Best Hay for Rabbits: Reviews & Guide 2021

A little bunny munching on the pellet does look cute, however, you should also give the rabbit a generous supply of fresh hay. Hay helps to maintain good intestinal and dental health in rabbits. The fiber in the hay enables the food to move through the gut during the digestion process and the chewing helps to wear down the unnecessary growth of their teeth as well. 

 There are different types of hay for rabbits. However, not all of them provide the same nutritional contents and some are better than the others. We have picked out the best hay for rabbits so that your little munchkin can live a healthy happy life. 

If you are in a rush and don’t want to read through the entire article then have a quick glance at our recommendation for the Top Pick and Budget Pick.

List of 12 Best Hay for Rabbits:

Premium Timothy Grass by Standlee Hay Company

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay

Small Pet Select Sampler Box

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay Pet Food

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay

Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

Small Pet Select 1St Cutting “High Fiber” Timothy Hay Pet Food

Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting “Super Soft” Timothy Hay Pet Food

Vitakraft Timothy Hay

Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay

Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits

Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay

Our Recommendation

Top Pick

Small Pet Select Sampler Box

Our Top Pick is the Small Pet Select Sampler Box. It comes with 4 different types of hays that let you figure out whichever your rabbit likes the most and works best for its health. You’ll get oats, orchard, 2nd and 3rd cutting of Timothy Hay in this sampler box. You can jazz up the food for the bunny, give some of them as treats, and some of them as a regular meal. Sounds like a great deal, right?

Budget Pick

Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay

Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay is our best budget pick that comes at an unbeatable price without compromising the quality. It is made with top-quality hays with a low phosphorous and calcium content that helps to control the urinary tract problems in bunnies. It contains the nutrition of Timothy Hay mixed with other delicious flavors. 

Also, it comes in two different size packs that let you give it a trial run to see if the rabbits love it or not. If you are looking for budget-friendly hay with superior quality then you should definitely give this one a try.

1. Premium Timothy Grass by Standlee Hay Company

Key features


  • Nut-free
  • All-natural
  • Free of any additives
  • Excellent source of fiber


The Premium Timothy Grass from Standlee Hay Company is hand-selected. It is 100 percent natural and doesn’t contain any kind of additives. Moreover, this product’s available in different sizes such as 48, 18, 25 ounces, etc. 

It is suitable for all breeds of rabbits. However, it is more suitable for Dwarf rabbits. Aside from rabbits, this product is perfect for chinchillas, guinea pigs, cavies, hamsters, gerbils and so much more. It includes low energy and protein. As a result, it is able to promote the digestive and dental health of your rabbit by stimulating its chewing process.

Generally, this hay product can be helpful in keeping your rabbit thriving. So, whenever you buy it, you should allow your pet to enjoy chewing this high-quality hay all day and night.




If you are one of those rabbit owners who prefer to test the product before buying it in bulk, then you should definitely buy it. This product is available in various sizes. It also features a high amount of fiber and a moderate amount of protein which is great for the rabbit is health.

2. Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay

Key features


  • Orchardgrass type
  • Third cutting
  • 100 percent natural orchard hay
  • Breathable sturdy corrugated boxes


Your bunny could get tired with the same hay every time. If you see your bunny getting tired with the timothy hay, then you can switch to something different. So, if you are considering switching for something rather than timothy hay, then the Small Pet Select Orchard Grass is the best choice.

The reason for switching to something different is because changing of taste will make your bunny more energetic. Also, it helps to improve the immune system. This orchard grass hay is literally hand-selected and hand-packed in order to maintain freshness. So, you don’t have to worry about the hay mixing with other unwanted materials. 

The smell of this grass hay is pretty good. When you open the package, you will find the smell really appealing. It comes well packaged in breathable sturdy corrugated boxes that are easy to open and close. The box is perfect to store and keep your hay fresh. The look of the orchard is deep green to bluish green which is also very attractive.

Moreover, it includes a low amount of protein and a high amount of fiber similar to the timothy grass.




The Small Pet Select is known for its commitment to giving the best product to their customer. If you are looking for orchard hay for your bunny, guinea pigs, or chinchillas, then this Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay might be a perfect choice.

3. Small Pet Select Sampler Box

Key features

  • Hand-selected
  • Packed in small batches
  • Delivered in a fresh condition
  • Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas

If you are very confused about what type of hay can work excellently for your rabbit, then you may consider buying the sampler box from Small Pet Select Company. 

