain all of those reasons and situations for which your dog may bark or make weird noises during the night time.

It’s completely normal that your dog should get a sound sleep at NIGHT. But, you may become astonished facing situations when your furry friend makes some sort of weird noises or growls at night. And, this will surely make disgruntled.

One of the most surprising parts is – when you make check-in on them, anticipating seeing them totally awake, your dog is completely asleep. Being a pet owner, you may naturally be worried but usually, there’s no reason for any kind of concern. If you stand right there for a longer period of time, you’ll see that your dog will twitch and turn, totally restless, and sometimes making weird noises for whatever that is trying to bother them.

Just at that moment when you assume your dog has become totally silenced for the rest of the night and there’s no chance to create any kind of disturbance, a sweet sound of barking will greet you, yet he’s in deep sleep!

Does this sound WEIRD to YOU?

Let’s move forward and find out why your dog barks in her sleep…..

Why Does My Dog Bark in Her Sleep

Sleeping Environment

Have you ever tried to get sleep on some sort of lumpy mattress or in a place that’s totally strange to you? If YES, only then you’ll be able to know how much disturbing that can be for your sleep during the night time. The actual logic behind your sound sleep is – you must have to be comfortable at the time of your sleep. And YES, this same logic is TRUE for the SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT of your dog.

In case of dogs, they do get used to with things and places around them. So, any sort of alteration can be a reason for the discomfort. A new room or an untried & new bed along with new materials can be the reasons for your dog barking at night.

Why Does My Dog Bark in Her Sleep

Dreams May Cause Barking

You won’t believe that dogs also dream; and, that’s very much similar to human beings. And, those dreams do trigger those barks and yelps too.

You should keep in mind – the smaller your dog, the more occurrences of the dreams, and consequently, the more vociferous the barking will be. If you give a closer look at the barking, you’ll find out that your dog is actually trying to tell you something.

And, this same incident happens when a human makes noises during their dreams. It seems like he’s trying to tell something to the person lying beside him.

Well, dreams are very important as they try to assist both dogs and human beings in order to relive all of those memories which did occur during the period of the day and, it helps to take stock of such situations.

In the case of human beings, dreams are likely to be more visual in their nature. However, doggie dreams are generally comprised of sounds and smells.

Dogs do go through all of those 3 stages of sleep which a human being also goes through. The FIRST one is NREM meaning non-rapid eye-movement. The SECOND one is REM meaning rapid-eye-movement,. And, lastly, the THIRD one – SWS meaning short-wave sleep.

When Should You Be Alert?

Remember that if your furry friend barks every night, then there’s no need to be worried for. But, keep in mind – fitful sleep is good in no way for your dog. Hence, it would be a wise decision to visit a vet with your pet. The vet will run some necessary tests depending on the situation and then he’ll decide the next courses of actions to be dealt with.

However, you need to make sure that your dog is content and happy, gets a minimum amount of exercises along with a better nutritious diet – recommended by the vet. Lets check our bark deterrent reviews that may help.

Why Does My Dog Howl In Her Sleep?

Think about your own dreams. If you have ever encountered with an unpleasant dream, what was your condition you saw after opening your eyes – Cold-Sweat, RIGHT?

In the case of dogs, it’s no different at all. If they have any unpleasant or horrid dream, they also get terrified and that’s the time the howl.

Should You Get Worried?

Keep this in your mind – whether your dog howls, barks or makes weird noises at night, there’s no reason to get worried, unless the situation becomes intolerable. Since dog noises are a quite common scenario, so it will be tricky for you to find out the real reason – is that an exciting or frightening dream that causes your dog to howl or bark in their sleeping time or whether they’re really under a distress situation.

It’s common for a dog lover to awake their dogs during REM sleep in order to make sure everything’s okay, but it will be better not to do so. It’s totally a wrong idea to awake them in the middle of their sleep because you won’t know what’s actually happening with them. You never the know real situation – your furry friend can turn to be violent.

Final Words

Why Does My Dog Bark in Her Sleep – We believe that you have got your answer.

We actually wrote the above situations based on the situations and experiences we have had with our own dogs.

We hope we have covered almost all of those common reasons for which your dogs bark, howl or make weird noises during their sleep at night.

If you have faced any other kind of experience with your dog, then do let us know.

We’ll be happy to add your experience also.


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