5 Best ACL/CCL Brace For Dogs Reviews 2021 [Our Top Picks]

Dogs are the best friends of their masters. (No, I am not crossing trees and books off the list!) But anybody who has a pet dog knows what it is like to have a trustworthy companion full of unconditional love to offer. So, it is no surprise that the owners will go crazy to cure their dogs when they are injured.

But it is a given, one very hard to accept that these beautiful creatures are prone to different diseases and injuries, particularly with knees. They often suffer from sprains, torn ligaments, and arthritis caused by jumping, running, and aging. The thing about knee injuries is that you cannot take it easy. It requires proper treatment and extra care for your little buddy.

That is what calls for knee braces. I know it is not a piece of cake to get the best ACL brace for dogs, but it should be the least of your worries because you got me! Today I will review the best bunch of them and find you the perfect one for your canine.

If you are about to close the tab fearing the article is too long for you, do it after checking out my top pick Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer. It is the best in terms of price, size, comfort, flexibility, and support.

But if you do have time, be my guest, hooman. I am sure you’ll find it informative and helpful.


So, if you are wondering what you should expect from the reviews, here is my answer: I have reviewed them on their features like price, material quality, durability, flexibility, stability, and others.

I got the fors and againsts from people owning the products currently. So, I am pretty sure if you keep reading the reviews, you will figure out which brace you should pick for your pupper in a minute.

best acl brace for dogs

Best ACL Brace For Dogs: Comparison Table

Knee Brace Model Weight Package Dimension Price
Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer

6.38 ounces

13 x 6 x 1 inches

See Price
Labra  9.28 ounces  12 x 8 x 2 inches See Price
Walkabout Harnesses N/A

M-L (Size) 12”-13”

See Price
Ortocanis Knee Brace 3.21 Ounces

10.5 x 9.1 x 1.1 inches

See Price
NeoAlly 3.17 ounces 5 x 5 x 5 inches See Price



What Is ACL/CCL In Dogs?

I will give you a brief intro about ACL/CCL here for you if you are a new dog owner or your dog has not suffered from it yet.

ACL, short form for Anterior Cruciate Ligament, refers to a connective tissue located in the center point of your knees. It connects your upper leg bone to your lower leg bone. The same tissue, in the case of dogs, is known as CCL or cranial cruciate ligament.

Like ACL, CCL links the tibia of your dog to its femur. The femur is the bone above its knee. However, CCL also goes by ACL since people are more used to the latter one.

One of the key differences between your ACL and your dog’s CCL lies in the fact that the CCL always deals with bearing load whenever your dog walks, runs, or simply stands. It does not weaken a dog suddenly. Instead, it takes time and becomes severe gradually and progressively with its activities.

 ACL Injury Symptoms

Here are the 3 most common symptoms that your dog is suffering from an ACL injury:

  • The dog is limping with its hind legs.
  • It becomes noticeably stiff during post-exercise rest.
  • It cannot rise to stand or jump without facing difficulties.

Note that you have to take care of the injury soon. Otherwise, it will not only become excruciatingly painful for your dog but also injure the non-injured second leg by burdening it with overload during activities.

5 Best ACL Brace For Dogs Reviews

1. Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer

No, please don’t leave thinking why I enlisted another Ortocanis since they all do the same thing. Why? Because they do different things, hooman. How? You got to see the review to discover that!

Ortocanis CCL brace for dogs


  • Weight: 38 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 1 inches


  • Ergonomic Design: The company designed the knee immobilizer ergonomically. As a result, the adjustment is super easy, which helps your doggo to fit in it without any hassle.
  • Suitable For Many Injuries: It is the ideal solution for your canine fellow if it suffers from patela luxation or ligament rupture, or both. The immobilizer reduces the movement of joints, increases firmness, and improves muscle balance. By providing lateral support for knee injuries, it will relieve your dog of pain and quicken the recovery process altogether.
  • Variety Of Sizes: This Ortocanis CCL brace for dogs comes in nine sizes to fit your dogs. So, get your dog’s measurements accurately before you make the purchase.