This product comes with the company’s top four bestselling hays: Oat, Orchard, and 2nd and 3rd Cutting Timothy hay. If you use this model, you’ll be able to provide your pet with the appropriate amount of fiber, as well as protein. Besides, it’ll help your pet to keep its teeth grind down. 

Since it comes with fresh hay, therefore, you’ll have the ability to protect your bunny from digestive issues and GI stasis. You’ll also have the ability to keep your pet from beyond the veterinarian’s office. 

Moreover, It is perfect for the rotation of your daily used hay. As a result, your pet will feel more interested and encouraged whenever you give this hay. 



Those who have problems figuring out what kind of hay can suit their rabbits eating needs should definitely buy this product; as it has the ability to help them figure the solution to that problem very easily and quickly.

4. Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay Pet Food

Key features


  • Standard crude protein
  • Sweet aroma
  • 100 percent timothy hay 
  • Green soft texture


The Small Pet 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay is without any doubt the best hay for rabbits on our review. No matter what hay lover you are, but your bunny would definitely love this 2nd cutting timothy hay madly. Its quality, package, and storage are the main features. 

This timothy hay is a creation between the first and third crop, which is why it has a very green texture. Your bunny will find the leafy stem attractive surely. Also, the low amount of crude protein, calcium, and energy level this hay has isn’t only tasty, but as well easily digestible. 

The packaging is simply natural and additive-free. It is packed in a high strength corrugated box that avoids direct sunlight. At the same time, the packaging allows airflow so that the hay remains fresh. You’ll be able to store the hay easily without any customization.




If you are looking for beautifully green, fresh, and high-quality hay for your rabbits, then the 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay should be your number one priority. Most customers love the excellent packaging, value for money, freshness, and superior quality of this brand. Though the timothy hay is perfect for the bunny, chinchillas, and guinea pigs, the adult bunny breeds also love this.

5. Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay

Key features


  • Hand-sorted and hand-packed
  • Comes in 40 ounces and a 9-pound packing
  • Sturdy and breathable packaging
  • Freshly harvested from Oxbow’s family of farms


The Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay is freshly harvested from Oxbow’s family of farms. They are proudly cultivating hay for small animals. Also, they produce and deliver quality pet food in the USA diligently for the last 30 years. 

It comes with very balanced nutrients and sweet smell. Like any other quality timothy hay brand, it has high fiber, calcium, and low protein. This is actually great for the gastrointestinal tract of the bunny for digestion reasons. Also, the high fiber helps to avoid obesity, help wear down teeth, and promote a healthy gut.

Moving next to the packaging section, this Oxbow hay offers a good-looking cartoon for packing the hay. You can easily store the hay there by simply placing the cartoon in a cool, dry, and shaded place. The packaging is also rugged and breathable. Moreover, It is hand-packed and hard-sorted to produce the highest quality and consistency. 

Though this one is a 9-pound packing, the 40-ounce plastic package is also available.




The Oxbow Timothy Hay’s demand is increasing day by day for giving quality product at a reasonable price tag. It is not only recommended for the bunny but also ideal for chinchilla, guinea pig.

6. Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

Key features

  • Easy to feed your pet
  • Low amount of protein and calcium
  • A high amount of fiber hay
  • Features added nutritional value

The Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay is equipped with a stunning wafer cut shape. This is why It is able to attract a lot of rabbits and even owners. It is available in numerous sizes, including 16 and 60 ounces.

Thanks to the wafer cut shape, it doesn’t make that much of a mess; which means less wastage. In fact, because of this shape, you’ll be able to peel the hay and thereby feed it to your pet with much ease.

This product is usually made from all-natural ingredients. It doesn’t even contain any artificial flavors and colors. So, you can stay assured that it is safe for your pet; as well as the best. The company of this product produces hay in the United States under supreme environmental conditions. That’s the reason why the hay’s moisture control and quality are perfect.

Moreover, it is rich in low protein and calcium. Therefore, it can support your pet’s urinary health. It is also rich in high fiber; which can safeguard your pet from serious digestive issues.




Those who are looking for a hay product that can benefit their pet’s health should definitely buy this product or at least consider buying it.

7. Small Pet Select 1St Cutting "High Fiber" Timothy Hay Pet Food

Key features

  • Rich in fiber with moderate protein and low-calorie content
  • Soft and leafy structure
  • Freshly delivered to ensure the optimum quality 
  • Contains no additives

If you want to provide your rabbit with a healthy fiber-rich diet then the Small Pet Select 1St Cutting “High Fiber” is the perfect choice for you. It comes in different size options that give you the flexibility to give it a trial run before buying it in bulk.

