How to Clean Filter Socks in Saltwater Aquarium-Guide

If you ask many aquarium owners whether they can wash the filter socks? Some will say they do, thinking a bucket is all you need. While others, have absolutely no idea and end up replacing the filter sock every other time it’s clogged. But, it’s not a competition about who knows and who doesn’t, but rather, finding the best way to get the job done. This article will cover the best ideas from the aquatic experts on how to clean the filter socks since you have the best aquarium canister filter for your fish

First off, you need to know how to remove the filter socks themselves. Shake them out into a bucket and start over. You will find various aquarium overflow systems built differently. That means finding small water animals like; crabs, snails, sea cucumbers or even rocks clogged-in a no big deal. These animals will mostly be alive and should be returned to the aquarium tank.

How to clean filter socks

Why the filter socks need regular cleaning?

You love your fish very much, so taking care of it is nothing of a choice. Filter socks need to be cleaned over time since they become dirty as they are used. The science behind the clogged debris proves that these constituents decomposes and releases unfriendly toxic components like phosphates and nitrates. The more these components are released into the water, the more the quality of the aquarium fades. Once building up is significant, it can kill your marine life. 

The science behind filter socks

Most people define filter socks as pock like components that play a significant role in maintaining the quality of the aquarium water. You will find filter sock bearing a white color and having an upper plastic ring. They usually are 4-7 inch in length and used both in fresh/saltwater aquarium tanks. 

Majorly, the filter socks come in two distinct types; mesh and felt material designs. They mostly contain 200-800 microns but vary both in thickness and size. Felt filters tend to be thicker than mesh filters; however, the former does its purpose quite faster. Notwithstanding its speed, the rate at which clogging hijacks the filter socks’ purpose is alarming; that’s why a regular cleaning must be done. 

Of Course, the aquarium water automatically goes through a filtration process; the socks only play their role of trapping floating particles like the organic debris and extra food. This will extend the longevity of the filter pumps since they are not likely to be overworked. In the process, it will grant your filtering system to be the best turtle tank filter. 

How to clean filter socks-guide

Many people are well informed of the best turtle tank filter designs available in the market. But when it comes to how to take care of the filter socks, very few have the knowledge. Others have been using a sink to hand-wash the socks, but it won’t be the most effective cleaning process, especially when it’s a mesh sock. 

How would you know that it’s time to wash the socks?

Well, notice the rising water level in the filter socks. If the level is higher than it originally was, then it’s time to give them a quick shower, immediately. 

Different ways to clean your filter socks

Using the washing machine

It is very simple; you only need hot water and bleach to get this done in your washing machine. The only limiting factor is that the bleach must be fragrance-free. Besides, do not use soap products since they’re well known for changing the quality of the water in your tank. 

Before you start, heat some water then add it in the washing machine. Immediately afterwards, invert the filter socks to be inside out then put it in the washer. Before you turn on the washing machine, make sure you’ve added a few tablespoons of bleach agent then wash them. Make sure the strong smell of the bleach does not remain in the filter socks after washing; since you’ll be forced to rewash them with hot water. Also, leave them to dry naturally; there is nothing special about how to dry the filter socks anyway. 

Using your bucket

If you do not have a washing machine then worry-less about how else you can clean your filter socks. With your bucket, fill it with hot water, add some bleach then introduce your best aquarium canister filter socks in it. That’s all you need for it is easy and straightforward. You need to leave them for several hours before you rinse them. Some people prefer leaving them overnight, but the basis is; they must leave them until they seem clean so you can rinse them. A similar case when you find the filter socks smelling some bleach, soak them in hot water again. 

Using a high-pressure water hose

This method has a few instructions. Just rinse the filter sock utilizing the power washer. It is a simple and quicker way of cleaning your filter socks. Make sure you continue washing it until it becomes spotless. Before you return the filter socks back to the system, ensure it is dry enough. 


If you want to maintain a healthy aquarium, then you need maintenance tools to keep it in function. One of the main tools is knowing how to clean your filter socks. Having the best aquarium canister filter is not enough to ensure long-lasting performance. Combine the best turtle tank filter with practical maintenance tools to keep your aquarium healthy. 

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