What I Liked:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduction of joint movements
  • Increase in firmness
  • Improved muscle balance
  • Lateral support for injuries
  • Availability of many sizes

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Confusing instructions and size charts, complained by some.
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2. Labra Dog K9 Knee Brace

If you are looking for a brace designed to keep your dog in top-notch comfort, you must look at the Labra Dog knee brace closely. It has a simple design capable of supporting both of the legs of your dog. Its support and comfort provide high pressure that can heal any grave injury in your dog’s ACL/CCL.

best ccl brace for dogs


  • Weight: 9.28 ounces
  • Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2 inches


  • Unique Design: Labra designed the knee brace differently from other ones, making it extra supportive. It has a strap to attach to the harness of your dog directly. That will provide additional stability and flexibility, keeping your dog cozy and flexible. Besides, its fabric is more lasting than that of others.
  • Hip Strap: There is also a hip strap with the brace. You have to attach it to the leg’s other side so that it can stabilize the muscles of your dog while keeping the knee brace at its perfect spot.
  • No Inclusion Of A Chest Harness: The knee brace does not include any chest harness. You will have to spend additionally to buy one. Do consider buying one because it is mandatory that your canine bud have a well-fitting harness that will put the brace in its accurate position.
  • Medium Size: If you have a small puppy, you cannot use the brace for it. The product is not suitable for the little ones, unfortunately. It is more for larger dog breeds for whom there will be a pair of two large-sized wraps. Therefore, do not forget to check the size chart when you measure your dog.
  • Rehab After Surgery: If your dog has cruciate ligament injuries that you have to address immediately, there are other options than surgery only. If you want it to heal naturally without any operation, you can rely on the Labra brace for a speedy recovery without any doubt. However, if you choose surgery, the knee brace will still be a helpful option to provide your dog knee support and comfort after the operation. Lastly, with everything the Labra knee brace offers you, you will find it satisfactory.

What I Liked:

  • Sturdy and durable fabric
  • A hip strap to keep the muscles stabilized
  • Capable of healing joints and muscles-related naturally and actively
  • A great option to use after a surgery
  • Usable for injuries and strains
  • Available with medium, large, and extra-large sizes
  • Perfect for large-sized dogs

What I Didn’t Like:

  • A little pricier Hard to put it on
  • No harness in the package
  • Not available with small size
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3. Walkabout Harnesses Camouflage Knee Brace

Did you check out the new Walkabout Knee Brace? It is available now in camouflage! Check out the review soon to see what you will get from it!

Knee Brace for Dogs, Treat ACL, CCL Injury


  • Dimensions: Medium-Large Size 12-13”
  • Fabric: Neoprene


  • Excellent Fabric: Walkabout Harnesses made the camouflage knee brace with neoprene fabric whose signature characteristics are coziness, flexibility, and durability.
  • Suitable For Different Injuries: The brace will treat your dog for injuries, namely, CCL tears, Luxating Patella Fatigue, and arthritis. Regardless of the level of severity, you can depend on it for rigorous support and natural and comfortable healing.
  • Inclusion Of A Suspender: The brace includes a suspender to use with any chest halter that is industry-standard. However, it does not come with a harness for the front chest. You have to purchase that separately. The brace can adjust with a chest harness of any standard.
  • Variety Of Sizes: The brace is available in many sizes from XXXS to XL for both legs! So, if you have a tiny, small puppy or a giant one, you know which brace brand will be your savior! Just remember to match the size before confirming your order.

What I Liked:

  • Highly supportive to ensure fast and painless healing
  • Durable materials for long-term use
  • Addition of a suspender
  • Capable of treating different joint issues

What I Didn’t Like:

  • No inclusion of a chest harness
  • Dogs to have some scratch on their bellies, complained by some owners.
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4. Ortocanis Original CCL Brace For Dogs

The Ortocanis Original Knee Brace has light compression to guarantee flexibility and improve balance among your dog’s muscles for complete 360-degree support. It keeps your buddy safe by preventing the injuries from becoming more severe.

