Why Does My Dog Want Me To Hold His Paw?

Even if you don’t have a pet dog, you ought to know how dependable a dog can be. In fact, dogs are considered the most loyal companions you can find around you. They will love you like no one else and can literally die for you. However, some of their behavior may seem strange to you at times. You may think, why does my dog want me to hold his paw? Do they simply like their paws being held? 

Before you start overthinking such gestures and jump to some weird conclusion, calm yourself because not everything unknown necessarily has to be negative. Your dog may simply want some of your attention for it or towards something else. As they can’t speak like us humans, all they can do is physically approach you.

If you think carefully, the meaning behind your puppy’s behavior can hold different meanings. Understanding their body language can be a bit tricky sometimes, but not entirely impossible.

Why Does My Dog Want Me To Hold His Paw

Compassion for You

This one may surprise you, but your dog can be seeking your forgiveness for the mischief he has committed. Getting you to hold their paws and looking at you with those innocent eyes, is there anyone who can ignore it? There is a reason why people make puppy eyes when being apologetic! While this may sound cute at first, don’t let them indulge in too much.

Because if they get accustomed to it, they will keep repeating it. While it looks very endearing and acceptable to onlookers, you wouldn’t want your dog to jump you regardless of the predicament. Hence, training him properly on when to act and when to abstain would be good practice for your benefit. 

Empathy for Themselves

If you love a dog and it reciprocates the admiration, your dog will never forget you. Just like how we feel anxious thinking about separation or weak mental state, a dog can feel them too. While the initial reaction can be whining, barking, crying, etc., with time, he will prefer a gentler strategy. He may yawn, smack the lips, tremble to gain your attention.

All they need is to know that you are not going to leave them, just like they won’t leave you. Yet, you better not console them immediately, as it will make the pet prone to act the same all the time. Instead, you can make them feel better by shifting the attention to somewhere else, taking out for a walk, going out and playing, etc.

Need To Play

It is not mandatory to be in a bad mood whenever your dog wants to put its paws on you. The situation can be totally the opposite based on the doggy’s state. When your puppy dog is excited and wants to play with you, it will put its paws on you or hop around to gain your attention. Most fun-loving dogs tend to start playing games this way. 

It’s Eating Time!

If you have taken care of a dog for a long time, you would have noticed how it is always aware of time. Once you teach your pet, it will get familiarized with a specific routine of sleeping, waking up, eating, etc. 

Even if you forget the usual routine, the biological clock of your dog will notify it. As a result, your dog will try to use the paws or nudge you to remind you about their meal-time or playtime.

Talk To You

Humans use words to interact with each other. While animals can’t talk, it doesn’t mean they can not express themselves with you. In fact, your pet can use its body to convey its feelings to you. Usually, a dog tends to lay their paw on you as a sign of adoration or affection. It is their way to speak to you. Sometimes words are not required where action can speak volumes.  

He Is Hurt

Unfortunately, animals can not speak about how and where they are hurting. Your dog may be in serious pain and want to inform you about it. If you see him with dilated pupils and heavy breathing, take this as an early sign of physical pain or stress. In such situations, you should take your dog to a vet without any delay. 

Other than that, he might want to warn you about a specific situation that might have gone unnoticed by you. Especially domestic dogs are very aware if something unfavorable is going to happen to their master. They might tug you with their teeth as well to indicate an emergency. In such times, first, observe what your dog is doing or follow him to see what is happening.

Final Words

Having your dog around is just like living with your family. Not only do you gradually become part of each other’s lives, but you also get a lifetime friend or companion in it. If you are new to owning a dog, it’s fairly okay not to understand it in the early stage. And at first, you may face some obstacles and misinterpret your dog’s body language. 

Once you have gotten the answer to ‘why does my dog want me to hold his paw?’, you would learn how to manage the situation as well, and when you do, you will be having the best time with your dog for the rest of your life, promise!

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