How To Clip Rabbits Nails Like A Vet-Ultimate Guide

For the bunny lovers, there remains one common query – how to clip rabbits nails. Well, if you’re looking for the proper way of clipping your rabbit’s nails like a vet, then you have surely arrived at the right place.

Since you care a lot of your dear bunny friend, so it’s pretty much common that you would use the method which won’t hurt your friend at the time of clipping her nails.

We all know the common fact that a rabbit is very amicable in nature. Because of such friendliness, your love for your bunny increases in no time at all.

Well, rabbit nails grow just like her tooth grows over time. So, it’s completely necessary to clip her nails in the most professional way as done by those expert vets.

Here, in this article of ours, we would like to share a complete guideline regarding nail clipping of your rabbits like a vet.

We believe that our illustrated guideline or tutorial on rabbit nail clipping will help you get the most appropriate idea regarding the mentioned purpose.

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Well, it’s the time we must start our discussion on how to clip rabbits nails.

how to clip rabbits nails

How To Clip Rabbits Nails

Well, my FRIEND, here, in this section, we’re going to explain all of those steps which are mandatory for you to focus on while clipping nails of your bunny.

Let’s just BEGIN…

Step 1

At the very beginning, you have to manage all the supplies which you require along with one of your friends (or, you might say assistant) who will do the job of holding your rabbit. In this case, keep in mind that you can’t take a break once your rabbit is ready for the nail clipping – so it would be better for you to arrange everything altogether near your reach.

So, the question is – what are the mandatory things you need to manage?

Well, here’s the list –

  • An ideal pair of nail clippers designed preferably for rabbits or cats.
  • A soft towel.
  • Styptic powder.
  • Light-warm water.

For Your Information, you’ll need the styptic powered to handle the case of emergencies when you’ll clip the nails of your rabbit too short.

Step 2

In this step, ask your friend or assistant to wrap your bunny with the help of a soft towel. Following this way of wrapping your rabbit with a soft towel will keep her completely calm and restrained as well.

While holding the bunny, you have to remember that she can make a sudden move or kick. And, this may cause injury on her back. Even this can cause the breaking of bones. So, you have to make sure that you’re holding your rabbit in the right way like a vet.

If you see that your rabbit is struggling, then stop the procedure immediately without having any second thought in your mind.

Pro Tip: Here, we have got a Pro-Tip for YOU.

You can use some treats for your rabbit as reward. This will help you to calm down your rabbit and start the process again without having any trouble.

Step 3

When you see that your rabbit is totally calmed down after wrapping up with the towel on then you can think of starting the nail clipping procedure.

First off, start with the tip of the nail of your rabbit. Even if the nail is too long, never ever try to cut all at once. Instead, try to trim a very small amount of the nail. This will help you to avoid some unnecessary accidents.

If the nail of your rabbit is clear enough to check the pink blood-supply (commonly known as “quick”), then you have to cut just before that line. This will save your rabbit from any sort of unnecessary bleeding.

Never think of trimming the quick as this will make your friend bleed which is really much painful.

We would suggest you place the clipper on the exact position where you have to perform the cut. Now, squeeze the clipper very slowly to cut the nails off.

This is the ideal way of starting the procedure of nail clipping of your rabbit.

Step 4

If you have accidentally cut one of the nails too short, then do not panic!

Try to apply some styptic powder on that portion because this powder will help to control the bleeding.

Actually, these kinds of accidents usually happen when you try to cut the nails in a faster way. So, we would suggest you take a lot of time while clipping the nails of your rabbit. Always remember that you have to be patient enough while trimming your rabbit nails.

If you want to cut the rabbit nails quickly, then this nail clipping job isn’t for you. For cutting the rabbit nails just like the vets do, you must have to manage a whole lot of time.

Step 5

So, you have to repeat the above-mentioned steps in order to complete the job of nail clipping of your rabbit. FYI, you can take a break after completing the job of nail cutting of one foot. Or, if you see that your rabbit is starting to struggle.

While clipping your rabbit’s nails, never ever force your rabbit because this may occur unnecessary accidents.

Final Words

So, this is our detailed guideline on how to clip rabbit’s nails.

We’re almost confident that our illustrated tutorial will help you to cut your rabbits nails in the most appropriate way.

However, if you do have any kind of confusion, then you can message us at any time.

We’ll surely reply to you back.



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