The hay comes in a unique packaging design that ensures proper air circulation to keep the hay fresh and supple. As the sunlight cannot enter inside the packaging, you will receive green hay that the rabbits will love munching on. 

These hays are super-rich in fiver with a moderate amount of protein that helps to speed up the metabolism process in rabbits. Since it is the first cutting, it contains slightly more stem that second cutting. However, it is still extremely soft and leafy with more flower content than any other cutting.




Timothy hay has high fiber and nutrition content. Along with rabbits, you can also feed to guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other herbivores. The best part is, if your pet does not like the hay then you will receive a full refund as well.

8. Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting "Super Soft" Timothy Hay Pet Food

Key features

  • Extra soft and leafy
  • Easy to eat due to the soft structure 
  • Packaged in a corrugated cardboard box to retain freshness
  • High fiber content

The Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select is perfect for the picky eaters out there. It has a super soft structure with low stem content that makes it a perfect fit for adult and old rabbits. This one also comes in a variety of sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred one. 

This hay contains a lot less stem and seed head than the second cutting. Even the fussiest eater will enjoy this and finish within minutes. Like the other hays from the brand, this one is also rich in fiber that helps the rabbit in the digestion process. Also, the chewiness of Timothy Hay helps to strengthen their teeth and prevent unnecessary teeth growth.

You will receive the hay in a high-quality corrugated cardboard box that keeps the hay super fresh and crunchy. Small Pet Select cares about the pets and they want to ensure the highest quality for the fur babies.




This is one of the softest and most palatable hay that you can provide to your pets. It is easy to digest and even the pickiest rabbit will love having this. It is soft yet crunchy enough for the bunny to enjoy its meal.

9. Vitakraft Timothy Hay

Key features


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all ages of bunnies
  • Long strand fibers keep the teeth in shape 
  • Sweetgrass flavor

If you want to give the bunny some nutritious goodness without breaking the bank then this is the right choice for you. It is suitable for rabbits of all age groups as it is made with all-natural ingredients. It contains no harmful additives or preservatives and 100% made in America. 

The hay is carefully harvested and hand-picked to ensure the utmost quality. It is harvested from top-quality leaves with little stem to speed up the digestion process. It has rich protein, minerals, and vitamin content that are essential for the rabbits to lead a healthy life.  

It has long strand fibers that are essential to ensure proper digestion process. It comes in a 56lbs pack and packaged into compressed mini bales for an easy feeding process. The sealed packaging helps to retain the freshness of the hays as well.




If you have several bunnies of different age groups then this one is a perfect pick for you. As it comes in a large pack, it will last quite a while as well. Also, the sweetgrass flavor and along with the long strand fiber will help to speed up the digestion process.

10. Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay

Key features

  • An appropriate ratio of protein and fibers
  • Available in two sizes
  • No artificial additives 
  • Suitable for adult rabbits and other small animals

Fiber is one of the core ingredients of hay and the Kaytee All Natural Timothy Hay has a rich fiber content. There are a variety of flavors mixed with the goodness of Timothy Hay to make a delicious balanced meal for the bunnies. 

The hays are handpicked to retain the quality and nutritional profile. This also ensures a proper leaf to stem ratio so that the rabbits can enjoy their meals to the fullest. It helps to aid the digestion process and minimize the unnecessary painful growth of the rabbit’s teeth.

Along with fiber, it is also a great source of protein that is required to ensure a balanced diet for the rabbit. It naturally has a low calcium and phosphorus content that reduces the likelihood of causing urinary tract problems in adult buns.



This one is an excellent choice for adult bunnies with urinary tract issues. The low phosphorous and calcium content helps to enhance urinary tract health and enables the rabbit to live a healthy happy life. If you are feeding your bunny Alfalfa hays then we recommend you give this one a try.

11. Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits

Key features

  • Soft leafy hay 
  • Rich in fiber and protein
  • No harmful preservative 
  • Harvested without any pesticides

Alfalfa hays are known for their high energy and protein content. They also have a softer structure compared to Timothy Hays. The Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits is an excellent choice for rabbits of all age groups.

These hays are harvested without any pesticides to ensure the highest quality and nutrition. It has no additives or preservatives that are harmful to the rabbits. The hay is rich in fiber and protein that promote a healthy digestive and dental health among the rabbits. It contains all the essential vitamins that enhance the shine in their coats as well.

Viking Farmer makes no compromise when it comes to quality. The hays need to go through multiple screening processes and lab tests to ensure the utmost quality. Also, their hays have several weed-free certifications that ensure that you get the best hay for rabbits.  

