Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming

Dogs like to be clean. In fact, they do the cleaning themselves sometimes. However, as a responsible pet owner, you should make sure that they are absolutely clean as ever… regularly. 

After several walks at the park, games of fetch in your backyard and munching dog food all day, your pooch will surely get soiled without your special care. Here are some tips you can follow before you start grooming your dog:

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming
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1. Let Your Good Intentions Be Known

Dogs are very wary of their surroundings, especially when something new appears in their senses. They will sniff around and run when they don’t trust what they see. They display this behavior with tools that look “dangerous” to them: a noisy blow dryer for example. 

Make sure that your dog knows you mean good. Don’t simply pick it up and start cutting his nails without its “consent.”

There will come this time that you’ll know it is ready for grooming. That’s when your dog is totally relaxed and willing to be handled by human hands.

Let your good intentions be known. Let it be acquainted with your hands in the way that it relates them with food and rewards. That’s right, make it think about its favorite treat when you show your hands. 

Avoid hurting it. That’s a big no. Never try to overpower it or intimidate it into behaving. Dogs, especially the pups can get very wild at times, but introducing them to corporal punishment can lead to bad behavior in the future.

2. Promise it Treats or Chewy Toys

Some dogs just don’t like being groomed or bathed. You’ll involve yourself in a cat and mouse chase before you get to catch your terrified pup. 

 In this case, we can say that your dog just don’t see any “benefit” from submitting itself to you for a grooming session. What if you introduce a reward at the end of every session?

Grooming session number two… another cat-and-mouse game. But, this time you’ll have to surprise your buddy with some special treats at the end! It’s time to visit the pet store for some dog biscuits or some Rocco and Roxie jerkies. 

Make this part of the routine and it’ll soften up after a couple of sessions or more.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Force

It’s great if you have it relaxed and willing to get groomed. However, if you’re going to make it uncomfortable in the middle of the session, it might change its mind. 

Don’t waste all your prior efforts of getting it to calm down by trying to pry it open when it’s just too stiff to be groomed.

If it’s your first time grooming or getting your pet groomed, it’s very likely that it’ll stiffen up its muscles during the session. There will be some tension in there, guaranteed. Especially when you’re showing it some unfamiliar tools, like a nail clipper. 

When clipping your dog’s nails, there’s a high percentage that it’ll pull its paws back to itself. Don’t force them out! Give it a little tup, a brush over its back or neck. Let it know that you mean no harm. Forcing it to soften up will encourage it to add more tension.

4. Prepare All Your Tools Beforehand

A grooming session for your dogs will always be stressful. It’ll be sitting still for some time with some of its freedom seized. Make it a quick session by preparing all your tools beforehand.

 This will save you time, effort and make it a more comfortable time for your pooch. Here are some of the tools that you’ll need:

  1. Brushes
  2. Nail clippers
  3. Shears
  4. Electric Hair Trimmer
  5. Dog Ear Powder
  6. Dog Shampoo 

5. Brush Your Dog’s Fur Before and After Bathing

It may seem to be counter intuitive to brush your dog’s fur before splashing it with water just to get its freshly-brushed fur ruined, but tell you … this is actually a very important step.

Brushing your dog’s fur will not only get rid of tangles, it will also brush off build up of dirt and loose fur. This will make bathing easier.

After bathing your dog, you will need to brush its fur again. Now, to avoid tangles as its fur dries up.   

6. Ask Help From Professionals

Visit your local dog groomers. Grooming your dog is tedious work. You’ll need a lot of tools and a lot of patience. Not just that… you’ll also be placing your dog’s health on your own hands. So, it is advisable to let the experts do this for you.

Your local dog groomers will have every tool needed to keep your dog healthy and hygienic, and they got steadier hands too.

Spending some of your budget to send your pet to professionals will not only ensure its good health. This will also allow you to learn from these experts: how they handle dogs and how to always keep them happy and healthy.

7. Know the Step-By-Step Procedure

As mentioned above, you will need to brush your dog’s fur before bathing. Miss this step and you’ll get tangles fighting your brush after dipping, scrubbing and shampooing. 

What’s the first step? Gather all your tools into just one spot. Next, you have to prepare the bath. If it’s too cold, warm water would be great, and just to be sure your dog doesn’t catch a cold after showering, you must have your towels ready and your blow dry reachable. Be organized not only to save time but to give your dog a comfortable session.

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

It’s true. Dogs are man’s best friends. They’ll keep you safe, happy and warm from cuddles filled with love. Give back to them by being a responsible owner. Grooming is only part of what you can do for them, and it only takes a little investment, time plus effort. 

Now, here are the things that you must remember:

  • Make grooming a comfortable experience
  • Give rewards after a session
  • Make sure you have the complete tools
  • Ask help if inexperienced
  • Brush fur before and after bathing
  • Know step-by-step procedure
  • Be gentle 

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