How To Litter Train A Rabbit In A Hutch – A Detailed Guide

Most of the pet owners, these days, have one great concern which is – how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch.

It has become a matter of concern because the maximum number of rabbit owners wishes for keeping their rabbits in hutches located inside the house rather than keeping in a rabbit cage. But, this is not like a piece of cake.

Well, we’re not saying that you can’t train your rabbit to keep in best indoor rabbit cage. All we’re saying is – the process could somewhat difficult.

Keeping this problem of yours in mind, here we’ve come up with a detailed tutorial on how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch.

If you follow our step by step guideline from Top to Bottom, then this method of training your rabbit won’t be a problem at all.

To be very frank, the first thing to keep in mind – you must have to be PATIENT in this case. And, the second thing is – you must provide your best effort to litter train your rabbit right at the moment you bring your rabbit to her home.

Before we begin our detailed discussion, allow us to give the most appropriate answers to some of the most common questions regarding bunny litter training.

how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch

Is It Really Necessary To Litter Train Your Rabbit?

To the shortest answer, it depends. Generally, you’ll find that rabbits tend to remain clean in their nature. While staying in the hutch, they usually choose the corner area of their cage or hutch for peeing and pooping.

So, always remember that – if you don’t take any initiative to litter train your bunnies, then she’ll surely poop and urinate at any place inside of your home. And, that’s going to be very disgusting and unhygienic.

Hence, in order to keep your living place totally neat and clean along with keeping it free from that bad odor, it’s completely mandatory to litter train your house rabbit.

Another matter of concern is “SAFETY”.

When your bunny will get used to her litter box, then she will remain totally safe and sound from any sort of unexpected and infectious diseases.

So, it’s been PROVED that litter train your rabbit is somewhat mandatory for you!

How To Litter Train A Rabbit In A Hutch?

Now, in this section of our discussion, we’re going to discuss the detailed and step by step guideline which you have to follow to litter train your bunny.

Choosing A Suitable Location

First thing always first.

First off, you have to choose a PERFECT location or space in your house in order to place the rabbit hutch. Almost all the rabbit owners consider the corner areas of their houses as the most PREFERRED location. Or, the place could be the premises or side of the house.

In this case, you need to keep in mind that your pet bunny will be totally safe from any kind of predator while choosing the final location.

And, YES – That’s it.

Fitting The Litter Box Properly

If you already own a rabbit or any other type of pet, you must have known the fact – literally there’s nothing called to be “PERFECT” for any pet. And, this theory goes the same while setting up the bunny litter box in a PERFECT position.

But, we do have a helpful suggestion in this case.

We would recommend you place the rabbit litter box at the corner position of the rabbit hutch. Another suggestion we have for YOU is – try to observe the bunny for a period of 5-6 days. After making the observation for a period of a week, you can get an exact idea about the corner of the hutch that your rabbit does love most.

Through following these HELPFUL and SIMPLE suggestions of ours, you can easily SAVE lots of your VALUABLE time.

“Special Tricks”

We do have some tricks which you can follow in this case.

We would suggest you add some timothy hay on the rabbit litter box. But, make sure to practice this method in a continuous way.


You can put a hay rack on the upper area of the bunny litter box.

These two SPECIAL sorts of tricks will help a lot while you do litter practicing.

Adding Your Bunny

Now that every other thing is ready, so it’s time for adding your bunny to start litter training sessions. In the beginning period, keep in mind – you have to spend a whole lot of your time with your bunny.

Make sure to observe your rabbit giving a closer look. Also, remember to clean the urine and poops from the floor as early as possible after the rabbit finishes its pooping.

“Pro Tips”

Now, we have some PRO-TIPS for YOU.

Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, use that mixture for cleaning the floor. This kind of mixture will work greatly for eradicating the bad odor of the urine.

We tried this method a couple of times and you know what – this really does WORK.

It’s a common nature of every rabbit – it has a desire to explore every corner of the house. So, to stop your bunny from running around in the entire house, you can use a puppy gate or baby gate. This special sort of gate will help you to keep the pet rabbit at a tiny piece of area.

Final Words

So, this is all about our comprehensive & detailed guideline about How To Litter Train A Rabbit In A Hutch.

We do have a belief that you did understand the entire procedure of litter training your rabbit after having a thorough look at all the methods we discussed above.

We’re very much CONFIDENT that we did COVER almost all the necessary points.

But, if you do have a feeling that we might have missed any of those IMPORTANT points, then make sure to message us ASAP.

We would LOVE to add your VALUABLE opinion or suggestion.

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