Ortocanis Original Knee Brace for Dogs with torn ACL CCL


  • Weight: 21 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 9.1 x 1.1 inches
  • Fabric: Neoprene


  • Hip Strap: You will get a hip strap with the Ortocanis original CCL brace for dogs. However, while it is excellent for providing sufficient stability, it often seems to slide down from the hips. You should buy a fastening kit for it.
  • Handmade Brace: All the knee braces of Ortocanis are handmade meticulously by people who are orthopedic experts. So, if you have set some standards for it, I am sure it itself took it a notch upward. This CCL brace for dogs will mitigate their osteoarthritis pain, CCL injuries, and other kneecap diseases and discomforts by magnifying the temperature of the joint that soothes inflammation.
  • Remarkable Design: The knee brace will offer your dog lots of support and comfort while not impacting its mobility. Its fabric is neoprene that, with its first-rate quality, is highly elastic so that your dog’s leg can adapt to it just fine.
  • High-Quality Material: Ortocanis put insulating materials that trap some heat around the injury of your puppy. Thus, it reduces swelling and increases blood circulation while making sure your pet gains fast recovery. As an added advantage, it will not irritate your pup’s skin at all, which makes it the best ACL brace for dogs with long hair and sensitive skin.

What I Liked:

  • Made by experts
  • Faster relief from pain
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Neoprene fabric
  • High-quality materials
  • No irritation in the dog’s skin and hair
  • Improved muscle flexibility

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The inability of the hip strap to stay put
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5.NeoAlly Dog Braces (The Longer Version)

Before you jump to the review, you should know that these braces are for taller dogs or dogs with long legs. If you have short pups, you will have to look for the shorter version of these NeoAlly braces.

NeoAlly Dog Braces for Back Legs with ACL Injury


  • Weight: 17 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches


  • Excellent Angle Design: The design of the brace is just perfect. It has the absolute correct angle that will fit the hock joint of your dog nicely. They will stay put on your dog and will not cause any chafing, rubbing, or pinching.
  • A Pair Of Braces: It was very thoughtful of NeoAlly to offer people a pair of knee braces. The reason behind it is that when one leg of your pup gets an injury, chances are its other leg will get another injury too because of imbalance. That is why vets usually recommend that your fur baby wear braces on both of its legs.
  • Removable Spring Strips: There are two additional metal spring strips in each brace. They make a splint and provide high support, stability, and relief during the recovery phase. The strips are removable, so you can get them off when your canine friend gains its mobility back. Besides, you will have to insert them into the brace, meaning it will not touch the skin of your dog. So, there is no chance of skin irritation.
  • Suitable For Many Injuries: The braces will heal your dog from sprains, knee and joint injuries, and arthritis. Even more, it will make sure no further injuries like them happen in the future. Along with giving easement, they will help your dog with moving around and keeping balance.

What I Liked:

  • A pair of braces
  • Two removable and adjustable metal spring strips
  • No kinds of skin irritation
  • Beneficial for moving with balance, mobility, and without any discomfort
  • Capable of curing sprains, arthritis, and other knee injuries

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Lacking in sturdiness, complained by some.
  • Hard to get the dog to put it on with the strips for some owners
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How To Choose The Best ACL Brace For Dogs?

The tricky part about finding the best ACL brace for dogs is that it is not about you but your fur baby. And nothing will keep you in more tension if you cannot make sure it is in utmost comfort with the brace you have purchased for it.

So, what are the things you must look for in a CCL brace for dogs?

The Brace Type

First, determine if your pup needs a hock brace or a knee one. The first one provides support to the ankle instead of the knee. Your dog will feel highly stable with it.

The reviews have already told you what a knee brace does. So, when you decide to buy one, make sure which one is suitable for your dog’s condition.

 The Brace Size

It does not matter whether you have got the best ACL brace for dogs or not if you get the size wrong. If your canine friend cannot fit in it properly, there is no use in having it wear a brace at all.

When you identify the type of brace you have to look for, see the brace’s size chart and match your dog’s measurements with that. Be very cautious throughout the entire process, lest you should miss the appropriate size.


