Labra Dog Knee Brace Reviews: Worth All The Hype?

Labra Dog Knee Brace is high quality and budget-friendly knee brace found in Amazon for your beloved dog. This particular brace provides comfort, quality, and quite fashionable.

In this article, we have dived deep and researched about the brace to bring you Labra Dog Knee Brace Reviews so that you do not miss out on a brace that is actually worth spending on.

With no further adieu, let us now go into the details.

Labra Dog Knee Brace Reviews

Labra Dog Knee Brace Review

If your dog has injured its knee and has a hard time moving or playing around, look no further! Labra Dog Knee Brace is what you are looking for. It not only supports your dog but also speeds up the healing process by putting the bones in place. The brace is available in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

Now for all the little details, we will move to break down the Labra Dog Knee Brace part by part.



While many products that do the same job are found in Amazon but only some or in this case the Labra Dog Knee Brace is authentic and 100% reliable. This brace is produced by the brand Labra.

The brand Labra is well known for its consistency with its products. Labra suggests that Labra Dog Knee Brace can be used on your dog if your dog has torn ligaments, sprained leg, or any sort of tear injuries. Labra took two years of trial and error to come up with perfection.

The brace has a metal hinge covered in stifle wrap that makes it comfortable, durable, and flexible. Labra has made the brace in such a manner that it mimics the bone structure and positions the leg of your dog accordingly.


The Labra Dog Knee Brace comes in 3 different sizes. Each size has 2 different measurements and it is suggested that before you get one for your dog, you take proper measurements and order the right size for the best results.

However, the variety in size is not the only thing. Along with size preference the quality is outstanding, it is not only durable but also flexible and not too heavy. As it is not that heavy it does not weigh your dog down.

I love how the braces not only provide support but ensure faster healing by making sure the bones are in place and moreover, my dog is not in any sort of pain. Additionally, it does not take up too much space so it does not look bad when your dog is wearing it. It even rectifies your dog’s posture.

Build and design

The firm metal is covered by a black fabric that not only makes the entire thing look better but also protects the metal. The brace is lightweight which allows swift movement. Labra Dog Knee Brace is durable and flexible.

The metal follows a hinge system that follows the bone structure. This brace is premium as it was developed over 2 years until it got perfect. The hinge system provides support. It is doctor’s approved meaning vets have personally vouched for Labra Dog Knee Braces.

It is very fashionable as it follows a minimalistic design. Since it has a very minimal design it looks very modern. It can be worn everywhere starting from parties to when your dog stays home. It does not look absurd or out of place.

In order to determine which size you need for your dog certain measurements have to be taken from your dog. These steps include the following:

  1. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your dog’s leg above the knees.
  2. Repeat the same with your dog’s leg before the knees.
  3. If your measurements from your dog are not exactly that of the size provided go for the next big size.


For such durability, premium quality, modern minimalistic design, and flexibility the budget is unbelievably friendly and affordable. It is an amazing purchase for dogs that have injured legs and can not possibly undergo surgery.

It also provides support and helps heal faster. For braces that do so much, it is truly a great deal.


The 3 sizes that are available are listed below-




Medium [10-30lbs]

Large [30-75lba]

Extra large [75-100lbs]









  • Hard metal hinge
  • High-quality fabric covering
  • The standard black color with flexible belts
  • 10 ounces in weight

Things we liked

  • The durability of the hinge
  • Comfortability of when the dogs wear it and the ease of putting it on the dog
  • The flexibility of the hinge
  • Affordability of the Labra Dog Knee Brace
  • Simplistic fashion giving it a modernized look
  • Premium quality of the brace
  • Lightweight allowing swift movement to your dog

Things we did not like

  • The sizes provided do not work for some dogs thus the user experience is not as amazing.

Frequently asked question

Q: Do you need an additional harness? 

Yes! The harness has to be connected over the dog’s chest allowing the straps to be connected.

Q: Which size should I choose if my measured circumference is between two sizes?

Always go for the bigger size as it can be adjusted if big but can not be adjusted if it is smaller.

Q: How long will it take for the Labra Dog Knee Brace to be delivered?

It depends on whether the product is in stock and the location.

Q: What breeds does it work on?

It will work on most dogs weighing from 10lbs-100lbs.

Final verdict

We hope we were able to provide you all with a properly detailed breakdown in this Labra Dog Knee Brace Reviews. This article covered all areas starting from the measurements to the build quality of the Labra Dog Knee Brace.

Considering all the factors such as price, quality, durability, and design it is certainly one of the best options for an injured dog’s knee.

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