How To Euthanize A Dog With Over The Counter Drugs?

Even though we want our beloved dogs to live forever, it cannot happen in real life. So, the best thing we can do is to make their last moments less painful. That is why many pet owners decide to euthanize their dogs to put them down.

That’s what today’s article is about. I’ll run you through things that you need to know if you want to know how to euthanize a dog at home with over the counter drugs. And I’ll explain the possible side effects and other things too.

So, stay with me.

When To Euthanize A Dog?

Whether or not it is time to euthanize a dog depends on several things, and a qualified vet can decide what is best. However, based on your dog’s health condition and other symptoms, you can also understand what is going on.

Your dog’s health condition will make him, or she go through good and bad days. But if there is no possibility of recovery or constant agonies, I believe euthanizing is the best option to let them go and relieve the pain. And this is when you can decide to do it:

  • If your dog is terminally ill
  • If the dog has suffered from a severe injury that is beyond recovery
  • If the dog is having trouble moving around
  • If your dog becomes more and more aggressive
  • If the dog starts suffering from insomnia as a result of illness
  • Loss of appetite
  • No control over bowel or urinary functions
  • Loss of interest in everything
  • Refuses to get up or do anything at all

All these indicate that your dog is ill both physically and mentally. And the dogs may not recover from these issues. That means he or she will suffer from even more pain. So, that would be the right time to put the poor animal out of its misery and pain.

How To Euthanize A Dog With Over The Counter Drugs?

There are some over the counter drugs that are often used to euthanize a dog. They are basically pills for humans but are often used on dogs too. You will get more detailed tips from this blog titled ThatIsNeeded. 


Benadryl is known as one of the most effective pills for allergic patients. It is also used to euthanize dogs. However, they cause your dog a lot of pain as the medicine starts to take over.

Tylenol PM:

This drug is used more to euthanize dogs as they have more substantial effects. It makes death quicker, but that does not mean it was less painful. It causes liver and kidney failure, which results in killing your dog.

Sleeping Pills:

The last option you need to choose is the sleeping pill. While vets use pentobarbital sodium for euthanasia, sleeping pills can do the job too. However, it will not be a pretty scene if you don’t use a sedative to relax your dog first.

Common Health Problems Of Dogs

Just like us, they also grow old and suffer from problems from time to time. Some of them can be more grave than others.

And as the canines grow older, their ability to fight off serious diseases lessens too. These are some of the fatal illnesses that a canine may suffer from.


Rabies is a fast-spreading disease. It happens when your canine gets bitten by other infected animals. It can be prevented by vaccinating your dog. If not, rabies can lead to a painful and untimely death.


Hepatitis can spread fast if it stays unnoticed. This is an infectious disease but can be prevented by vaccinations.


This is a waterborne disease, and it hardly shows any sign until it’s too late. It ends up creating issues with the liver and kidney. As a result, the dogs often end up dying before you can do anything to prevent it.


This is an incurable respiratory disease. Many dogs die as a result of distemper infection. Though vaccinating your dog can reduce the probability of distemper for some time, it is not entirely safe.

Any of these diseases can end up making your dog terminally ill. Besides, going through some fatal accidents or other health issues can cause the need to euthanize them.

Benefits Of Euthanizing Dog With Over The Counter Drugs

Why should you choose to euthanize your dog yourself by your home while you can get it done in clinics? Or why do people choose these methods? Here is why:


Not everyone is capable of taking their dogs for one last time. The treatments are already costly enough. The entire procedure is going to cost you a lot more than sleeping pills.

Saying Goodbye At Home:

Saying goodbye to your beloved animal is one of the most challenging and heartbreaking things to do. That’s why many people choose to do it at home with some privacy. Besides, your dog will be more comfortable at your home rather than in a clinic.

More Convenient:

Some people believe that using drugs at home to euthanize dogs is more convenient. On the other hand, medical experts say that it is a slower process and more painful.

Why Euthanizing A Dog At Home Is Wrong?

Euthanizing your dog at home can be a terrible thing to do if you are doing it without proper knowledge. So many things can go wrong during the procedure.

  • Using drugs, especially sleeping pills, take a longer time to put your dog to death.
  • The longer it takes to die, the more painful it becomes for your dog.
  • The wrong dosage can end up making your dog suffer even more.
  • Euthanizing a dog needs to be done by professionals. Doing it without a medical license makes it illegal.

Final Verdict

No dog owner would want their dogs to be in agonizing pain and misery. Unfortunately, many dog owners often choose to shoot their ill dogs to death. That is the most inhuman thing you can do to an animal.

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