How To Get Rid Of Algae In Turtle Tank?

Algae will grow in any place that provides moisture, sunlight, and a warm atmosphere. So, if you are finding algae in your turtle tank, I am here to tell you that this is normal. Algae in a small amount are not harmful to your turtle, but it will not take a lot of time to turn into an overgrowth.

Getting rid of algae as soon as possible should be preferable. It doesn’t require much time or effort. However, some turtle owners have said that no matter how much they clean their tank, it always comes back. That can occur due to many reasons.

In today’s article, we will be telling you how to get rid of algae in turtle tanks and how to stop it from occurring again. 

How To Get Rid Of Algae In Turtle Tank

How To Get Rid Of Algae In Turtle Tank? 

As we have mentioned before, algae can come back despite regular cleaning. With the following tips, you will be able to stop algae from growing entirely. 

Maintain Good Water Hygiene

Regular cleaning is a must if you are looking to get rid of algae for good. It will help you to keep the water clean and stop algae from growing. 

A great way to keep the tank clean is replacing the water of your turtle tank once every week. Do not go overboard, and change only 30% of the water every week.

After you have changed the water, proceed to sterilization. Many turtle owners prefer sterilization after they feed their pets.

Use A Strong Filter

Algae feed on the tank waste. If you see algae coming back, then you need to buy a good filter. A good filter is necessary to maintain a hygienic environment for your turtle.

To keep the tank clean and stopping algae from coming back, canister filters, a strong filter; are preferred by many. 

Don’t Leave The Turtle Tank In Direct Sunlight For A Long Time

Algae occur when you leave the tank in direct sunlight for a long time. If you are leaving your turtle in natural sunlight, then reduce the time. Only leave it out for as long as it needs. Leaving it out for more than it needs will cause algae growth. 

Add Aquarium Salt

Adding aquarium salt in the tank water keeps the water cleaner, stops algae growth, and enhances electrolytes in the tank water. That ensures healthier tank water and prevents algae growth too. Such a perfect solution, right?

Add Algae Eaters

You can add fishes or snails that eat algae inside the tank if your turtle is not hostile towards other live animals. These fishes will feed on the algae and stop overgrowth too. Many turtles eat fishes. If you want to follow this method, opting for cheap algae eater is an ideal choice.

Add Live Plants

Adding live plants inside the turtle tank will starve the algae, therefore, preventing overgrowth. Adding live plants will also make the tank look more attractive. 

How To Get Rid Of Algae Stuck Inside The Turtle Tank?

We have talked about the prevention of algae. Now we will be talking about how you can clean the algae stuck on the turtle tank wall. Getting rid of existing algae is easy and does not require much work. Here are some basic steps you can follow to do it quickly:

  1. Removing algae stuck on the walls of the tank is easy. You will need a scraper, preferably an algae scraper. An algae scraper scrapes the algae off of the insides without harming your tank. This equipment is also quite affordable. Now start scraping!
  2. Algae will most likely be stuck on the rocks inside the tank. If this happens, take those rocks out and scrub off the algae. There will be more algae on big rocks. Gently scrub to get rid of those. If you notice algae recurrence on one pebble, remove it permanently from the tank. 
  3. Cleaning the gravel is a must too. The easiest way to do so is by removing décor from the insides of the turtle tank; then vacuuming the gravel. Many turtle owners prefer cleaning the gravels during a weekly water change rock.

Things To Remember While Getting Rid Of Algae 

We have been saying algae in smaller amounts is not bad for your turtle but, algae overgrowth happens quickly and is harmful. But, did you know while cleaning algae from your turtle tank, you can commit fatal mistakes that can hurt your pets? 

Often pet stores suggest turtle owners use algae cleaning chemicals for quick cleaning. But these recommended chemicals are harsh for your pet and can harm their health. Avoiding algae cleaning chemicals is recommended by us. 

Instead of dumping harsh chemicals on your tank, maintain good hygiene and perform weekly water change as well. 

Is Algae Bad For Turtles?

One of the causes of algae overgrowth is the negligence and lack of awareness between turtle owners. Many tend to think that a small amount of algae is not harmful to their turtles. They are not wrong.

A small number of algae will not harm your turtle. But an algae overgrowth inside the tank happens faster than you think. That is why, whenever you notice algae inside the tank, you need to start taking precautions.

Getting rid of algae entirely from the tank can be difficult. Algae can remain or grow on the shell of your turtle, even in a clean tank. So, keeping the algae growth under control and preventing algae overgrowth should be the goal.

Final Words  

You will no longer struggle with algae overgrowth in the turtle tank with the above-mentioned steps. Getting rid of algae at the beginning stage or always keeping the growth under control is recommended.

Once a tank has overgrown with algae, there is nothing you can do to fix it. Focus on optimal algae growth in the turtle tank. So, you don’t have to go through the weekly cleaning process. After all, prevention is better than cure!

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