10 Easy Tips On How To Remove Dog Hair From Clothes In Dryer

We love cuddling and playing with our furry pets, no doubt the cutest creatures around. Nevertheless, pets in a home can be taxing at times. It’s because of the mess the furs create. This hairy lint can undermine the hygiene and elegance of your place by sticking to almost every fabric material. Moreover, removing the dog hair from clothes requires real effort. You might wonder how to remove dog hair from clothes after using a dog hair dryer. To ease your hard work, we have concluded the fool-proof tips to remove lint and dog hair from your clothes, furniture, and bedding.

Problems You May Face:

The fur, lint, or shed hair of dogs contains dander, dead skin cells, microbes, allergens, saliva, and urine. All of these unhygienic elements contribute to allergies in humans. Therefore, if you have pets at home, make sure you follow strict hygienic practices to keep your family healthy.

Moreover, it’s always wise to remove lint and hair from your clothes before you put them in a washing machine. The reason behind this is that fur acts like a cotton ball. When it absorbs water, it swells and entraps more tightly to the fabric mesh. Thus, soggy fur is quite difficult to remove. In addition, wet lumps of lint can also clog your washing machine strainers and drains.

10+ Smart Tips to Get Rid of Pet Hair from Clothes:

Pets are like kids, and pet parents don’t mind dealing with the furry mess. Anyhow, it’s wise to pet a dog that belongs to a breed that doesn’t shed much. Visit Petsem to know about the least shedding dog breeds that are excellent pets. Avoid furry mess but love your furry friends!

If you have a furry family member, here are some surefire tips on how to keep it clean at any stage of pet grooming. Among the tricks are preventive measures, improvisation of pet grooming tools, after-care tips, as well as the use of new gadgets on the market.

  • Minimize dog shedding: The first precautionary step to avoid fur from your clothes is to minimize your dog shedding. For this purpose, regularly brush your pet’s coat with the best de-shedding tools. Give your pet scheduled baths with shampoos and conditioners that reduce shedding and hair loss. Moreover, you can also give your dogs some sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Nevertheless, consult your veterinarian for the proper pet diet.
  • Improvise the Use of Pet Rubber Gloves: One of the most convenient and easy-to-use pet de-shedding tools is the rubber grooming gloves. You can use them in two ways. Firstly, use these rubber gloves for de-shedding and massaging your pet’s coat (it will enhance blood circulation and will reduce shedding). Secondly, wear a rubber glove in your hand and use it to remove lint from your clothes.
  • Covering and Protection: Another preventive measure is to use some protective sheets and blankets for your furniture. To avoid any lint trapping in your expensive couches and sofa, cover them with couch covers or anti-static sheets. Antistatic sheets are materials that avoid the build-up of static charges on the surfaces. Consequently, dog hair and lint do not stick to the fibers. These antistatic sheets are made of electrostatic dissipative acrylic. Moreover, pet blankets can also catch loose fur when your dog sits on them.
  • Try Tumble Dryers: Tumble Dryers are the best devices to remove stubborn lint and fur from your clothes. It’s because dry air will help the fur to come out of the fiber mesh more easily. Therefore, tumble dry your clothes full of dog hair before washing them. A quick hack says to use tumble drying sheets or dryer balls to expedite the fur removing process.

How about Tumble dryer sheets?

The best way to dry wet clothes is by using tumble drying sheets. These sheets are packed with stearic acid that melts in the presence of hot air of tumble dryers. Stearic acid helps loosen the entrapped dog hair and makes the fabric softener. Using tumble drying sheets with tumble dryers will significantly reduce your effort to pick up lint by hand.

  • Vacuum Everything: Vacuum cleaners are the commonest and widely used machines to suck up lint, dander, dust, and debris from almost any surface. On carpets and sofas, where no broom or brush works to remove dog hair, vacuum cleaners are the lifesavers. You can vacuum your beddings and furniture pieces with both manual and automated vacuum cleaners. If you can afford it, command robotic vacuum cleaners to clean your place from lint when you are not at home.
  • Rolling The Lint Rollers: Lint rollers are one of the oldest gadgets on the market yet they are still helpful and practical. These are so handy to remove dog fur from sweaters, blazers, coats, and sofas.
  • Use Antistatic Sprays: Antistatic sprays work on the same principle as do the dryer sheets. Spraying some of this spray on your furniture and clothes will prevent the dog hair from sticking to the fabric. Moreover, you can also spray a good antistatic spray on the lint roller and rubber grooming gloves to facilitate removing lint from your clothes. Also, we should use Antihistamine For Dogs With Skin Allergies.

Can we remove pet hair in a washing machine?

Well, washing to remove dog hair from your clothes will only work if you use hot water, a fabric softener, or dryer sheets. Hot water will not only loosen the tight mesh so that fur can be untangled, but it will also kill microbes and help in your dog grooming. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to remove the big chunks of dog hair from your clothes using lint rollers or pet de-shedding gloves before washing.

Try Some Popular Gadgets:

Here are some tried and tested gadgets on the market that will help you ease removing dog hair from your clothes. You can shop online or at stores to get any of these exciting tools.

  • Fur Zapper: Fur zappers are silicon pads that contain holes to entrap loosened fur during hot-water washing or tumble drying. Though they are quite efficient in removing a considerable amount of fur, they are not anti-static. You should not use drying sheets with Fun Zapper because they will entrap in the tool’s holes. Nevertheless, you can use dryer balls with a Fun zapper to expedite fur removing.
  • Dryer Balls: Usually, dryer balls are made of wool. These spongy balls also function in the same manner as dryer sheets.
  • De-shedding Tools: There are many pet de-shedding tools that you can also use to remove dog hair from your clothes. For instance, pet grooming gloves, de-shedding brushes with and rakes.

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