Not every dog with CCL injuries requires the same level of support. Hence, you should find a knee brace that will fulfill the requirement of your dog’s condition. Otherwise, the target of purchasing it will go in vain because if it cannot meet the adequacy of support, it will fail to heal your fur friend.


The best ACL brace for dogs should be comfortable. If your puppy does not feel cozy with it on, it cannot gain proper recovery. You have to check that the brace is perfectly fit and stays put. It cannot be either too tight or too loose.

You can talk with your vet and learn how to get your dog to put a brace on to see if you are doing anything wrong. A gentle reminder here again: be very sure when you do the measurements. It is the first condition to getting the most comfortable CCL brace for dogs.


Lastly and importantly, look for a knee brace made of high-quality materials with sufficient flexibility and breathability. They are sturdy yet soft. They will provide tight pressure without causing any skin discomfort. It will also pay you off if you pick one that is durable and low maintenance.

How Braces Treat ACL Tears?

A CCL brace for dogs is a non-invasive way of treating them for any tear in the knees. What is the knee for us is the stifle joint for dogs. Ligaments keep them stabilized. When the ligaments are torn or damaged, it causes the joint to become unstable, followed by muscle weakness and lameness.

That is where the brace comes into play. It immobilizes the stifle joint, promotes stabilization, and heals it. When it limits the knee’s extension and flexion, the joint gets its scar tissue to build a callus atop the tear to start healing.

During the treatment of ACL tears, the process of stabilizing the joint involves other purposes. Firstly, the brace minimizes inflammation and pain, putting your fur baby in comfort. Secondly, it helps to keep a balance between the hips and back of your dog to prevent further injuries in other joints and limbs. Thirdly and finally, it keeps your dog from putting extra stress on its healthy dog and getting it injured eventually.

Surgery VS ACL Brace

A remarkable difference between surgery and an ACL brace is that the first one will heal your dog a lot faster than the second one. The second one is the cost. Surgery is very costly, whereas a CCL brace for dogs is highly affordable.

Another important aspect is if your dog is suitable for surgery. In some cases, the conditions of dogs (health complications, age) do not permit them to have an operation. And, not to mention, your concern for your best bud to lie on the surgery bed matters here a lot, too.

A CCL brace for dogs, on the other hand, makes it a lot easier for you and your dog. It is not expensive, and although its process is time-consuming, it heals your dog with adequate support and comfort without any pain or irritation.

However, a brace may not give you the best output if the injury is highly severe. In that situation, you should talk to your vet for advice to land a suitable decision for your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many dog owners have different queries about CCL braces for dogs. I filtered the top ones from them and answered them below.

Q1. How long will my dog have to wear a knee brace?

That depends on your dog’s condition. But most need at least two to four months.

Q2. When should I consider getting a knee brace for my dog?

You should consider so if you see the symptoms I mentioned, or if your dog is recovering from any surgery.

Q3. Should I have my dog wear its knee brace 24/7?

You can take it off when your dog sleeps so that it can sleep without any discomfort. But when it wakes up, get it to put it on again.

Q4.Do knee braces work in all cases of knee injuries? 

Not in highly severe cases where you should consider surgery.

 Final Verdict

So you have read reviews about the 5 best knee braces for dogs. Here is what I have to say about them in conclusion. If the brace measurement is hard to find, the brace price is a concern, and surgery is not an option you want to choose for your dog’s severe knee injury, I highly recommend you check out the Ortocanis Knee Immobilizer. It is the best ACL brace for dogs from every aspect.

However, if you are okay with a high price, get the Labra Dog K9 Knee Brace. Its tight pressure combined with first-class comfort level will give your dog a fantastic recovery experience.

Other than a CCL tear, if your bud has arthritis, rheumatism, or Luxating Patella Fatigue, the Walkabout Harnesses Camouflage Knee Brace will be the most effective option for your doggo.

That’s all for today. I hope you get your dog the perfect knee brace and give it comfort if it suffers from ACL/CCL injuries. Thanks for reading. 

My best wishes and love for your bowwow!

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