How to Clean Dog Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide

Just like human beings need to clean their ears regularly, your pet dog’s ears also need cleaning. There are various ways that you can use, but today, we look at how to clean dog ears with hydrogen peroxide.

Notably, some dogs require more regular cleaning than other breeds. If left for an extended period without cleaning, the dog’s ears can get an accumulation of wax and dirt, which can eventually lead to infection.

Mostly, dog breeds with long floppy ears will require more frequent cleaning than those with short ears. Actually, those with hanging ears are also more susceptible to infections than their counterparts with shorter ears.

Therefore, it is critical to look at how to keep your dog’s ears clean using hydrogen peroxide.

When Do Your Dog’s Ear Require Cleaning

Before picking your ear cleaning arsenal, you need first to verify that your dog needs ear cleaning. Actually, over-cleaning would be counter-productive, leading to irritation, and most likely, it could lead to infections too. Therefore, you need to verify that your dog really needs cleaning.

In essence, you need to familiarize yourself with how clean and healthy dog ears look like. Specifically, a clean ear is odorless, pink in color, and not dirty. Once you get familiar with these features, you only need to check for any noticeable changes for you to think of cleaning your dog’s ears.

Also, if you notice a mild odor from the ears or see your dog shaking its head more frequently than usual, it is most likely the best time for ear cleaning.

In case you suspect that your dog’s ears are infected, then you need to consult a veterinarian. Mostly, an infected ear will smell yeasty and look inflamed.

You shouldn’t think of cleaning an infected ear as this would lead to complications.

Steps on How to Clean Dog Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Clean Dog Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide
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As we noted earlier, the first step in cleaning a dog’s ears is identifying whether they need cleaning. One it is clear that the process is necessary; the next step is collecting your apparatus and supplies.

Notably, you will need some cotton wool, water, a bowl, hydrogen peroxide, and a dry piece of cloth or towel.

Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in the bowl in equal measures. Mostly, two-tablespoonfuls of each liquid should be enough. All the same, if the ears are extremely dirty, then you need more of the solution. Therefore, you can add some more of the two liquids in equal amounts.

Then, stir the mixture.

Once you have your apparatus with you, it is time to call your pet and calm it down. Calming and reassuring the dog will help in making the process quite easy. In addition, you can use treats to make the dog cooperate.

After that, dab a ball of cotton in the solution and gently use it to rub the exterior surface of your dog’s inner side of the ear. You should do so in a circular motion to ensure you cover the whole surface without irritation.

As you rub the ear, make sure to take a new ball of cotton whenever the current one gets dirty.

 Actually, the whole cleaning process aims to remove the grime and wax, not spreading them.

Using the damp cotton in the same circular motion, move inwards towards the inside of the ear. Clean up the whole area until you get outside the ear canal. You should by no means proceed with cleaning into the canal as this could lead to complications.

Once the outer part of the ear is clean, take a new ball of cotton, dampen it, and place it in the middle of the dog’s ear.

Once you have done that, smoosh the ear around the piece of cotton wool and give a gentle massage. After finishing with one ear, go to the next and repeat the rubbing. 

Finally, take your dry piece of cloth and thoroughly dry the dog’s ears.

Are you through? 

Great! You just cleaned your dog’s ears using hydrogen peroxide.

May the purpose of emphasis, you shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide to clean the inside of the ear canal. It could cause unwarranted irritation or even lead to infections.

Is it Safe to Use Hydrogen Peroxide?

Well, there are two different schools of thought on the use of hydrogen peroxide in the cleaning of dogs’ ears. Some veterinarians approve of it, while other advice against using the chemical for ear cleaning.

Precisely, the critical question is whether one knows how to clean dog ears with hydrogen peroxide correctly.

Let’s start with those who have Okayed using hydrogen peroxide on dog ears.

Most of the vets find no issue with the use of the chemical in managing dog ear infections and for cleaning.

In fact, the liquid works perfectly in managing too much wax or yeast build-ups.

All the same, you need to dilute the chemical by mixing equal measures of water and hydrogen peroxide. This will help to make the chemical just strong enough to kill germs that could lead to infection.

On the other hand, there are those veterinary officers who advise against the use of hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs’ ears.

Some of their concerns come from the fact that the product aggressively forms bubbles. Notably, as the chemical loses the extra oxygen, it forms water, which leaves the inside of the ear damp.

According to these vets, the H2O2 is counter-productive. Notably, when this excess moisture forms in the mid-ear, it creates an excellent environment for infection-causing bacteria to thrive. Actually, the damp and warm atmosphere inside the dog’s ear can lead to severe ear infections.

All the same, there is a safe way of using the chemical and still reduce the chances of moisture forming in your dog ear.

Definitely, in such a situation, it can be quite confusing on whether to use hydrogen peroxide or not because there are benefits and risks as well.

What makes it worse is that these conflicting views come from experts.

Notably, if you are ready to take precautions on how to clean dog ears with hydrogen peroxide, the whole process shouldn’t cause any complications.

In case you feel that you aren’t sure of your dog’s ear condition, the best thing to do is seek advice from your veterinary officer. Your vet will assess your pet and give you the best way forward.

Final Take

Without a doubt, pet parenting entails taking proper care of your pet by all standards. The animal solely depends on you.

For dogs, they at times, require ear cleaning just like humans do. One of the cleaning agents is hydrogen peroxide.  

Since this chemical can be counter-productive, make sure you understand how to clean dog ears with hydrogen peroxide appropriately. If you happen to use it wrongly, the liquid can lead to severe ear infections.

All in all, you should avoid over-cleaning the ears because this, too, leads to irritation and ear infection. 

Therefore, you should always assess the dog’s ears for dirt wax. If the ears aren’t dirty or they don’t smell awful, then you don’t have to bother the animal.

In case of a suspected infection on the dog’s ears, please seek help from a professional veterinarian.

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