Their packaging is highly appreciable as it comes in a convenient cardboard box. You can easily take out the hay for feeding ensuring that the hays will remain fresh for a long time.




This Viking Farmer Alfalfa Hay is an excellent choice for young rabbits and you can also give it as a treat to the senior ones. It has a soft leafy structure with high protein and vitamin content that will keep the rabbit in a super healthy state.

12. Grandpa's Best Alfalfa Hay

Key features

  • Naturally grown in the USA
  • Delicious sweet flavor
  • Contains vital nutrients to promote healthy growth in the pet
  • Aids metabolism process and dental health

If your rabbit is not much of a fan of Timothy Hay then you should definitely give the alfalfa hay a shot. It is rich in fiber and contains the vital nutrients to keep the rabbit in a healthy shape. The Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay is naturally grown in the USA ensuring the best quality and flavor. It doesn’t contain any harmful additives or preservatives 

Alfalfa hays are soft that makes it suitable for rabbits of all age groups. It is nutritionally diverse that helps to keep the rabbit healthy and content. The rich nutrient content makes it a perfect meal for the pregnant rabbits and the nursing rabbits who need some extra energy from the meal. It has a sweet taste that also makes it a perfect fit as an occasional treat for your furry friend.




The Grandpa’s Best Alfalfa Hay is a perfect balanced meal as it contains all the necessary nutrients and fiber essentials for the rabbit to thrive. You can also give it to your pregnant rabbit as a supplement and give it to the younger ones as sweet crunchy treats.

Best Hay for Rabbits-Buying Guide:

If you want to choose the best hay for your rabbit, you should know that there are many vital factors you must keep into consideration. Such considerations can help you tremendously to decide whether the hay product you are willing to buy is the appropriate choice or not.

The key factors that must be taken into consideration before purchasing hay for a rabbit are given below:


Budget is the most important factor you must keep into consideration. Whenever you are purchasing rabbit hay, you should always remember the fact that rabbit hays are available at different prices. So, before you buy hay, you should always ask yourself if you intend to buy hay products that belong to a cheap or expensive brand.

If your budget is flexible, then you don’t need to worry about this factor as you’ll have the privilege to purchase any hay product freely. However, if your budget is tight, then it is better to buy hay under the same brand for consistency. 

Still, if you want to get the best value out of your money, you shouldn’t let the price tags trick you. Nowadays, you’ll be able to get cheaper hay products with great quality. On the basis of quality, these products are equivalent to expensive products.


Size is the second most important point to remember. However, buying hay on the basis of size is dependent on the age of your rabbit.

If your rabbit is still very young, then you must spend your money on smaller hay. On the other hand, if your rabbit is getting old gradually or is old, then you’ll need to purchase larger hay; because when a rabbit’s age increases, its needs also increase. 


Though the brand of a hay product is not that of a big deal, it is something you should keep a note of. If you are looking for a hay product that has the ability to provide your rabbit with consistent quality, you should try to purchase products that are under the same brand.

However, if you are looking for high-quality hay products, then you’ll only be able to get them if they’re associated with established brands. This is the reason why many people buy hay products of the most popular brands, instead of those brands that are currently surfacing on the market.


Before you buy a hay product, you should also keep a note of the freshness of the product you are willing to purchase. Rabbits love to eat fresh hay products. They usually refuse to eat hays if they don’t come with freshness. For this important reason, you should always put freshness as your top priority while purchasing hay for your pet.

If the hay product you are buying is hand-selected, stored, and handled in a breathable box or packaging, then you can stay assured that the one you are buying is full of freshness. Hay products stored in these conditions can stay green and fresh for a long time.


Rabbits have this natural tendency to eat a lot of food. Although most of the time rabbits eat dried grass, you should keep in mind that its maximum amount will add a lot of value to your rabbit’s lifetime.

So, it is very important that you buy hay that has a huge amount of value. You can also purchase a product in bulk at an affordable price. 


When it comes to the matter of rabbit food and hay, dust is one of the most terrible things you would have to face. Dust can irritate your rabbit and cause detriments to your rabbit’s health. So, you must ensure that the hay you are going to buy is well packed and stored in a clean and dust-free environment.

You can also try to purchase hay by researching the process of harvesting and packaging of the brand. In this way, you’ll be able to assure yourself whether the product you are buying is dust-free or not.


Almost all types of hay products feature a high amount of fiber and a very low amount of protein, calcium, and energy. So, if you want to purchase hay on the terms of nutritional value, you should try to select one that includes high nutritional value. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money for nothing.

