How Accurate Are The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Kits?

The Wisdom Panel is a famous dog DNA test kit. It’s a leading testing kit for dogs because of the wide sets of databases it carries. The test kit takes a sample of your dog’s DNA and checks it till its 3rd generation member to tell you what family your dog belongs to, what its ideal height and weight should be, and what hereditary risk factors it might have.

Not only can you know how big your pup will get, but you can also know if it has any drug-sensitive gene that might be deadly. Now, as a concerned dog parent, “how accurate is Wisdom Panel” might be a question that might arise in your mind while you test your beloved dog.

In 2009, two purebred dogs were put to the test by the National Canine Research Council in the Wisdom Panel and the report was 84% accurate. Since then, the kit has included more genetic markers in its database, leading the accuracy rate up to 90%.

how accurate is Wisdom Panel

What Does The Wisdom Panel Use For DNA Testing A Dog?

To know a dog’s accurate genetic makeup, you will need an extensive number of samples that carry over thousands of genetic markers, hundreds of breeds, and types. However, to confirm the genetic makeup you got is true, you need high technology and specialists.

So, if you ever wonder how accurate is Wisdom Panel, you need to see if the Wisdom Panel carries all of these four elements, which it does.

1. Genetic Markers

Genetic markers are the points of diversity in the genetic code of a dog. By analyzing both the overlaps and variances in these markers, the distinctive signatures are established in various breeds. And during the construction of the Wisdom Panel, the designers ran over 19 million genetic marker studies and screened 15,000 dogs for genotypes, so that when compared with your dog’s DNA sample, the results are as foolproof as possible.

The Wisdom Panel uses over 1800 markers while testing. This and the number of samples they have on their database is significant because extensive research is required to identify the points of variation that distinguish each breed.

2. Adequate Technology

For the estimations of differences and similarities between your dog and the ones in the database, high technology is needed. The Wisdom Panel uses highly sophisticated computer software which is capable of analyzing all of this data and identifying the breeds in each dog. This computer makes the results even more solid.

3. Numbers and Kinds of Dogs

The Wisdom Panel Essential and Premium tests are available for over 350 breeds, kinds, and variations. This is the database to which the Wisdom Panel resorts when comparing any dog’s DNA to those of other breeds. The more breeds there are in the database, the stronger the testing and results.

4. Validation Testing For The Accuracy Of Results

This part entails repeated testing of a dog’s DNA and evaluation by authorized external specialists, geneticists, and top dog genetics authorities. To guarantee adequate quality assurance, all Wisdom Panel tests are performed in a USDA-accredited laboratory. So, the room for mistakes is finally removed in the testing.

How Many Breeds Can the Wisdom Panel Detect?

The Wisdom Panel can detect 200 to 350 breeds of dogs depending on the version you are using. It is famous for detecting the rarest breeds with a really low percentage of false results.

The Wisdom Panel version 2.0 database contains information on approximately 200 distinct breeds. The Wisdom Panel version 3.0, 4.0, and the health tests database includes over 350 breeds, varieties, and kinds.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results From The Wisdom Panel?

It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to get results from the Wisdom Panel after submitting the DNA samples in the lab.

However, the official website of the Wisdom Panel mentions that a delay in receiving the results can happen because of uncertain circumstances. Situations beyond control, such as natural disasters, volume at the lab, or national holidays, can cause delays.

When your result is ready, you will be notified via email. Also, their reports are only provided online as their results are digital. They do not mail any physical reports. You can find the reports in your account only by logging in to it.

Price Of Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

The Wisdom Panel essential will cost you $99.99 and the Wisdom Panel essential’s cost will be $159.99.

There is no free trial available on the Wisdom Panel. And for the results it provides, the pricing is moderately cheaper.

What Does The Wisdom Panel Essential Offer?

The Wisdom Panel essential is a primary level test kit for dogs. If you only need to know the breed of your dog, it’s perfect for you. This package helps you by-

  • Determining the dangers before your dog undergoes any medical or surgical treatments by testing for more than 25 health complications which include MDR1.
  • Detecting the rarest of mixed breeds by comparing it to 350+ samples
  • Providing the most accurate breed breakdown
  • Providing you with information about your dog’s coat type, its ideal weight range, eye color and also about its ancestors

What Does The Wisdom Panel Premium Offer?

The premium Wisdom Panel offers everything you need to know about your dog, including the packages offered in the ‘Wisdom Panel Essential’. In that way, you will not only know the breed type, but also the types of disease your dog might suffer from. This package offers-

  • Results on hereditary risks associated with medication sensitivity, eyesight, weight, and other factors with more than 200 health checks.
  • Consultation with a certified veterinarian about any health discoveries that are concerning or new

Does Wisdom Panel 4.0 work better than Wisdom Panel 3.0?

Yes, if compared to the Wisdom Panel, version 4.0 works better than version 3.0.

Both the Wisdom Panel 4.0 and 3.0 use the same database to test the DNA samples of dogs. Both of the versions provide mostly similar results. However, the main difference is that version 4.0 provides results for traits of dogs and ‘Exercise-Induced collapse’, also known as EIC, along with the MDR1 mutation testing provided by version 3.0.

So, if you want to have the extra results, definitely choose version 4.0. It’s officially sold on the main website of the Wisdom Panel. The Wisdom Panel version 3.0 can be found in online retail stores.

Should One Use The Older Versions Of The Wisdom Panel?

No, for robust results, the older versions should not be in use. Because not only the older versions are not used in MDR1, but also they do not provide the results as accurately as the newer version does.


The Wisdom Panel is one of the best dog DNA testing kits on the market. Not only will you know all about your dog’s hereditary signs, but you might potentially save your dog from deadly diseases.

To top it all, you will know all of these at such a cheaper price and without any hassle. All you need to do is pay, submit the samples and wait for the result to be mailed to your account.

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