You can try out hay products that belong to the Alfalfa brand. Hay products of this brand feature a high amount of fiber. They also feature a high amount of crude protein, energy, and calcium.


The cut of hay usually refers to the time it was cropped during the harvesting season. Hays are of three cuts; first, second, and third. First cut hays tend to become more fibrous, highly digestible, and nutritious. They can decrease palatability and nutritional content.

Second cut hays are usually equipped with an excellent mix of stems and leaves. They’re also good for rabbits. Third cut hays often become too leafy. Although they’re rich in nutrients, they contain a little amount of fiber.

All of these cuts are perfect for your rabbit. So, you can purchase any of them. However, if you want to provide the best hay, then you should buy ones that have a really good mix of stem and leaf. You can also try purchasing both less palatable and leafy hays and then mixing them together. Therefore, you’ll be able to produce a good overall feed.

Factor You Need to Consider when Buying Hay for Rabbits

Hay is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet as it offers multiple health benefits. Many of you wonder, what’s the right kind of hay for your bunny? So, we’re going to talk about over a few different types of hay. 

2nd Cut Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is pretty much the go-to hay for most rabbits. There’re a variety of cuts of timothy with 2nd cut being the most standard. It has a great amount of fiber and protein. It contains a mixture of stiff and soft and lots of seed heads. Also, it is a lot more pollinated than most other hays. So, probably not best for someone who has hay allergies.

3rd Cut Timothy Hay 

3rd cut is a softer cut of timothy hay. If you have a picky rabbit that refuses the stiffer stems of first and second cut timothy, then this might work for you. It is also very leafy but contains slightly less fiber than 2nd cut which It is recommended to mix in some other hays though not necessary. 

Oat Hay

The next is oat hay which can be good on its own and moderation, or it is also great to mix in with other hays. It is a lot stiffer than 2nd and 3rd cut hay and resembles the stiffness of the first cut. So, yes it can be a little pokey. This probably won’t be very attractive to a picky eater, but it does have very mature seed heads and is excellent for trimming down teeth.  

Orchard Grass

This is only hay recommend for those with hay allergies. The leaves are generally very long, soft, less dusty, and pleasant to pick up. You’ll also notice there’re virtually no seed heads. It has a smidge less fiber than regular timothy hay so that you can mix it in with other haze or just supplement with a high fiber pellet.

Meadow Hay

This simply means the hay was grown to form a meadow and contains a medley of different grasses. It can even sometimes include random flower heads.

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa hay is meant for baby bunnies under eight months of age, or for very old weak rabbits lacking certain nutrients. Unlike timothy which is grass hay, alfalfa hay is legume hay and contains high sources of protein and calcium.

Usually, the stems will be short and choppy, which is why this isn’t recommended for adult rabbits as it can cause weight gain. However, it can be given in the form of a treat occasionally.


 Yes, you can try feeding your rabbit fresh grass instead of hay. Grazing grass or grass mixed with field herbs can act as a great substitute for hay when the weather’s appropriate.

Although you should know that fresh grass contains 70-80% water; which isn’t enough in maintaining your rabbit’s health. So, you must get a larger quantity of fresh grass in comparison to hay. 

However, you should make sure that the glasses you are going to feed your rabbit aren’t exposed to chemicals or other pet urines. You should also make sure that they don’t contain any poisonous plants.

Yes, they can if you apply the same principles when buying horse hay as when buying any hay. You just need to make sure that they’re fresh and free from dust. 

However, you should never feed your rabbit haylage. This product is only meant for horses. It is a young green grass product that is cut early and partially dried. As a result, it ends up featuring a high amount of water and less fiber; which is why it isn’t perfect for a rabbit’s health.

If your rabbit doesn’t start to eat as soon as you give it its hay, then you should present the hay in a hayrack at a nice height, rather than on the floor. You can also place a pile of hay in the litter box and then situate the hay rack over the litter box. 

If none of these steps work, then you should get your rabbit checked out by a rabbit veterinarian. This could mean that your rabbit is suffering from a serious illness.

Final Verdict:

You need to ensure a balanced and proper diet to keep the rabbits in a healthy state. Store-bought pellets are widely popular as rabbit foods. However, they don’t have sufficient fiber content to speed up the digestion process in rabbits.

Hay is rich in fiber and rabbits love to munch on them due to its crunchiness. There are many different brands in the market but not all of them have the same nutrition content. After lots of trials and hours of research, we have picked the best hay for rabbits. 

Do get one of them and rest assured that your bunny will be happy in the tummy!

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